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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NoMoreCrohns Cooking Booklets

 Just and email as per Erin from NoMoreCrohns.com. Erin is an awesome chick who has really created some excellent recipes which will benefit many people! Give her site a look if you get a chance. 
Hello friends!

I hope you're doing well and enjoying summer!

I'm writing to let you know of the three new booklets available at NoMoreCrohns.com. My mom has been whipping up new recipes and ideas and putting them into three beautiful booklets that you can purchase on our website. They are downloadable and can be printed off as soon as you buy them so you can enjoy them right away! Have a Cooking Day, Do Some Cooking for Now & Later, and Beautiful Brunches will inspire you, speed up your meal preparation, and provide you with delicious new recipes! One of my family's favorites is the Golden Waffles recipe in Beautiful Brunches!

Read more about each booklet below:
Have a Cooking Day
Have your own "Dream Dinners" workshop at home, using six delicious SCD recipes from our website (Greek Pork Chops, Mexican Pork Stew, Steak Fajitas, Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Oven Fried Chicken and Mom's Meatloaf). We tell you exactly how to do it and include a full shopping list! Ideal for advance preparation of meals that will make your life a whole lot easier!  12 pages.

Do Some Cooking For Now & Later
Make a large quantity of one of our three main SCD legal recipes for Roasted Chicken Breasts, Taco Meat and Make-Ahead Mini Meatballs. You'll be way ahead of the game for weeks to come as you use the precooked and frozen meat when it's time to make dinner. We give you 15 different recipes that use your prepared meats. The Now & Later booklet also contains additional new recipes for side dishes and two desserts.  16 pages.

Beautiful Brunches
Brunch is a meal meant for relaxing! Enjoy scrumptous SCD food that's half breakfast and half lunch. Try our eggs, waffles, muffins, smoothies and our gorgeous Fresh Orange Yogurt Tart! Economical egg dishes also make a delicious dinner entree. Our Beautiful Brunches booklet contains more than 23 recipes and we know many will become your favorites. 16 pages.

To learn more and to buy your downloadable copy of each of these booklets, click here: http://nomorecrohns.com/BookletsandPublications.aspx

Take care!