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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Signs of Crohns- Jay getting diagnosed remembering the day

Signs of Crohns's Disease-Getting Diagnosed
Doing post b/c I seen this movie 50/50 with seth rogan and my brain started remembering how I felt when I got diagnosed
-for the most part I knew had an IBD from the research I did but after my colonoscopy the doc walked out and told me I  most likely had Crohns-colitis but would not know the biopsy results for 6 wks.
When I got home I had an anxiety attack thinking about it……..my 1st and only one so far…….I was contemplating suicide ………obviously not in the best state of mind…..instead I went into my bedroom and I did as many pushups as I could until my arms gave out……..I fell on the ground just thinking WTF did I really do to deserve this…….but I was still a stubborn bastard and didn’t want to throw in the towel to this shitty disease. ….I wasn’t going to let it win
I Got to wait and think for 6 weeks to hear the doctor label me……………….I was so nervous driving there I got into a car accident driving there….no shit I was a mess!!!  I did a full 360 smoked a parked car almost pushed it into a building…lol
When I got into the docs office he told me I officially had severe crohns colitis and showed me some bs charts about where it affected me etc. Ultimately I didn’t hear that much except sorry jay your life is over………..he told me we could use drugs to maintain somewhat of a normal life and that I may some normal days and others more uncomfortable. He also told me with this diagnosis my chances for getting cancer were increased dramatically so I should be screened for this every few years.
I know your thinking Jay where you going with this………………this post seems a little depressing so far… well I realized I never shared this before and I think its important to tell people that I also went through these scary times feeling alone, scared, unsure……………the internet never made it any easier when all I seen was the negative suffering aspects……..
BUT here’s the best part of my story! My doc started going over my treatment options ….Immuran….Humira etc  when I said “doc, I’m going to pass on any drugs for now until I can see what is ultimately better for me. ……………..this was the best decision I ever made!!!  I went home a spent every moment I could on the computer searching for cures and finding med free people
The point of this video is I know this diagnosis sucks!!!! I remember like it was yesterday…….but you really could be DEAD……………………not getting to experience so many kick ass things like ur friends, family, hobbies, challenges, relationships, children, travelling……you name it.  Sometimes things get in the way but you CANT give up!!! You need to use ur brain to search for the results you want….do whatever it takes!
When you decide to try a healing protocol don’t think about how hard it is, or that you cant do it, think about how embarrassed u will be……………..etc Think about how much value you will get when you are med free and how much you will experience b/c of this.
I know many people think I’m like this MED FREE poster boy for the IBD community but the truth is I still F$#%# up on occasion with habits etc and thinking about how bad things were makes me realize why I have to stay the course b/c it is what will give me long lasting happiness not some short lived high that is not ultimately worth it. Moderation and patience are traits that I’m working on everyday and every minute

I straight up know I can do this and so can you.  I have no angle to sell you bullshit just speaking from the heart b/c I want everyone to know that I also remember how it felt to be down their in the gutter and I need to remember it as much as possible so I cherish my good health and kick ass life.  

Friday, November 25, 2011


Hope everyone having awesome Thanksgiving :)

I thought I would share an awesome video I seen about Kucinich the man also known as Dennis Kucinich a congressman from OHIO. Watch this clip that CNN doesnt want you to see and what are your thoughts? It thought it was pretty crazy that this dudes answers were not all over the media after this..................but he was silenced just like what they are doing to Ron Paul as we speak. The media uses their little tool or should I say polls to tell you how people are voting or in reality how you should vote................really why do we care about polls when elections are so far away?................trying to control all us sheeple lol All jokes a side this Kucinich video is very revealing. I have never seen such a well spoken man on a broad range of issues and not even by Ron Paul. I love the fact that he has no problem pointing fingers and making people realize that they have be accountable for their political positions...ie IRAQ war, Greatest Bank robbery ever oops I meant Bail out package QE1 QE2 etc, Patriot Act, Libya, ....and soon IRAN. These politicians need to stop playing the ropes just trying to appease what they think will make the people happy...........In a true democracy we would all be educated and would vote on the decisions of the nation regularly...................with MR YES WE CAN using his VETO power whenever he wants............LIBYA......etc

Make sure to leave comments on Youtube and the blog because I care about what you peeps think :)

Have an awesome weekend 

IBD and Diet -Diet approach to IBD advocated

WOW........Looks like there starting to use some "common sense" I do give this doctor credit which is why this is being posted on my blog lol 

Although it sounded "pie in the sky", the medical profession should consider intensive dietary supervision for countering inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), rather than "hammering" people's immune systems with drugs, a visiting authority told a gastroenterology conference in Dunedin this week.
Prof Balfour Sartor is director of the multidisciplinary centre for IBD research and treatment at the University of North Carolina, in the United States. He was one of the first speakers at the opening session of the annual scientific meeting of the New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology and the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (gastroenterology section). The three-day conference finished yesterday.
Having IBD usually meant either Crohn's disease, or ulcerative colitis, and the effects of both could be debilitating.

At present, clinicians tended towards the "lame" approach of telling patients to avoid food that exacerbated their symptoms. Patients were already self-prescribing "bizarre" diets from the Internet and popular culture, he said.
There was sufficient evidence to prompt an official move away from controlling IBD with drugs, towards treating and even preventing them with diet.
High sugar, low fibre food made symptoms worse; food that was unprocessed, high fibre, and low fat helped.
Other environmental factors included antibiotic use, air pollution, one-off infections, obesity, smoking, vitamin deficiency, although more research was needed on most of these.
Genetics was a factor, but many more people carried genetic markers of IBD than the number with the diseases, suggesting definite environmental triggers.


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey peeps :) This is a  video review I did of an great new documentary by Foster Gamble called Thrive : What on earth will it take which talks about how so many people in this world are suffering for nothing. The mass majority of the earth population is poor working paycheck to paycheck in debt to the max while the majority of the wealth is concentrated within 1% of the population. We as a species were meant to thrive and live good prosperous lives and not just financially. Thrive digs into many issues getting in our way to thriving such as: big pharma, oil and gas energy companies, monetary system-federal reserve, politicians, genetic crop tactics, power structures and many more. Foster gamble does a great job of explaining this stuff in a way you can actually understand. I will admit the beginning was a little confusing talking about energy Taurus, and some of the effects were a little cheezy in the beginning at least in the beginning lol. I had my girlfriend watch this and she actually said she got a lot out of it and that says because she would rather watch the Bachelor or the Voice I'm sure. The best part about this documentary is that they did a great job of providing viable solutions of how we can change the future. This is a breath of fresh air since most avenues of media that cover this stuff are simply selling fear to feed their viewer base and their wallets. There is no point of watching these things constantly without knowing what you can do to contribute to the situation. Also there is no point of protesting anything unless you have demands because otherwise what is the point??? show up and make a stink........specifically identify and state demands to get what we want. We are the mass majority controlled by so few when we have always yielded the power!! The power of any pyramid is always at its base and this will continue to make me smile.

We are at a point in time when there are so many wild things that are happening right in front of us that if we fail to act their will be no going back. This consists of things like: freedom of speech, right to bare arms, grow your own gardens, choose medical protocol for yourself (YES!) , luxury of buying vitamins at a health store without a prescription (they are working on this right now), government looking to control the internet (ultimately control information) where sites like mine would be GONE.

We just need to realize this on large levels and just ACT (do something) about being fed up with the way we are living our lives.... out of shape, cancer pandemic aka the lifestyle diseases, materialistic desires, lack of family ties, pay check to paycheck, scrutinized for learning or having an opinion, loosing our religious ties regardless of their nature, stuck at jobs we hate, basing our success by wealth not social contribution and happiness, being stressed out to the max all the time (think of traffic lol), expecting to live up to unrealistic physical expectations...steroid monkey....slim big chested playboy bunny...you name it, these are only a few example of a massive list. 

The simple truth is that most of us have simple needs: relationships with friends; family, spouses,  and community, have a roof over our head,  quality healthy food in our guts, free time to enjoy life and do the things we love, feel wanted and appreciated, minimal debt so we are not stuck in any situation and where our money could go to enjoyment not interest payment and merely scraping by, and lastly probably having a life full of purpose whether it be a cause, hobby, interest, family, sport.........you name it.  I grew up in the ghetto and I was a dollar chaser because we were so poor and I tried to buy things to be happy. but this temporary happiness always faded quickly so I tried to buy something else. I can speak from my personal experience that I make the smallest income in my professional life and I'm by far the happiest. I may not be a millionaire but I have a bank full of: pride, experiences, great friends, and a life BURSTING with purpose!!!

People are really waking up and this keeps me going. Most the people that visit my blog and site are simply fed up with the lack of results of the establishment ........medical system pharma cure-complex. Please research these things further so we can change the world for the better.

WATCH the full THRIVE documentary : you can stream it online for 5.00 or purchase the DVD as well. The THRIVE movement website provides a lot of tools and educational information so make the most out of it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

bigpharma -Reviewing IBD Pharma supported Forums Sites Complete Corruption

Wassup Everyone :) 

This is a wicked post! I have a perfect example of how BIG PHARMA works at peddling their drugs on the down low using websites, forums that look like they are their to support us............but are they really? These websites-forumns do not show alternative protocols, or methods to overcome the disease but rather teaching us to ACCEPT the incurable label.......how to live with Crohns Disease........meet people with Crohns, Talking to your spouse about your IBD you name it..................this is complete BS!!!! We do not need more sites to program us into thinking they are working on a so called cure and we just have to wait.........................................Its been like 80 years since the disease was discovered (see wiki reference) and they still have nothing...........head in their a$$es with nothing to show besides more drugs and operations. So when do we actually say WE'VE HAD enough of your failed attempts and lack of results? Well I'm tired of this BS!!!!!! and I'm sure most of you are as well. Lets get better and pay it forward to show the masses that we are beating this "shitty" disease. 

I had to post about this since it was such a great example to show everyone with awesome proof to back it up. I hope you guys enjoy the post and MAKE sure to COMMENT so others can read what your thoughts are etc. Our comments and feedback will show people the truth about what we feel about these diseases truly being incurable........or how fed up we are of the medical establishment bringing us no results that actually work for extended periods of time. 

Thanks for your support Everyone YOU ROCK!

**Double Check this INFO**

1.) Go to This website and look at the bottom right for SPONSORED BY...

2.) Go to THIS sponsoring companies site (read what they are about) also copy the domain address at the top.

3.) Go to THIS website and insert the copied web address click enter and you will see for yourself who owns the actual domain.................

Monday, November 14, 2011

IBDers Getting Ripped in 20 minutes a day IBD workout

  Hey guys I know many guys who have IBD's or are on diets to stay MED FREE have issues gaining weight or ultimately having a body they are proud of. I'm not a materialistic dude by any means but I do believe when I'm in shape it ups my confidence in social functions, with my beautiful girlfriend, and most important I feel better about myself. I have had many emails about this and thought it was about time I work on creating a program that works, cost efficient, and you can do at home...........I believe I have found it. I'm going to share some of my results in the 20th day and you guys can be the judges. I'm putting some shirtless pics on this post so you can see first hand......and NO I don't do bachelor parties mwuahhh! All jokes a side I'm only doing this because I remember looking in the mirror and not liking who I was..............a human skeleton.BUT the GREAT news is we can beat this shitty disease and live healthy lives!

I have been trying a QUICK WORK OUT for the last 20 days which takes me 20-25 minutes a day. I have not been at the gym in 6 months since I started working in May. Since I work  concrete construction and work 10 hrs a day its hard for me to workout during the summer months so I give it up until I get laid off in October. Although I do not work out in the summer my job keeps me physically fit and I do some walking with my girlfriend.

I'm lazy or better word tired because I overdo the multi-tasking sometimes so it's also hard for me to spend 1-2 hrs at the gym everyday. So I thought I would try to create a easy workout routine that will make me toned and give me a body I'll be proud of with minimal effort..........or should I say the BIGGEST bang for my BUCK lol I'm also a frugal dude so I did not want to spend a fortune on equipment so I set my budget of $100...I'm not shitting you!  arm curl bar w/50 lbs, pull up bar 19.99 (TJMAX and winners), 2 chairs free around the house. This work-out is a simple circuit which takes me about 6-8 minutes to complete and I do it 2-3 sets depending how much time I have. If I do 3 sets it takes me about 25 min a YES I feel it!!! I only take 1-2 min breaks between sets and sometimes I giver through the entire 3 sets without a break. In the beginning it was hard for me as I felt a little outta shape but now I'm doing it without issue.....but I still feel the burn BABY!!!!

I am posting this to get people interested or to see if people are indeed interested in this. If so I will actually do a video showing this workout and exactly what I do. I will also show people what I usually eat and you will be quite surprised because I don't eat anywhere as much as I use to.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Supplement prices set to explode Lets stop it

Hi Everyone this is a email I received from an affiliate at Real Cures so thought I would share it. We need to get involved. Please spread this around or post the link on your Facebook pages, twitter accounts, myspace you name it etc...............Lets be part of the solution........Change baby!

Supplement prices set to explode
Are you sick and tired of paying a reasonable price for your supplements? Do you want to start paying 100-200 times more for your high-potency multivitamin? If so, you're going to love what the FDA has done.
As you may know, the FDA isn't here to protect you, the American taxpayer. It's here to protect the pharmaceutical industry and other large corporate interests. It protects anyone with enough money to pad the pockets of the FDA. Recently, the powers at the FDA (Faster Drug Approval) decided that the supplement industry is starting to cut into the bottom line of the pharmaceutical industry. Less money for Big Pharma means less money for the FDA.
As a result, the FDA has come up with a set of guidelines that will make it extremely expensive and difficult for the nutritional industry to keep manufacturing supplements. So expensive and difficult, in fact, that it will put most of them out of business.
Why is the FDA doing this? It must be because nutritional supplements are dangerous, right? Not exactly. Back in 2008, one panel of scientists reviewed the dangers of nutritional supplements. They examined the data in the 174-page annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers. They published their report in the journal Clinical Toxicology. It specifically looks at the death rates from drugs, foods, and nutritional supplements.
Guess how many deaths there were from vitamins - zero. Guess how many from herbs - zero. Guess how many from those nasty, dangerous amino acids - zero. OK, how about minerals and all other nutritional supplements - zero. That's right, in 2008 nobody died in the entire country from any nutritional supplement of any kind! But let's put this into perspective.
The panel duly noted that, "Over half of the U.S. population takes daily nutritional supplements. Even if each of those people took only one single tablet daily, that makes 154,000,000 individual doses per day, for a total of over 56 billion doses annually. Since many persons take more than just one vitamin or mineral tablet, actual consumption is considerably higher, and the safety of nutritional supplements is all the more remarkable."
So if nutritional substances are safer than water (yes, water kills people every year), why in the world would the FDA decide to initiate oppressive Big Brother regulations that would essentially make them unavailable to you?
Here's why: Nutritional therapies are eliminating the need for most medications. And as more and more doctors learn how to use them, nutraceuticals are going to cut more and more into Big Pharma profits. Just last week, I was able to discontinue a total of 13 different prescriptions in my patients. That's just one doctor in one week. Imagine what happens when thousands of doctors are doing this routinely. "Something has to be done," says the FDA.
Marcia Angell a reporter for the Boston Globe put it this way. "For too long the FDA has behaved as though its job is to speed brand-name drugs to market, not to ensure that they are safe." According to Ms. Angell's scathing report, the FDA is simply a lap dog for the pharmaceutical industry. "It's time to take the Food and Drug Administration back from the drug companies," she says.
Well, I agree, and I think this might be just the time to start. If we don't do something quickly and effectively, I won't be able to take my patients off their drugs anymore. I won't have the supplements I need. If I can find them, they will cost 100 times more than they do now.
Can you stop this intrusion by Big Brother? Yes, you can. Public pressure works. It worked back in 1994 when the FDA and Congress tried to outlaw supplements. Instead, Congress passed a law that not only protected supplements, but opened the door for incredible innovation in the supplement industry. We can do it again. But only with your help.
Here's what you have to do. First, go to www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml. This web address is case sensitive. So type it exactly as it appears or follow the link. On the website, look up the phone numbers of your U.S. Senators and your Representative in the House. Then call them and tell them how you feel. Please, do it right now. Don't wait. The deadline for comments is December 1st. That's not far away.
Second, send this to all of your friends who take supplements and ask them to do the same thing. This is so important it could mean life or death for millions of people. Please, do this right now!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hi guys this is a great documentary about vaccines and their side effects....do they actually help or merely BIG PHARMA greed. Those who now believe in alternative health protocols can see there is more and more evidence showing how bad these vaccines really are. It can be hard when you have a doctor or your local government pushing it down your throat everywhere you look.......but you really need wonder why are they doing this? Who is profiting from this stuff.............television commercial about vaccines ITS a business :) Like someone in this documentary said "Show us the SCIENCE and Let us decide" not just pharma companies paying for their own studies..................what do we actually expect the results to be.


The Greater Good looks behind the fear, hype and politics that polarize people into emotionally charged pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine camps with no room for middle ground. Exploring the cultural intersection where parenting meets modern medicine and individual rights collide with politics, this character driven documentary weaves together the stories of three families whose lives have been forever changed by vaccination. By reframing the vaccine debate and offering, for the first time, the opportunity to have a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program in America today, The Greater Good challenges viewers to think again.

You can watch the trailer and see if this would interest you then use the link to watch the free stream. If the free stream is no longer available check the main site and purchase the DVD for like 10.00

Make sure to click the link below to watch this documentary FREE for the next few days
**Watch FREE here**

Although this is free if you like the documentary and believe in what they are doing you can support their cause by buying the DVD or make a donation. Check the Official SITE HERE

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jay making juicing easy for IBD peeps


Just me going over how I juice every morning showing everyone it is not as hard as one might think. I do it in 4 min or less every day so I'm you can as well. Juicing is an awesome way to get nutrients and vitamins with minimal energy from digestion. In an upcoming video I will film me doing my morning cooking routine which includes: making breakfast, juicing, and making my lunch with snacks for the day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey Everyone check this documentary out called Fast Food Babies. It's about babies eating garbage diets from the age of 6 months old eating over 3000 calories a day of garbage....almost 1 liter of saturated oils, .5kg of sugar ....makes you want to gag doesn't it lol. I think most people are starting to see that the system is getting children hooked right from the beginning of their lives so they can help the grease food industry, then get sick and help out the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  

This video sure made me think if I have children how I would never give them such garbage at least now that I know better. I lived on garbage most of my life and to my surprise ended up with a severe degenerative disease Crohn's Colitis. I'm lucky I did not suffer from a stroke or a heart attack and I'm still here to make changes to get my life back. 

We still have a chance to make changes and get our lives back, that's GREAT NEWS!!!
(watch all the parts)If you have any issues you can also watch the documentary HERE