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Monday, October 31, 2011

BOOMTOWN WIlliston North Dakota

Hey Everyone this is a random post for my IBD BLOG but I know lots of my readers are from the US and are experiencing a pretty crazy recession right now. I speak with many people who have PHD's, business degrees, etc and are not employed or underemployed working for minimum wage. People are attempting to do whatever they can to scrape by for themselves and their families. I know the governments attempt at a so called stimulus or BAIL out the TOO BIG to FAILS are not working So I spoke with someone about a boom happening in North Dakota where they are looking to fill 10-15 000 jobs and are in need of people. This boom is related to the oil industry which I'm not the biggest fan of but it may be able to help many people get above water. I searched this a few weeks ago but was reminded today of this opportunity as I caught a few minutes of a piece on a show called ROCK CENTER. This made me think I should get on this a do a blog-post @ 1:03am lol

This boom may be linked to the oil but like any boom it affects construction trades, services, school teachers, police-paramedics you name it. If your strapped and looking for alternative solution check this video out and also check out the links I provided below. I get tired of ranters talking about how bad things are and not working to provide an actual solution so I thought I would look for something that may help someone out. I'm not saying this will help everyone out but it may help a few and that's good enough for me.

SEE the ROCK CENTER Article here

**If you want to see the full episode search it in the next few days as I just noticed the shows premiere was today**

 You can see in this video why this Oil reserve they found in ND/MONTANA is the largest in the US at the moment and will provide work etc for years to come.




WILLINSTON WIKIPEDIA INFO: economy, population size, climate you name it HERE

Also Since this boom is not just centralized there will probably be other towns that will see rapid growth so investigate surrounding towns such as: Stanley etc USE a map make a few calls act and get on it :) Do a Google search and do your own research.

I'm just sharing this information because I care about helping people and times are beyond rough in some areas.

Looking to stop Current IBD FLARE? take a look at this

Looking to stop Current IBD FLARE? take a look at this............

Hey Everyone I'm writing you this because I spoke with my good friend Morton from Hawaii and he has found a way to help subside ACTIVE FLAREs in people with Crohns Disease,Colitis, and Arthritis (joint swelling pain etc). The way is using some natural plant base ingredients that help with this. I would suggest that anyone interested in hearing more about this contact Morton using the info below and you can discuss the details further. 

While I was on SCD Morton always posted things on the SCD List Servs questioning things, looking for other solutions etc. The SCD diet gave him his life back but other things that he tried took him further in his healing. I have met Morton and his wife while I stayed with them in Hawaii and will vouch for him being a very caring person looking to help people he is a GREAT character. He is one of the smartest guys I have ever met b/c he challenges many belief systems and tries new things etc. I can honestly say that conversations I have had with him have helped me with my own healing and helping others.

I think anyone interested should drop him a line and hear him out and use your best judgement to see if it might interest you or not.

I am looking for volunteers with UC, Crohn’s, and/or any other intestinal disease to try a group of plant based compounds that seem to cause UC flares to subside into remission.  If these plant based compounds work for others then we intestinal disease sufferers may have a new cure.
This same group of plant based compounds seem to have caused my wife’s arthritic joints’ swelling and pain to subside.  If you know of arthritis sufferers that would like to volunteer for this study please also let me know.
My email is mbassan@earthlink.net  My phone in Hawaii is 1-808-929-7443.

You can also see morton's website HERE

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I seen this video today and all I can say is WOW!!! this guy rocks. When you watch this video you will see how this guy lives his life UP!!! He could give up and say screw it but he doesn't..............he chose to persevere! Somethings you are unable to change which is why you should be so grateful for the things you CAN change. I share his opinion on LIFE since I was given my second chance :)

I hope Y'ALL enjoy this video as much as I did :) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watching Out for the Scammers-SCD REAL DEAL

I enjoyed this video and the fact the dude forgot to mention he used the SCD DIET as a fundamental tool in his healing. I'm not going to slam this dude on my blog but I can tell everyone when someone is looking at alternative protocols, or people peddling approaches, miracle cures, you name it you need to perform DUE DILLIGENCE -Do they back their $hit up? Search them on google: are their qualifications bogus-fake buy a phd, have they helped real people that you can speak to and verify, is most the info you find sales pitch/marketing material? , do their videos and articles usually offer you with a solution?... their products.....I'm not saying there are people who do this that are legit but 9/10 they are simply scammers trying to profit on you're misfortune. I want people to develop a knack for seeing through the BS to see people-organizations for what they really are. When you do a fair review of the person you will get a good taste of their intent....... do they focus on marketing or actually genuinely helping people. Don't believe false hype until you do you're research. With IBD's I may not believe in all aspects of SCD DIET but it was one of the only protocols that besides the affordable book was not trying to sell me things. I could easily go verify these peoples claims by speaking with them and realize they had nothing to gain by telling me their story. Speaking with someone live on the phone can give you the utmost evidence if their protocol is legit or not.  With SCD I even went to the extent to contact 2 people who left testimonials on the back of the book.........NOW Thats due dilligence baby! sorry I was honking my own horn :) I'm not saying SCD is the only way because I'm an advocate of other protocols I mention on my site as well. I also believe their are multiple solutions to each problem and some of those solutions have yet to be discovered...........and if they do appear please drop me a line to investigate and I'll publish the findings. The multiple solutions I have showcased on my site CROHNSBOY and have helped many people to date. I show people other promising protocols which have helped others to let the audience decide what works best for them. If I had used a bias my websites visitors would not have had the chance to become med free. Most protocols that help IBD sufferers become med free share many similar fundamentals so it's not hard for me to pick out the winners and losers. I also owe the biggest thanks to the immense amount of feedback I receive on a normal basis of people telling me what works for them and what doesn't...........you guys rock! okay enough raBliNg 4me today as its 143 am and I should hit the sack.

Thanks for tuning everyone! Keep it real :)


The END OF ALTERNATIVE protocols, supplements etc............this is a great REAL CURES Email Alert That I want to Share with everyone reading my BLOG. Please paste this link on your FB accounts, websites etc WE Must do our part to STOP this. Lets spread this grade 10 chain letter style lol :) We are witnessing changes take part as we speak..........people are finally starting to group together as we are FED up with the too big to fails pharma, banking and many more......... THIS IS OUR TIME to CHANGE IT UP

Why? Because the FDA has issued new rules that, if enacted, will enable them to ban many of the supplements you are now taking.
Think I'm exaggerating? Then please listen to the full story ...
Back in the early 1990s, the FDA tried to make many supplements illegal. Consumers were so alarmed by the FDA's bullying that they staged a massive revolt. The result was that Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). That law protected supplements from the FDA unless the FDA could prove a supplement wasn't safe.
There was, however, a loophole in the 1994 law. The FDA was given the authority to regulate new ingredients introduced after October 15, 1994.
So what happened? Nothing at first. For 17 years, the FDA took no action, gave no guidance, and launched no enforcement of these "New Dietary Ingredients."
And that's been a good thing. Because for 17 years, the dietary supplement industry has enjoyed tremendous innovation. These innovations have allowed us to extract and concentrate the most effective natural ingredients. As a result, millions of consumers have benefitted. They've protected their hearts and arteries ... found relief from their joint pain ... boosted their memory ... and more.
And during this time, supplements have enjoyed a remarkable safety record. Statistics show that supplements are safer than prescription drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and even food!
According to the Poison Control Centers, there were zero deaths due to supplements in 2008. In 2009, there was one.
Meanwhile, pathogens like E. coli in food kill at least 2,000 people each year. Acetaminophen in drugs like Tylenol kills 450 people every year. And more powerful prescription drugs kill many more. Even the FDA now says Vioxx likely killed over 26,000 people before they finally took it off the market!
Supplements the FDA Wants to Ban
But now the FDA wants to act like the last 17 years never happened. The agency has drafted a proposal to regulate what it calls New Dietary Ingredients. If this proposal is implemented, some of the most effective nutrients you take will be pulled from the market. Nutrients like resveratrol ... ubiquinol CoQ10 ... bacopa ... strontium ... and more.
But that's not all. Under these guidelines, the FDA can define almost anything as a "new" dietary ingredient. For example:

  • If a supplement includes more of an ingredient than was used 17 years ago — even something like vitamin C — it's "new."

  • If an ingredient uses a different extraction process — like baking or fermentation — it's "new."

  • If a supplement uses an ingredient at a different "life stage" — such as using ripe rather than non-ripe apples — it's "new."

  • If a supplement duplicates an ingredient in a laboratory rather than extracting it from the food — even though it's chemically identical — it's "new."

  • And if a probiotic formula includes a strain of bacteria that wasn't found in yogurt 17 years ago, it's "new.

  • So what would happen to all these "new" ingredients? The manufacturers would have to take them off the market until they could prove the ingredients are safe — even if those ingredients have been safely used for 17 years!

    Why It's Nearly Impossible to Comply
    What kind of proof is the FDA demanding? According to the guidelines, many companies would have to conduct animal studies using a dosage that's 1,000 times the typical dose.
    I'm not kidding you. It's right there in black and white on the FDA's website. The FDA wants vitamin makers to do studies for a full year, at 1,000 times the typical dose.
    So a fish-oil manufacturer would have to conduct a one-year study where animals are force-fed the human equivalent of 240,000 milligrams of fish oil each and every day! This outlandish dose would injure the animals and give the FDA an excuse to outlaw the product.
    But wait, it gets even better. If one fish-oil manufacturer performs such a study and it passes, it doesn't mean the other fish-oil makers can use the same data. No sir. They are still required to go out and do their own studies before they're allowed to sell their product.
    And these studies are very expensive. A study like the one above typically costs about $100,000-$200,000 to perform. Multiply that by several ingredients in several products, and you get an idea of the cost.
    Say a company carries 6 products containing 6 ingredients each. It would cost between $3.6 and $7.2 million in studies before that company could even offer the products for sale. For a larger company offering 50 products or more, the costs would be astronomical.
    Few supplement makers will be able to afford these studies, and many will be put out of business. And the ones that remain would still be at the mercy of the FDA's whim. That's because there are no requirements for the FDA to approve anything. They can approve or reject anything they want. And in the past, they have rejected the majority of ingredients submitted to them.
    That means most of the nutrients you buy today will be pulled from the market and never return. Those that do return will be a lot more expensive — or may only be available as prescription drugs!
    A Blatant Abuse of Power
    This is a blatant abuse of power. What the FDA is doing here is performing an end-run around the existing law. According to the law, the FDA has to prove a dietary supplement is unsafe for it to be taken off the market. These new guidelines turn that on its head. They are clearly not what Congress intended.
    Fortunately, these FDA guidelines have not yet been finalized. All federal agencies are required to give the public an opportunity to comment on a draft before it is made final. In this case, the FDA has given interested parties until December 1st to comment on the draft. That means there's a small window of opportunity for you to voice your disapproval.
    Frankly, I wouldn't bother commenting to the FDA. The process is cumbersome, and those unelected bureaucrats don't care what you think anyway.
    What You Can Do
    The best way to defeat these new rules is to talk to the people you do elect — your congressman and your two U.S. senators. They have the power to reign in the FDA — and they have done so in the past when enough voters complained.
    Back in the 1970s, the FDA tried to require "warning labels" on vitamins. Angry voters called and wrote letters, and Congress responded with the Proxmire Amendments which limited the FDA's power.
    Then in the 1990s, the FDA went on the warpath again. When voters complained, Congress passed the Dietary Health Supplement Education Act, which once again limited the FDA's power.
    But like a monster killed in a horror movie, the FDA keeps coming back. And so once again, it's time for us to step up and call the folks who rely on our votes.
    Here's what you need to do:
    Go to http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml and look up the phone numbers of your U.S. Senators and your Representative (congressman). Then give them a call.
    Don't be shy and don't worry. No one is going to bite you, no one is going to argue with you, and no one is going to quiz you to see how well you know the issues. The job of the staffers who answer is to listen politely and to relay what you say to their boss. So please do call. And please be polite and respectful of the staffers' time.
    Here are some talking points to use when you call:
    • Hello, my name is [name] and I am a constituent of [name of Senator or Representative].
    • I am very concerned about the new FDA draft guidance on dietary supplements and new dietary ingredients.
    • [Feel free to tell them about the supplements you take and/or the benefits you get from those supplements. Then feel free to make as many of the following points as you like:]
    1. Supplements have an unrivaled safety record. Statistics show they're safer than drugs, safer than medical devices, safer than cosmetics, and even safer than food.

    2. The FDA cannot define New Dietary Ingredients so broadly. According to these guidelines, almost everything is a New Dietary Ingredient. This will strangle innovation and deprive consumers of the supplements they depend on for their health.

    3. The FDA did nothing about new dietary ingredients for 17 years. Now they want to wipe out 17 years' worth of innovation and 17 years' worth of benefits to the consumer.

    4. When the Dietary Health Supplement Education Act was passed, Congress intended a simple notification process for new dietary ingredients. The FDA is turning this into a pre-approval scheme, which goes against the intent of the law.

    5. The FDA already has ample regulatory authority to take action against a product if it's unsafe. They don't need to have this pre-approval power, too.

    6. These could be disastrous to public health. At a time when preventative measures are even more important to health care costs, the FDA is limiting access to preventative health care.

    7. The cost of complying with these guidelines would be astronomical. Experts estimate that the studies required would cost between $100,000 and $200,000 per ingredient notification. That adds up to millions of dollars per supplement company. Smaller companies would not be able to afford this and would go out of business.

      The economy is already hurting and we have high unemployment. Experts estimate that this could cost the economy tens of billions of dollars and result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.
    1. The government's resources are already stretched. We have record budget deficits and record debt. Why enact more regulations when there are no safety issues here?
    • I request that Congress direct the FDA to carefully review their draft guidance. If they do not amend the guidance to reflect my concerns, I request that Congress call hearings at the end of the review process. I also call on Congress to write legislation that would "grandfather" all supplements currently on the market.
    • Thank you for your time.
    After the phone call, send a letter to your senators and reps, making the same points. Make sure the letter is in your own words (form letters tend not to work as well). You can find the e-mail and physical addresses at the same website, http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml.
    Then send the same letter to President Obama. (His address and phone number are on the website, too.)
    Please, please, please don't make the mistake of thinking that the FDA won't take your supplements away. Similar regulations were passed in other countries, and the result was disastrous. Many supplements were taken off the market forever. In some instances, the entire supplement industry was decimated. Don't let that happen here.
    Take action now! You only have a small window of opportunity to make your voice heard. Get started by going to http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml.

    Saturday, October 22, 2011

    Eugenia's BLOG Her Story With IBS and SCD DIET

     Hey Everyone This is a great blog post by Eugenia telling her story about having IBS and what she has gone through along the way etc. I have always enjoyed reading peoples inspiring accounts of overcoming the health issues. 

    Check out EUGENIA's BLOG HERE

    PS: Eugenia sorry it took me awhile to drop you a mention as I have been insanely busy :) I try my best but sometimes it can be hard to keep up.

    **For anyone else out there with great info, blogs, sites etc keep sending them and I will post them** Unless your selling garbage save your time and mine :) mwuahh

    Have an awesome weekend FOLKS!!!! 

    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    Freedom Riders RAW MILK Demonstration

    Hey Everyone Check this out :) 

    A great article from Natural News -this stuff is important because there are changes happening all around us..........These changes are happening slow so that we do not notice them to the extent of their change etc. It's almost like when your cooking a LOBSTER you do not put the lobster into a boiling pot of water because he would try to jump out.....rather you put Mr Lobster in Luke Warm water and let the water come to a boil. Since the temperature gradually increases he does not try to jump out and boils to death..........this stuff his happening all around us. FEW examples:

    -Getting use to  aggressive anti-terrorism prevention tactics airports (3d scanner), illegal wire taps, torturing, subway station checkpoints, and many other ways they are invading our privacy on a daily basis You have a better chance of being hit by a Boeing 747 in mid day then being attacked by a terrorist. Its not the WEST'S job to bring freedom so they call it to the rest of the world.** If someone came into your home and told you how to treat your family, what to think etc what would you say or do? I think I'd grab my rifle :) Put yourself in their shoes**.

    -Television shows in the beginning were not poisoned with  cheating, sex sex sex, everyone DTF, violence, hardcore gossip etc I'm 28 when I was young if you even seen a boob shot the movie was Rated now its pg-13 ............

    -Going from currency backed by gold, money backed by nothing, to credit card technology, then now chip technology..................maybe eventually have one chip or bar-code in or on us? .............sounds like stories my grandpa told me from the bible when I was a young kid. Seems far fetched right? If you were to tell someone 100 yrs ago about chip card credit cards they would say no way............these changes happen slow as we adjust to them better. 

    -Governments working on Health bills like codex alimentarius in Us, BILL C-52 In Canada- both looking at controlling our food, drugs, vitamins etc  A day when you have to buy vitamins from a pharmacist, not allowed to grow a garden in your backyard, unable to own seeds, or to choose your health protocol which means big business for big pharma and other multinational medical companies. Imagine you get cancer and you have no choice but to get radiation and chemotherapy?? This is already setup for minors and if you dont believe me SEE THIS POST I did about a young boy named Thomas Navarro who was not allowed to try a alternative protocol before he did radiation and chemo.

    If we don't get involved in CHANGE it will be too late. I'm asking you from the heart to pay attention on the things that are happening around you ie Occupy Wall Street Movements, Raw Milk demonstration, anti Codex protests, you name it. Turn Jersey Shore off for a night and see whats going on in your community. I hear people bitch about things that are going on saying we cant change anything......BUT the truth is we can change EVERYTHING. The power of any pyramid is always at its base! I usually leave these posts to my other blogs but I feel its a crucial time that we start thinking about this stuff.

    This excerpt from this article says it best "It is absolutely ridiculous that the FDA is spending time, energy and money on turning mothers into criminals over milk,"

    (NaturalNews) Tired of having their health freedom oppressed by an overbearing US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mothers from across the US are joining together for a "freedom ride" and protest on November 1, 2011, in defense of the right to transport raw milk across state lines. These mothers and their supporters will travel to Pennsylvania to purchase raw milk, drive back into the state of Maryland where raw milk sales are illegal, and stage a peaceful demonstration in front of FDA headquarters in Silver Spring.

    Learn more at www.RawMilkFreedomRiders.com

    Maryland is one of 11 US states where raw milk sales are currently illegal. The retail sale of raw milk is legal in nearby Pennsylvania, but FDA interstate commerce laws prohibits individuals from driving there or to other nearby states to legally buy it and bring it back into Maryland. So because FDA has refused to open up a dialogue to discuss the issue, mothers who cherish the freedom to feed their families this wholesome food product will instead bring the debate right to the FDA's front door instead.

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter

    the end of health freedom as we know it

    (NaturalNews) As horrific as the recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) guidelines are for health freedom (http://www.naturalnews.com/033482_F...), they are not necessarily the worst threat currently on the regulatory horizon. Far off the radar of most in the natural health community is the quietly-developing North American Trilateral Cooperation Charter (TCC), which threatens to merge the dietary supplement regulation guidelines of the US, Mexico, and Canada into a single, highly-restrictive regulatory paradigm.

    The "Food & Nutrition" section of Health Canada's "International Activities" website explains that TCC, which was officially signed by representatives from seven food, drug, health, and trade agencies of the three North American countries, is designed to "improve product safety" and "promote public health." This is done by "facilitat[ing] the communication, collaboration, leveraging of resources, and the exchange of information on issues of mutual interest among the

    Sunday, October 9, 2011

    Do not allow yourself to be defined by your limitations

    This is a great video by a dude who lived beyond what the doctors said he could (with autism)................................how many times do we need to hear this to realize the doctors put limitations on us and then are astonished or say your a lucky case when something goes against their prognosis. Do not let the doctors prognosis dictate your health. I'm just trying to tell ya DO NOT let anyone define what you are or are not capable of............ The guy in the vid said it best :)

    do not allow yourself or others to be defined by your limitations but rather your abilities."  -- Eric Duquette

    Monday, October 3, 2011

    The Green Lean Bean- Crohns Her entire life now takin her health back

    Hi Everyone :) 

    I'm doing a post to show you a blog of a 29 yr old woman who has had crohns disease for almost 30 years YES her entire life. She has started to take her life into her own hands and is feeling better. This is a prime example that regardless how long you have suffered from an IBD like Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis you can make proactive lifestyle changes to take you life back. Lauren has created this blog to keep track of her health journey and to share it with others. Lauren I give you mad props for doing this and I sincerely wish you the best. It takes a lot of kahunas to publicize your journey and I know it will touch and inspire many people along the way.

    Saturday, October 1, 2011

    I dont CARE about the NAYSAYERS, Proof is in the puddin BABY

    This week I had someone leave a few comments from an individual who suffers from an IBD that were not to favorable. I'm all about constructive criticism but most naysayers or pessimists that contact me via email, comment etc saying there is no cure, your providing false hope, what do you know.....bla bla spend their energy spreading negative BS rather than actually being proactive to deliver value to peoples lives rather than taking it from them. I believe in a concept called Kaizen- Japanese for "improvement", or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of process. I walk the walk as I always ask myself how can I deliver and construct my information better so that I can help more people.

    Check below fore some amazingly inspirational comments I have recieved in the last 1 year (since I have been keeping track)  Regardless of any naysayers opinions even one of these amazing comments is worth everything!!! It took me a solid hour to find these emails and I was almost brought to tears realizing the reach of my website and how many people it has really helped. I sincerely thank everyone who has taken the time to write me how my website has touched you or your family because this feedback keeps me inspired and humbles me at the same time. I also encourage others who have not wrote me to do so as this feedback will add value to my content or allow me to adjust my approach so I can better serve the people seeking help. 

     I know I'm a bold blunt individual and I will not apologize for that to ANYONE. I do not see the world as a bad place, I believe diseases are curable-I have seen this case after case, I believe its crucial to pay it forward and help others. So for all you naysayers and pessimists save your energy because you're preaching to the choir boy. Life is all about Choices..................and I'm choosing to ignore the Negative Betty's :) 

    Hi Jay,During the winter, I wrote to you for some support about my son, Jimmy, (my 13 yr old Crohn’s boy).  I just wanted to tell you he’s doing fantastic.  His blood values are all normal he’s gained about 25 lbs and he’s back to being a 13 year old.  He’s still on SCD and that seems to be working out just fine.  He went camping with his boy scout troop and after a few days of the supplied crappy food, the scouts were wanting to trade Jimmy for the healthy yummy food that he brought for himself!  This made Jimmy feel really good about what he was doing.Thanks so much for all your positive words and encouragement.  I was so worried back then and thought that this day may be just a pipe dream.  You’re right that he really cherishes his good health.  He’s getting ready to enter 9th grade and he made the High School Golf Team.  He also earned his Rock Climbing Merit badge in May.  I feel your words came at the exact right time when I could have easily chose to go the typical medication route thus jeopardizing Jimmy immune system.  Jimmy is starting to grow and he turns 14 next week.   It’ll be so exciting watching him turn into a big, strong, healthy man! The GI is totally flabbergasted.  This doctor, who has been in practice for 40 years, told Jimmy he felt so educated by us and lucky that we chose him to help us.   I told him he had the open mind we were looking for.
    Take care and I hope you continue to improve lives and touch those in need. God Bless You, Always!-Lise

    colechanxbl has sent you a message: hiya!!! hey jay i am a 12 year old kid i watched your videos a long time ago when i was first diagnosed with crohns and im on the scd diet my docter got a grant to do a study for the diet and my mom and i are coaches for it just thought i would let you know because of you i am on swim team baseball soccer and tennis and im never sick!! thanks, cole
    Hello! :)

    I just wanted to let you know how encouraging I think you are and that I love how positive you seem to be about life! :) You're a great role model for others dealing with these diseases and I congratulate you on how far you've come :) Keep up the amazing work! Thanks,-heather :)
    dashnitz has made a comment on Crohns Disease Best thing that EVER happened to me -CURE: haha crohn's boy! 11:15s is epic!! i laughed so hard when you did that. last time i only watched half of this vid so didn't catch that. crohn's boy you're the best. keep fighting pessimism with optimism (just as water fights fire). if there's one thing crohnnies is a good solid attitude and not stupid forums where people compare their surgeries and how shitty their lives are. a right attitude can cure any disease. you'll live to a healthy 120 yrs crohnssbooooyyy. please keep making us smile! 

    Kathy-I just want to thank you again for all you did for me and Mike jr.!!I'm amazed at how great your website looks and damn you just keep getting better looking ever day!! (smile).Mike is doing awesome and will be going to his 3rd year of college soon.I don't want you to underestimate how much that phone call and the follow up you did for us.. got us through the most scary time of our lives.!He will never admit it........... (although someday he will)... but if it wasn't for you things could have gone horribly wrong. He actually admitted to me last week .. in an hallmark moment...............that he said that I was the one who did all the cooking and encouragement.. when in fact, I couldn't have done it without you .. hon............. and that's the truth.! What you said in your youtube video about being negative............. it's so true.. and you don't need a name for it. Just stay away from people who want to SUCK the energy out of you.It's all about positive energy. You and I both know it's true.. and so does Mike Jr. Once you learn that, you pretty much "get it".............. whether it's personal or medical.....it works.  I've believed all of that from day one.........and p.s I'm 48 and have never been sick except for a head cold once in awhile

    I am emailing today to commend you for keeping up the great work on your website.  I think its very important for people to have an avenue where they can go for knowledge, and advice.  I would be lying if I thought it was possible to achieve the state of 'being normal' once again just by changing diet and taking colloidal silver initially. My Gastro Docs feel I am a rare case as they now decreased my specialist consults to every 1.5 yrs.  Its crazy how they all heard of the SCD diet but give it no merit. Anyways, I just wanted to say keep up the great work!  Take care friend.-Greg

    Hello Jay,
    thank you so much for what you do.  I fully appreciate this.Brunno Winter

    Ch3Weh has posted a comment on your profile:
    Hey man, big hello from Liverpool UK. Just wanted to say KEEP GOING! Your videos offer hope and positivity to a LOT of people. I've had Crohn's Colitis for nearly 13 years. Lately things have started to sink again - gonna start the SCD soon! Take care, Matt

    Just wanted to let you know.  You are amazing .  My son is on SCD, he has tried and elemental diet, etc and uses colloidal silver,  Aloe and all of the things you mentioned in your paper. He has used predisone from time to time to manage the flairs, but they are in lower doses.  I know others who have gone the remicade route and they just need more and more to maintain their health. My son has been able to play high school football his senior year and is well on his way to root healing which has taken time but we are well on our way to a "normal" life.  Just wanted to give you a work of encourgement on your video's etc on utube. Thanks and keep it up and have a great day! Leisa SchievelbeinI feel like I should be "Crohns Mom" :)!

    8:39pm Sep 10
    That video is sweet bro. I am happy to see some one fighting for a change. I would love to give some money for a video like that. keep up the good work man
    Thanks Jay for this talk. I just recently began my own business and a month after I started getting multiple flare ups and have not been this weak for over ten years, it has left me very behind in work. But I am not giving up and I am starting to feel a lot better now! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Thank you. I could not have accomplished any of this without all of you that have spent so much time reaching others like yourselves. –Sean Dooley

    krb has left a new comment on your post "SCD- Intro Diet":
    I am just starting the SCD Diet, and you give me hope. Thank you.

    Hello Jay,
    I came across your website and must say... I am thoroughly impressed.  I share your thoughts on the bullshit Drug Administration, and believe whole-heartedly that we can overcome our symptoms with just a change of lifestyle.-Alicia D

    ISADAL-Thank u very much for your site, your video's on youtube. It has really inspired me. My sister is only 8 years old and is suffering. The medical world is failing and now i found all these things like the diet, hennep oil etc. THANK U

    1:30pm Aug 12
    Don't give up hope on trying alternative protocols. I know its frustrating beyond belief and its alot of "trial and error" to find what's going to work for you. But it is soooo worth it when you finally feel your body responding in a good way. The right supplements will allow your body to heal but diet is key. My son responded well to the SCD diet but it took awhile and many times he wanted to give up but he hung in there (its not easy) and stayed on it long enough to become a true believer. You will find what works for you.........just don't give up trying until you do.

    Chris R-I'm in Red Deer, Ab.
    Just thought I'd let you know... my mom was so close to going in the hospital again,
    and because of your info...that I got her on immediately, she didn't have to go, and she's still getting better.
    I'm making my own colloidal silver, giving her oil of oregano, & trying to follow the food items combined
    with the SBC cookbook.

    Drew-Thanks for your enthusiasm, love your outlook on life, your are more of an inspiration than any of the people I know.

    Awesome post Jay - thanks for the credit! Hope you're doing amazing! Keep up the great work - youre blog and work is fantastic - our worldis lucky to have you
    cheers!happy summer-Ashley

    Love the intro song! I have UC diagnosed April 2011, Lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks, wasn't fun at all...thanks for all your videos they are so inspiring...you give us hope bud thanks =) 
    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your site and all that you do for sufferers of IBD. I have never felt comfortable donating to websites, although I do give to my church and other charities. I wanted to donate to your site because it is so unusual to come across a site that gives everything out for free just to help others. The fact that it is free and you are not selling anything is what makes me be able to trust your motives.-  Charlene (mom of a 27 year old son with ulcerative colitis)

    I have recently started experiencing joint pain. I don't know how I stumbled on to your you tube video but that led me to your website. I was feeling down and discouraged and now my hope is renewed. You seem sincere and genuine. You are being of great service to humanity and there is no greater thing than that. For today I just want to say thank you and God speed. > Sent from my iPhone

    Jenna has left a new comment on your post "Only risk in life is not taking the risk, and time...":
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are an inspirational person and amazing and positive.

    Kristina-I bumped into your blog by Jini Patel Thompson's webpage and I am very impressed with your blog and homepage. I actually bought The Four Agreements after viewing your page, and I do like that book!

    What your doing is awesome and Im thankful there's people like you out there wanting to make a difference.-Jon David 

    I'm on the other side of the world in Sydney Australia =) ....I hope your family and friends are proud of you for reaching out to so many people.Hopefully I will be writing an email back real soon on my success story. Thank you times infinity for all of your help and support! You are the only person I have come across who has tried alternative medicine to get better. Take care,-Elizabeth

    Its so amazing to go from 4 years of daily bloody D to normal health in less than 3 months, so glad I started this :) Thanks for existing-Toby

    I came across your site about a year ago and just now looked at it again as a friend sent me your link. Just wanted to say "AWESOME!". Keep up the positive work you are doing. With the work you are doing and telling your story you are part of the change. I see a change happening but feel it might take another 10 years to get there. Yet, it has to start somewhere.I have a 21 yr. old son with Crohn's & UC. He has been on quite a journey.Now he is on a path to do something with the knowledge he has gained. We are considering starting a business to help change the way people view their health. I will definitely keep your info in a file.I believe you will give hope to many who will feel their life is not worth living with this "disease". May God bless you and may you receive all the blessings meant for you each and every day.-SUE

    Jay, thanks for your authenticity and dedication to spreading the SCD word.-Jethro

    Michael S-Omg this is amazing, It's only been a day and I feel better. I had the right ideas nutrition wise taking vitamins and eating well but it the little things like a low carb diet, chewing your food and fasting at night that made a difference, thank you for helping me out I should have no problem now
    Sent from my iPhone

    Thank you for all the research and experimenting on yourself that you must have done (I know - I've been doing it too - and spending money that I didn't have to spend on supplements that were either worthless or that I could not tolerate!) and for all the work that you have done in putting together and maintaining your website-Elaine

    Hazel-hanks for all the emails to date; they are so informative and you do great work!

    I have just subscribed to your blog and completely agree with your thoughts and results.  I have only just started but am looking forward to diving fully into SCD and hope to yield the positive results that you have.  I don't have a name for what I am suffering from, but I just call it "extremely painful".  Thank you for pushing forward with unconventional ideas and for being so zealous in your efforts to help others.  Your hard work does not go unappreciated and you are clearly wise beyond your years.
    Thank you,Lisa in CA 

    Jay;Interesting article.  I just started receiving your blog.  Recently diagnosed (through emergency surgery) with CD and trying to get a handle on eating.  Now facing steroids.  This is my second week of SCD and feeling so much more in control!  It was through a random search that I found your web site and links to SCD.  Awesome Jay... Thank you!

    Hey Jay -
    I have to say, this is the most inspired I've been in the last year since being diagnosed with Crohns Colitis. I love your approach. Like you, I plug away on the internet looking for a hope and a cure... only to be put off by the impression I'm dealing with a salesman. I fully understand the need to improve and help sustain your cause, and appreciate the approach you have taken to do so. It seems much more genuine. I look forward to reading your doc and hope that in the near future I can regain my life. Thanks for fighting the fight! –Brian

    Stella-Thank you! I just looked it throw and cant wait til the weekend to read it all several times until I get it all!
    Hope you're having a good time, you are very inspiring!! I was laughing when I read your own comments about what the doctors says when you get the diagnose... haha! Life feels easy with you’re blog, do never stop!

    Justan S-I love your website, your work and everything you stand for, its awesome!!

    Jay ,Thank you for your dedication in getting good info out there.  I wish my daughter thought like you.  Still hoping she'll understand traditional meds are killing her.  People like you can change the world.  God bless, -Peggy

    peteypete1984 has made a comment on IBD's Crohn's Disease Ulcerative Colitis Joint Pain & Arthritis: ur so right its all the media brainwashing that the pharmacy industry/doctors know whats best NATURALS the way to go were bein scamed thanks JAY peace my brother from canada we live in connecticut so we know the COLD weather too thanks ur such a nice guy 

    You are such an inspirational person and I am really grateful to people such as yourself and Jini who have helped so many people. I just wondered if you heard about the fact that the European Union will be banning many herbs by May 1st and that the USA may soon follow suit. I know there is legal action being taken by the alliance for natural health and other bodies to challenge this directive, but I am concerned the big pharmas/government are out to give people no choice in health matters which will undo a lot of good work you do in educating people about the correct approach to health. It would be great if you could do some rallying up on your blog or something to get people to stand against such measures!Thanks again, all the best-Steve

    Ok, so I just finished reading your document. Awesome read…especially during work hours.I have few questions that I’ll write down later this afternoon—would love to speak with you when you have a chance. Just wanted to thank you once again. I’m hopeful that my daughter will be included in your free e-book, if not in the first version, then the second…-Nay

    Hey Jay. my doctor told me he wanted to put me on Remicade 6 months ago, as he read off the side effects while giving me a reassuring smile i know that i would do anything i could to stay off such an extreme medication.Well im 4 months in on SCD and kicking ass! I tried many of the optimizing techniques you suggested from the get go. anyway i am making great progress in a short time, and wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to succeed at this overwhelming challenge!-Judd

    Hi Jay,
    I wanted to give you an update on my progress with SCD and the use of some of the tools that you recommended.
    I went strictly on the SCD about a month ago and I have had remarkable results. Much better that I ever expected. My body responded quickly and I noticed improvement the second day on the diet.  Within one week, my bleeding had stopped and in two weeks the diarrhea stopped. Really amazing and gratifying to have control over a very difficult problem. Really Jay, thank you for your advice and service to the IBD community –Paul

    Marcus has left a new comment on your post "MED FREE E-BOOK PROJECT": Awesome you two, thank you so much for what you do. I am with your help working to getting med free. :)

    You are doing a great job spreading the information. I hate hearing my doctors saying: No it has nothing to do with your diet!Thank you Regards –Lauritz

    Again, thank you, I am humbled and inspired by your interest. I can safely say the information you selflessly share on your blog and website assisted in my healing. Please spread the word about what is going on here. Peace,-Geoff

    Thank you crohns boy for your honesty and support through a truly horrible disease - your website is inspirational and helps to give us some hope of being well again-Sally uk

    leisaruth has made a comment on CROHNSBOY.COM CROHN'S CURE COLITIS CURE disease CROHN'S DISEASE ulcerative colitis: You are really great. Keep on going, all of the information that I have gotten from your website has really helped my son and he is looking at a bright future. Keep it up.
    Thanks so much for all of that Jay.

    Terrific information and a really well put together protocol. Im sleeping easier knowing I have these options.-Steven
    jamesbkw1 has made a comment on Crohns Disease Best thing that EVER happened to me -CURE: alright crohns boy, i totally agree with ya ive had crohns for 19 years and as i allways tell people it changed my life for the better, i was 15 when i got diagnosed and at the time my life was going no where i was into crime, drinking, drugs but after i got diagnosed i had to change my lifestyle i dont do crime anymore i dont drink or take drugs anymore and most of the people i hung with back then are now dead or in prison which is where id be now, im now a karate instructor, and life is good.

    How are you? I think that is awesome you having started that website. I read Breaking the Vicious Cycle a few years ago, but I was 11 when my colon was removed... too young to know better. I have a couple of older guys I work with who have Crohn's and swear by SCD. I myself had Ulcerative Colitis. I do follow that diet if and when my internal k-pouch gets inflamed.
    I will be passing your site on! ;)-Tiff

    Hi Jay, This is my first time to message you! But just want to let you know how much your site has helped me. I live in Ireland and was only diagnosed with severe crohns/colitis four years ago, this month, after having being admittted to hospital with severe abdominal pains
    So just want to say thanks to you for all the work you've put into helping others like me with your inspiring webpage and site. Yours Sincerely-Graham

    campbub has made a comment on Changing my Approach IBD IMPROVEMENT DOCUMENT -Crohns & Colitis Treatment options: your a blessing jay!!! i cant remeamber how i found your site. you helped me out alot. thanks from the bottom of my heart. i thanked god for you. i have healed up alot....no more burning, joint pain almost gone, daily bm normal.

    Hi, my name Gordon, and i have Crohn's disease. I am a big fan of yours, i may only be 14 but you are a hero of mine. I am also on the SCD diet and i am currently taking colloidal silver. I really love your blog site, I like how you talk about ALTERNATIVE therapies instead of remicade and 6MP etc. I am currently also on remicade as well, for reasons i have no idea... I am kind of an adrenaline junkie myself. I go on roller coasters, i ride an ATV, i really would like to ride a motorcycle, although my parents say they dont want me having an even bigger chance of dying. But anyway man thanks for this amazing blog website. I hope you respond, Thanks...Gordon N.

    I first saw your website back in 2007 when I was diagnosed with Crohn's.  I was very sick as well.  I went to every source of information I could find.  Elaine's book saved my Life. I had the same ups and downs that you did, and it helped to know I was not alone in my long Journey.  I am not one to share my thoughts with others, so I never contacted you.  You should know you are helping many more people then you realize you are.  :)
    I strictly followed the SCD diet along with recommended proboitics for 2.5 years.  I am cured, sorry, I am in remission.  lol  Now if I could just get the Crohn's label off my health records!-Billie And thanks dude i feel great and ive been having awesome days! thanks to you!-Sean

    Sean wrote:"Good luck Fabio! I found the Special Carbohydrate Diet first then i found Jay on youtube then his site, http://www.facebook.com/l/efef1;crohnsboy.com. The diet sucks at first but you have to keep on it to the T and you will be feeling better in no time, plus the probiotics and vitamins ect. follow whats on Jay document and god man i feel great now and you will too! :)"

    Hey Crohnsboy!I want to thank you for taking the time to use your experience to help other people.  I'm sure your site has helped a tremendous amount of people, just as it has helped me. –Josh

    alecherring has made a comment on CROHN'S CURE COLITIS CURE CROHN'S DISEASE COLITIS IBS CURE SCD DIET: Hey everybody who is sick with Crohn's, listen to Crohnsboy and others who have gotten better. It really can happen and has happened for a lot of us. I have been of meds and have controlled my Crohn's through diet since 1998. Almost no problems at all.

    dashnitz has made a comment on **NEGATIVITY** CROHN's CURE COLITIS CURE IBS ULECERATIVE COLITIS TREATMENT AUTISM: When I first got diagnosed I was in a miserable state. I'd read about this illness for over 6 hours a day on the net and see forums where people list their medications and surgeries proudly almost like badges. It made me feel awful. I'd walk for miles a day with tears filled in my eyes. This video was the ONLY one on the net that made me feel good. Now I try to focus only on the positive and I avoid crohn's forums like a plague. Let's all try to focus on healing instead of suffering.

    Dude.. you are the kewlest guy ever!!! You are so right! Mike jr. is doing great still.. to this very day. He just turned 20 so........ that means he has been doing great for 2 years now! All thanks to you and your support.!

    socceric17 has made a comment on Crohns Disease Best thing that EVER happened to me -CURE: I completely agree. Crohn's Disease completely changed my life around. I have a much more positive outlook on life. The saying goes, "You don't what you got till it's gone." and when you get this disease and then get better, you understand how fortune you really are.

    theCANMANshow has made a comment on Crohns Disease Best thing that EVER happened to me -CURE: Inspiring CrohnsBoy! I plan on doing exactly what you are doing too! I have colitis and started a youtube channel documenting my journey. Maybe I'll start a website too like yours! Thank so much man! 
    D- crohns boy, you better keep making us vids!! you're the only inspiration i got for this shit (no pun intended). while everyone's negative on the web i turn to you cuz you make me feel happy and inspired. you're my own personal super hero, crrrooohhnnnhn's boooyyy!!!!

    Butch- ALOHA JAY! I have been  looking on the internet for  anyone who may have Crohns disease since I have been affected with this since I was your exact age I found  out at 24 years of age that basically my life was over I thought !Your story on video hit me right in the heart since I too was ready for the  booby hatch when I got the sad news

    tazzy1229 has made a comment on **NEGATIVITY** CROHN's CURE COLITIS CURE IBS ULECERATIVE COLITIS TREATMENT AUTISM: AMEN !!!!!!!! I totally agree ! Smiling laughing and being positive DOES affect your health. If you can laugh and stay positive you can get through anything ! from one crohnnie to another ... thanks for the post ! 

    Hey Jay,
    So it's been one month in to the whole new perspective on life and things are fucking awesome!
    I'm not on any meds, I actually feel awesome, and I haven't had stomach
    pain. I really liked your idea of changing my mind set on what I eat so
    I tried it; I've started gaining weight. Within the month I've gone from
    137 lbs to around 143. This time it's honest weight not the water weight
    you get with the 'roids.-Dimitri