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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Think 4 Yourself

To paraphrase the late William Cooper:
Read everything, listen to everything, but believe nothing
until you've researched it yourself.

I love seeing statements like this I’m a huge advocate for free, independent, critical thought, and strongly believe we need to reclaim our minds from the TELEVISION. Although, I have my own site and a lot of the views and opinions are my own but that’s me sharing my own critical thought.

I agree with Buddha’s statement to the utmost extent as it really comes down to what you feel and believe to be true. I tend to have this attitude “Keep the Best and Forget the Rest”. I think about how many books I have read over the past few years that were so dry, bland or blatantly boring…you guys know what I’m talking about. BUT many times I would read one concept, one page, one statement that made the entire book worth reading……..Also makes me wonder what would of happen if I would have simply stopped reading after that first few chapters when the GRAVY was in the 5th chapter…ultimately my loss.

I NEED YOUR HELP -Wanted Crohn's End Documentary

Please review the video below as it's me asking for your help to make REID documentary WANTED- Crohn's END a full blown reality so we can help so many people. This documentary will be something great and amazing that can give any person who suffers with an IBD or has been newly diagnosed information on alternative treatments so they can make a diligent decision in how they want to treat their disease. We know the doctors will educate their patients on the newest pharmaceutical products & surgery options etc So once they have watched the documentary and have spoken with their doctors they will be able to make a more accurate objective based decision. I'm sure many of you guys remember being newly diagnosed looking for answers and your doctor says here is a pamphlet to explain your incurable new disease....lmao Or when we did our first IBD search on google telling us how $hitty our life would be bla bla bla. Can you imagine if every newly diagnosed person was able to watch this documentary so they know there are indeed people overcoming these diseases, maintaining remission, controlling their symptoms whatever terminology you prefer BUT ultimately to show people their lives are not over. I'm asking everyone to see the bigger picture here and how many people this documentary could reach and change so many peoples lives. My website has been fortunate enough to help many people become MED FREE so I know first hand how far a small effort can go which is why I'm confident this documentary will go POSTAL and has the potential to help 1000s of people.

If you can contribute:

FINANCIALLY you can do it here 
TIME,EXPERTISE,suggestions, ideas etc- send me an email  using my site contact info

 Check this video out to see some of the footage read has already got so far. These are only a few of the many interviews he will be doing over the next few months etc. But the sooner we can raise some cash for him the easier it will be to get this thing rolling in 5th gear :) I have seen his teaser trailer for the documentary and ITS' BLEEPING AWESOME. Reid is waiting for permission for some music in the trailer, so as soon as he get this you will see how good of a job he is doing. I'm not going to lie when he first told me he was doing this documentary I was not sure what to expect because it was his first one..........but WOW was I blown away! I probably watch more new age documentaries than the mass majority and I can say with confidence that his trailer is TOP NOTCH. If the entire documentary has this same level of quality you can bet your a$$es that this documentary will make a difference in the IBD community and change the lives of more people than we can imagine............Infinite possibilities baby! 

WANTED: Crohn's End - Palm Connections Trailer

Also if you want to get to know who REID is, what he's about, and what inspired this documentary take the time to watch this video. Also check out the documentary's official website

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Take a look at this awesome documentary about the pharmaceutical companies and how they work being dictated by corporate influence. There was a great comment that stuck out "If We are Looking for Cures then Why do the pharma companies spend twice as much on marketing than on Research and Development" ...........This sure makes you think especially when you speak with people and they say we are searching for the cure, or having people with influence saying it is only a matter of time before a cure is found. When do we call it for what it is COMPLETE BS. We have heard people preaching the same BS for years yet nothing even remotely close to an amazing cure has been found lol  We have to start questioning the lack of results and demanding results.

Click here to check out the link if you cant view the documentary here

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Guy That Will Help US Make Changes for the Better

Yes The Future does look a little bleak at times BUT there are a lot of people that are waking up and starting to question things. We are getting tired of the BS and we want changes to occur. We need to get our minds back from TV reality shows, nightime dramas etc so we can have our minds back and we are actually capable of thinking about things outside the box. We have become lazy where we let people do the thinking and acting for us and we wonder why our nations are so screwed up...? The people have always possesed the power and when we start caring about our nations issues, policies etc instead of Jersey Shore, Dancing with the Stars, our fast pace lives then we will see how GREAT our countries will become again. In the next few years we are going to experience some trying times that will change how we live for years to come BUT this will also be an awesome time to live as we will get to live through an intelectual revolution where we will take our freedoms and liberties back from the people have taken them away from us the last 50 years and for that I'm stoked!!! HOO RA!!!

Watch this video and you see what you think.....This movement will lead the way in years to come. I know the majority are so well brainwashed that they will disregard this info as false and that all good because: The majority of people 85-90% are followers and do go along with the Leaders. So in reality we only need 10-15% of the people to have a change of counsiousness and the rest will follow, and this my friends is awesome news. The mass majority being followers is by no means a bad thing it's just human behaviour and always has been. This can be from trend starters such as Jackie Kennedy's hair dew, McHammer and his cool pants-which I did own a pair bustin a move to Bell Biv DeVoe or Vanilla Ice,, etc think about all the things that were made trendy b/c famous people acted as trendsetters............. 

How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?

I read a good article today on the CBS website which talks about how independent are these vaccine defenders??? Every so often you will get a network that will post this kind of story that exposes someone BUT you will notice it is usually things which will not affect their marketing revenues. We may believe the news exists to show us and investigate the truth and that's the furthest from the truth. They decide which truth they decide to show us (selective) ultimately being selective in a manner that will not affect their advertising customers. If you want to see an excellent Video about a Large network doing this check out a previous post I did HERE

Give the CBS article a read here  (CLICK)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Learn To Read Between The Lines.....UR SMARTER THAN YA THINK

There is no known Pharmaceutical or surgical cure for Crohn's disease.

I did a search today just for $hits and Giggles on Google Today searching "Crohn's Disease Cure" and the above line Exploded out at me. When you really break down this comment and the way it is put together It makes you think. The comment stresses that there is no known pharmaceutical or surgical cure ..................   and this comment is very true because the medical system has not brought us one..lol who would have thought the medical system would fall short in bringing us a cure BUT they are always conveniently right there to provide us with a prescription for the newest drug.... :)  Well I'm not a fan of pointless ranting as it's counterproductive so lets move on to the good stuff.

This Statement does not say there is no cure, it just says there is no cure in their matrix of thinking (Pharmaceutical or Surgical means). This is why if you search any search engine asking the right questions you will find 100s of people who have cured,overcame, or managed sustained remission for long periods of times (pick your terminology) and these people did it outside the realm of the medical mentality. When you speak with someone who has overcome the disease for the 1st time you will start to believe that you can do it as well. I remember the 1st time I spoke to someone who overcame their severe IBD and has been healthy for almost 20 years I no longer believed the garbage I was being told about being stuck with this disease forever. From this moment I decided I was done being the victim and I would beat this thing. Here I am today living a better life than I could have ever imagined. I know when a person is newly diagnosed and they are reading pamphlets, visiting IBD forums, groups, watching videos, speaking with doctors there are a few consistent messages we all seem to get:
  • These Diseases are INCURABLE, sorry folks your stuck with this FOOOREVER lol 
  • Many IBD patients get to have operations to take out diseased intestines
  • Your going to be on MEDS for the REST of your life, Good News for big Pharma :) 
  • There's a great chance of you getting colon cancer at least you have something to look forward to
I don't know about everyone else but this sure made me warm and tingly NOT!!! Well that's all good because we are going to flip it around in years to come. When people find out they have an IBD and search it on various search engines they will see videos of people overcoming the diseases, living awesome lives, and paying it forward and helping others take their lives back.

Since I started this CBOY site it has been evident with 300-500 visitors a day that people are loosing faith in the systems lack of credibility and results. I've also been lucky enough to speak with many people who have successfully overcome their IBD's and are indeed paying it forward.

There are some great things that will be happening in the next year including a IBD documentary showing that people are beating these diseases, and a book sharing many stories of sucess overcoming IBD's. Ultimately the pessimists will have to jump on board because one great thing about the truth is that when its exposed it's simply the TRUTH ie ..............100 years ago women didn't vote, our schools were segregated,  wasn't the world suppose to be FLAT ...? who would have though the mass majority of the world could be wrong about something.........................When 1 domino falls the rest fall down with it and this day will come sooner than we think.

Enough of my ranting lmao hope y'all are having an awesome day  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hilarious Video -A laugh we all need :)

Anyone familiar with my Blog will know that I rarely put random videos like this, so when I do they are worth it. This video has no relation to IBD's But when you watch it smile, laugh, dance a long you will feel how good it feels to let loose and go with it. In today's fast pace, serious, pessimistic world it can be hard to make the time to sit back relax and just let loose and have a kick ass time.

This video literally made me laugh my a$$ off ...I wont lie either I danced and sang along with this video how could you not.....you will see. The Kid does a better than AWESOME job.

Hope y'all are having a kick a$$ weekend :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Parasitic Worms-Cure for Autoimmune Diseases?

I seen a great article today about the use and success of Helminthic therapy with Crohn's and other autoimmune diseases. Please click on the below link to read the entire article. Also remember whenever you are reading something which comes from mainstream news that they always tend have a "professional or expert" discuss the risk of such treatments.......this is very consistent in almost every experts opinion of any natural protocol. It's funny because they do not publish all the insane side effects that come from your most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals..........now do they? try searching a drug you are taking and you will see the side effects are almost as bad as the diseases itself.  In this article they state the following "Weinstock published results from the helminth study in 2005, which said that 23 out of 29 Crohn's patients went into remission." Thats 79% remission rate which is INSANELY AWESOME!!!  Now look at most pharmaceutical products on the market which only have to beat the placebo affect by a small percentage to make it to the market!! This is ludicrous when you think about it because there are many natural non invasive protocols which BODY SLAM these results.............really think about this...?

I urge everyone reading this to start looking at every situation with an open mind, using critical thought, and looking at things from 360 degree perspective. I'm not telling you how to think but I believe you are completely capable of becoming a free minded thinker which you can go over all the information and make up your "own" mind. Sometimes we are so locked into the grid (reality tv shows, drama, BS NEWS you name it that we have no idea what is the truth or not) and unfortunately we get lazy and just trust the "so called" experts in white coats. I use to be one of these people BUT my eyes have been opened and I can proudly say I have taken back my MIND from "them" etc lol