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Friday, February 1, 2013

Crohn's END awarness project

Hi Everyone :) 

I'm not sure if you all know Reid from Crohnsend.com but if you don't he is an awesome driven dude who has been working his butt off on a documentary to tell others about IBD's and also to present alternative options that have helped people along the way. 

Reid is currently doing a fundraising project to raise money to cover the extensive costs for this film such as editing, advertising, graphic design, distribution, equipment, and many others. I got a chance to get to know Reid a few years ago as he flew to my city and stayed with me for almost week. I know first hand that Reid is doing the majority of this work with his own cash as he is very committed to lasting change.   But the truth is in order to get this documentary completed and spread it around as much as possible he must raise some cash to help out. 

If you can afford to help out with this life changing documentary click on the link below to contribute to the cause. I know for some people it will be hard to contribute as money is tight these days... but you could still help this documentary out greatly by pasting the link to this blog post or the video below on your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you believe in this project encourage other like minded individuals to check it out.

I sincerely thank all the people that put their time and hard work to looking for alternative options to overcoming IBD's. This includes bloggers, advocates, people and parents that are looking for viable long term solutions. We might not be able to change the entire system on our own but collectively are chances at bringing lasting change are truly astounding.
 You GUYs-GALs ROCK!!!  

Reid's Documentary Site

Monday, July 23, 2012

An amazing presentation WAR ON HEALTH

This was an amazing presentation by Garry Null and I hope you get a chance to watch or listen to at as he did a great job breaking a lot of things down.

Monday, April 9, 2012

teaching nutrition to kids

I thought I would share this video as it did an awesome job topic about the problems we are facing when children are not learning about health, cooking nutrition etc.

ted talks education
I love watching TED talks and I hope in the next 5 years to be able to go to a conference even if I have to sell my car to do so lol. 

Hope you enjoy!

The GAPS Diet Heals Ulcerative Colitis

Here another healing story forwarded to me by Chris W thanks for the info my friend :) 

Editor’s Note:  I met Gina at the Fourfold Path to Healing Conference in Baltimore last month.  Her story of healing from Ulcerative Colitis using the GAPS Diet was so compelling to me that I asked her to write her detailed story so that others in a similar situation might be inspired to heal through a change of diet.
Thank you, Gina, for sharing your long and difficult but ultimately triumphant journey with all of us.

What Is the GAPS Diet?

The Webster dictionary defines the word “gap” as “a pass or way through a range of hills.” I am writing my story on March 1 , 2012 after following the GAPS diet program for one full year. I decided to write on this day to share my story of healing – my path through the hills.
For those of you who are not familiar, GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome, a book written by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD.  It is a natural digestive healing program. It has been used to successfully treat many diseases/conditions including: Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Autism, ADHD/ADD, Allergies, Depression, Anxiety, Asthma, Eczema, Schizophrenia and more. The GAPS program rebuilds the gut by healing the damaged gut lining, which is the root cause of the mentioned diseases.I learned about the GAPS diet program from a friend while attending the Weston A Price Foundation Conference in 2010. 

See the FULL article here 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best Crohn's Disease Blog 2012


I want to first want to address a big thank you to the people at HealthLine for this award. I also want to thank Katherine Brind'Amour for her accurate and may I add AWESOME description of my blog: 

Irreverent and unafraid, Crohnsboy takes his message to the masses in his no-nonsense approach to disease, healing, and life in general. Fighting the good fight for Crohn’s sufferers everywhere, Crohnsboy is becoming a superhero IBD activist one enthusiastic post at a time.
Not one to sugarcoat or give up, Crohnsboy is working hard to bring awareness and a new approach to living with chronic illness to his readers. Controversial and brave, Crohnsboy keeps the wit and energy alive on his blog every day. 

Thanks so much as things like this make you realize your work is truly appreciated. But besides thanking healthline I want to thank the people that mean the most MY READERS! IBD fighters who are fierce troopers looking for options to overcome their health. It's because you guys/gals that I keep doing what I do.   

Thanks a million from the bottom of my heart :) 

You can see the full list of Blog winners here

Monday, March 26, 2012

Watch Hungry For Change TODAY

REMINDER: You can watch Hungry for change online FREE March 21st-31st

(JUST enter your email and your good to watch)

Hey everyone thought I would do a quick post about this amazing new documentary which they are doing a free online viewing premier March 21-31st. This documentary is coming from the creators of FOOD MATTER an amazing film. If you have not seen food matters I encourage you to watch it 1st then you can watch Hungry for change free online.

I will put the link to watch food matters, include a trailer for the new film and the link to where you can watch it online for free.


Official Hungry for Change trailer

 Although you can watch these films for free I would encourage people to purchase the DVDs if you can afford them as the creators have put everything on the line to help make changes in the world. I simply bought the DVD and then shared it with friends and family who in turn actually bought copies and did the same.

You can watch Hungry for change online FREE March 21st-31st

You can purchase the Food Matters dvd here:


Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Tax dollars at war

Great post from Gerald Celente BlogChannel

Government promotes war and glorifies soldiers instead of encouraging people to become peacemakers. They want people that say "support our troops", not "be loving and tolerant of others". How many people have died in wars? They convince everyone that the threat is external when it is actually coming from within and then... people die, lots of people including innocent ones. They are playing a game with us, we are pawns to them. Don't let em convince you that you don't matter.