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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ulcerative Colitis Cure - Vitamin E Enema & Diet

Hi Everyone just wanted to take the time to post some information I received from someone today and thought I would share it with you. As of yet I do not know anyone who has done this yet but will post it as my site is unbiased and I am trying to provide the people with non invasive ways to overcome your diseases.

Ulcerative Colitis Cure - Vitamin E Enema & Diet by Sheldon Gesensway
For additional postings go to the vitamin E enema site #116 found listed in the Top Support Forms found listed at the top section of the opening page.More postings at the Ulcerative Colitis Alternatives Form.I CURED my severe condition of ulcerative colitis over 25 years ago with a vitamin E enema you prepare yourself and diet.My colonoscopy doctor for 20 years now recommeds the procedure to other DOCTORS.1.Buy a 4" bulb end ear syringe the kind used to clean an ear.A plastic extention is not necessary.A larger size syringe will provide too much air. Pictured on google in IMAGES section.Type in ear syringe for a picture or go to
http://www.enemasupply.com/asofenno.html Cara enema syringe 6 oz.$5.99.

Day 1 Empty 2 capsules of vitamin E into 1.5 tablespoons of distilled water (the same volume as a corticoid enema) 800 IU total. Do this by sticking a pin into the end of the capsule and squeeze out the contents. Suck up the top floating mixture (it does not dissolve in the water). I used a small tapered wine glass. 1.5 tablespoons water for all capsule levels.1000 IU capsules can be used instead of 400IU capsules.

Use as an enema but retain the mixture. Only one enema a day is necessary.

2. On the second day empty 4 capsules and repeat the same procedure.

3.On the third day, empty 6 capsules and repeat the same procedure.

4. On the 4th day empty 8 capsules repeat.
Up to this point I received no visible results.

5.On the 5th day, empty 10 capsules that’s 4000 I U of vitamin E. The following morning was the first time I saw stool form since I could remember. No blood. Controlled bowel movements. Ulcerative colitis was no longer a problem. I will advise the best procedure at this point.Your colon should heal at the 10 capsule level. I had to repeat this every day for a long time or on the 2nd day the gut would revert to its old habits. No side effects. Take the enema after a bowel movement and if possible at bedtime or in the morning and continue to lie on your side a short time to give the enema a chance to circulate through out the colon. If at first you lose some material, don’t worry you will get enough of the vitamin E to work. I kept telling the doctors at the hospital they kept smiling. Stay at the 10 capsule doses then let me know of your results and I will advise you further.
Since that time, the ulcerative colitis has never been a problem.
The vitamin E mixture used should be labeled 100% all-natural and have the formula d-alpha tocopherol with other mixed natural tocopherols and NOT dl-alpha tocopheryl or tocopheryl acetate that are synthetic. Just 10% natural and 90% synthetic can be labeled as natural vitamin E. Synthetic vitamin E is not is not very biologically active and will give a poor result if used.
I have never taken another enema or ANY medication since. At that time, I was also taking one multi vitamin & mineral table + 500 mg of vitamin C + one capsule of 400 I U vitamin E. I stopped the vitamin E soon after. I even bought a motorcycle and put 15,000 miles on it.
Remember I am only relating the facts of my experience and will be willing to answer your questions.
Please post your results so it can be of help to others.
No fruit or fruit juice. Follow the diet.
Right after a bowel movement or before bedtime is the best time to use the enema for that day. Lay on your side with knees drawn up for easy insertion remain on that side for 5 minutes than lay on your back and the opposite side for 5 minutes each.
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Do not rinse the bulb after use and just clean the outside with soap and water.
You can spread a small amount of food grade vegetable oil or petroleum jelly around the tip for a comfortable insertion.
Let comfort be your guide.

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