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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whats Wrong With Medicine

This doctor does an awesome job of explaining why medicine will never work in the long run. Please make sure to check this video out as it is definitely worth your time. It's very important that we keep our mind open so that we are able to change our approach when required.

Peeing in the Gulf of Mexico- Trip To Texas- Taking Chances in life

So over the past few days I was contemplating going to Florida for the weekend just to get away from the cold here in Canada but the flight tickets were a little more than I was willing to pay. So I called up a good friend and asked him if he would like to go for a ride, he said where… I said The Gulf of Mexico and Galveston to be exact I told him lets drive 24+ hours to take a pee in the Gulf , stay a day by the ocean then drive back. He thought that was pretty crazy but was willing to come along for the ride. I assured him the best part of a road trip like that is being able to be with a good friend to shoot the shit and get things off your chest. While on a road trip there is no need to worry about schedule or responsibilities as the only thing you are focused on is relaxing and getting to your destination. My friend that came with me had a very rough year as his father just passed away from cancer this summer along with some personal setbacks he was in definite need to get away and clear his head.

During our ride there we hit one of the craziest snow storms to hit central United States in years. Even Las Vegas got bombarded with a record number snowfall..lol The conditions were so crazy on the road that we had to drive 60km hour instead of the limit of 120, and we did this for around 6 hours until the snow disappeared. We counted close to 40 cars that were in accident or in the ditch, and 10 large semi trailor’s that were also flipped over yet we still made it through the madness. During this time we both thought to ourselves numerous times that maybe we should turn back, but we kept focusing on our goal/destination and eventually we got through the storm. Once we arrived in Texas it felt awesome to know we were almost there and that maybe all the driving was worth it. We stopped in Dallas because we had been driving for about 24+ hours and we needed to relax and have a bite to eat. We ended up going to this awesome steak house and have a wicked steak dinner and after dinner we just wondered around the city for a few hours. We decided to get pack on the hwy to make it to Galveston before the night was over so we hopped on the Freeway and started driving. 2 hours later when were just getting to Houston we were both so drained since we never had a good solid sleep in almost 28 hours, crazy when I think about it now. I decided to just pull into a field off the shoulder of the highway and we both slept for almost 3 hours, it was awesome. After our little power sleep we started driving until we finally crossed the bridge into Galveston.

We came off the long bridge that connects the mainland to Galveston and it was so foggy we could not see anything. We also realized that Galveston was hit by a crazy hurricane a few months back which destroyed many houses and many businesses were still closed months later, I guess we should have researched this first lol We searched to find a hotel and most the hotels were packed by FEMA residents who were waiting for their houses to get fixed. Eventually we stayed at an awesome Quality Inn with an ocean view and a patio for like 89.00 USD, We decided to go wonder and to our amazement the sun came out for us and the temperature was at 25 celcius I was STOKED!!! We could see the ocean, the palm tree’s it was just awesome. Only 1 day ago we were sitting in the coldest city in the world and now we were eating at a Mexican restaurant overlooking the ocean. How kick ass is that? The island seemed so laid back as there were people surfing on the beach and walking the streets. Because of the Hurricane most businesses were closed and the population of the island was drastically decreased we were still able to make the most of it and had a wicked time. We ate like kings at a seafood joint on the beach then went back to our hotel to crash…….nah I’m lying we went and did a little partying J that’s another story in itself.

When we got back to the city many people asked why would you drive somewhere so far just to stay there for one day?? My opinion is that sometimes you have to be a little spontaneous sometimes and just go with the flow. A road trip is about what happens between the people who are in the vehicle and the stories, memories, crazy events that occur during the drive, and that’s what it’s all about. The destination is merely a finishing point but in our situation it was a beautiful island. Our whole entire drive was worth all 31 hours the moment the sun came out and we could see the ocean and hear the waves!!! I have done it before and I will attempt to do it many more times in my life. To me getting to see or experience something beautiful for a short time is worth a lot work or effort required.

If I can offer any advice to anyone it would be to pursue the things you want in life as a good friend told me “1 life one chance” . Do not feel that you have to justify your dreams or aspirations to anyone but yourself. When you seek out happiness and the things you hold dear to your heart you will be happy! You have my word. When I used to have a job that paid lots of money I had more money but I was not happy…? When I made my life less complicated and just concentrated and doing the things I wanted I really started to realize what happiness was all about. I believe at the end of life we will only regret the things which we did not do rather than the things we did do. So we might as well go out trying everything we can.

On the downside we went on the road trip to Pee in the gulf, and when we got back we realized we forgot. I guess we need to drive back to finish the job.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


In the last few months through research and speaking with people who are healed of their IBD's I have really started to understand that in order to fully heal yourself from any disease not just IBD you have to change your lifestyle as a whole. Changing something like your diet is a great start. You must also change things in your lifestyle such as working out, walking, yoga, breathing excercises, reducing pollutants & stressors, drinking lots of water, coming to terms with your emotional baggage, resolving relationship issues, discuss stress in your life with someone, focus on solutions rather than problems, living your life the way you really want to, having fun, wondering off the beaten path, always growing-achieving new things, and really feeling happy spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically all that bla bla bla. When it comes down to it if you live your life doing the things that really make you happy any minimal sacrafice will not even affect you. Most of the time we are unhappy with our lives so these sacrafices such a eliminating certain foods in a diet are so hard because they are the only things we have the actually change our emotional state very quickly...think about it-over eating, smoking, drinking excessively..there are lots of examples. If we were overall happy with our lives and the things in it there would be no need to have to find destructive ways to change out emotional states.

as usual I got talking about something which did not totally relate to the title of my blog post lol I decided to try out acupunture today and it was pretty freckin cool! My crohn's symptoms are very minimal so this was not an urgent matter. I believe that our healing process is a life long sorta thing so I try to do a many things as I am able to do and that my wallet is able to facilitate lol. The Dr was a chinese doctor who did his training in China and has only lived here for about 10 years so I was very confident that his methods were not a knock off or some person who's motives are merely financial. I had to take my pants off and my socks and then he began to stick all these little needs in my legs, hands, and on my stomach. I thought this process was going to hurt but it did not hurt at all, actually felt sorta cool. I think it is important that any person who goes for one of these alternative treatments to make sure they believe the treatment will benefit them and aid in their healing process. Too many times we spend more time trying to discredit someone or a process it we do not see immediate results and this will get us nowhere. The session lasted about 30-40 min and I felt really good after I left. I did not feel CURED lol as I think these things take time so I have decided to go another 5 times over the next month and see how it works out. After I am done the next 5 treatments I will make sure to write a follow up entry so everyone can see what my results were etc.

Hope everyone is having a kick ass day and as usual thanks for tuning in.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Todays Doctors Appointment

I totally forgot that I had a doctors (GI) appointment until yesterday when I got a reminder phone call. I thought to myself really why do I have to go see this doctor as what is he going to tell me? what does he have to offer me? Then I started to think maybe I should go tell him my story of how I regained my health back and that maybe he would tell other patients about my sucess.......Boy was I wrong!!!!

I got to the office and he did not really remember me and he spent like 10 minutes reading my file to remember what the scoop was with me. He then asked me questions about my symptoms etc like did I have blood or mucus in my stool? how many BM's per day etc. I answered his questions and told him I was doing awesome.

He then asked me since I wasn't taking any drugs what was I doing to stay healthy etc? So I told him all the stuff I was doing after I was finished he told me that although I may not feel symptoms it was very evident from my previous colonscopy, mri, etc that I had active crohn's disease and that I should consider taking medication and his 1st recommendation would be Immuran..........Are you kidding me is what I am thinking in my head. After telling him my story and telling him how awesome I was doing he still suggested medication like WTF?

I was a little frustrated with his response but I honestly was not expecting anything different. I asked him if he would ever tell any of his other patients about me and the stuff I have done to get healthy and he said NO. I then proceeded to ask him if he was religous. He was offended by this comment and believed it had no relevance to the situation at all, and perhaps he may have been right. I then told him let say he was religous (I asked him that if he was to die and he was speaking with God could he honestly say that he did as much possible to help his patients regain their health and overcome their health) Needless to say I did not get much of an answer. Although I do get frustrated with the doctors and the medical system I know they are just acting within the scope of their position. Even like my doctor said today I am not educated on alternative treatments so I can't refer people to these methods. He stated if his patients wanted to seek out a NP doctors opinion they would be welcome to, he sounded honest on this note.

I guess the sad truth our system is set up in such a way that almost every person will goto their doctor 1st. They are not willing to seek alternative methods until their disease is out of control when really the order should be reversed. This also really enforced the fact that we really have to get the word out there on all alternative treatments that may help a person regain their life from an IBD.

With all this said I don't think placing blame will get us anywhere. It is the solution we must focus on.............