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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mind Healing the body project pill or perception

This is an amazing video that will show you how healing our diseases is so much more than just taking something. Our minds are a crucial part of getting better.....we have the power to heal ourselves....

"we must understand the keys to wellness rather than dwelling on the cures to disease's" This is gospel to my ears baby!!!!

I encourage anyone suffering from any disease to watch this as it's truly an amazing documentary.

If you loved this documentary and want to purchase a physical copy
You can purchase the DVD here

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cholostrum and IBDS I need your help

I would love to hear peoples feedback who have been trying or decide to try Colostrum as this has seemed to help quite a few people in recent months since my previous post. I got a chance to speak with Doug Wyatt from (Center for Nutritional Research - All about Colostrum) He is the dude that made colostrum available for human consumption. I will put a few links at the bottom of this post where you can read more and how you can purchase this colostrum. He was the first company to sell it for human consumption and since many big players have jumped in BUT they are all about profit and many people are not seeing results.

Here a past response I got from him: {Hi Jay, there is not one other company that meets all of our standards. Low heat, flash pasteurization, Liposomal Delivery and protection of delicate components, Kosher, Halal, cGMP and standardized with all major components tested for in final product testing. If you can find another I don’t know about, OK. But without all the components standardized and tested to confirm their content you are just buying Immunoglobulins and the problem with that is almost all colostrum producers do not list even the levels of this on their labels. I have enclosed a copy of our production standards. It is the highest in the world. My biggest problem with colostrum from other producers is that I will not produce the results people are seeking. The market has been destroy by companies like Swanson's that just buy the cheapest colostrum out there and says it's just as good. The customer doesn't see the results we show in our clinicals and says colostrum doesn't work for them. Sorry but this market is really saturated with cheap product]

He makes some good points and for the time being I will give him the benefit of the doubt in recommending his over the others I feel he as earned this much. If it turns out his product doesn't work based on a good feedback sample I will no longer recommend this product. This is why the collaboration of so many of us are contributing to new IBD treatments that will shape the future of how people overcome their IBD's.  Too bad the CCFA, CCFC doesn't give all of us cash to do this kick ass research!!! lol

*Please* email me with your feedback so we can back our claims up and really BEEF UP our toolbox of alternative protocols etc



Products made by Doug:

Product people have been using with good results so far: Colostrum-LD - Micro-Encapsulated Liposomal Delivery Colostrum

Thanks for being part of the solution YOU GALS-GUYS ROCK!!!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

TROM reality of me review of an amazing documentary

I thought I would share a few sections of an an amazing documentary I'm in the process of watching called Trom the reality of me. It really wakes a person up to these things and it so intriguing. I encourage people to post comments and let me know what you think. If you enjoy these feel free to click the link at the bottom where you can watch it for free



Watch the entire Documentary Here

Friday, February 10, 2012

reviewing video Facebook Parenting for troubled teens

This was a GREAT video!! and I say it proudly.

This southern dude did a bang up job addressing this issue and showing he meant business!!! I hope more parents decide to use their boot. I also want to mention I know that all kids aren't like this and there are so many good people that do not do these things on FB, twitter etc so please take no offense to this post. Sometimes these negative acts outweigh the goods because they stay in our mind. 

I see so many young people (I have 2 younger siblings between ages of 11-13) go online to things like FB to disrespect their loved ones, friends etc and they do it so harshly in the process. I'm tired of looking on fb and seeing people bi*%ch about the people in their lives to the whole world...........honestly most of us don't care as we have become desensitized to this as we see it every day we open our Facebook accounts. I think some great advice for many of these people is to actually be direct and talk to someone about your problems or things that are bothering you etc. If your problem is real and genuine there are many people that care and if you talk to them they will listen and if not at least you stepped up to the plate and tried........rather than being a sissy and talking BS on FB accounts........this is like the people that always gossip about other people or complain but have no balls to do something........We all know people like that and we're thinking do something about it or shut up....lol I know that sounds a little mean but its the truth.

I went a little of track since this video is primarily about a young person publicly disrespecting her parents But they found out. I'm sensitive on this issue because my 12 yr old sister put a post with her name  RIP "Jane Smith" passed away 45 minutes ago and we will miss her greatly..............I seen this in my feed section and had an instant heart attack. I was on the phone so fast asking her why she would do such a thing as it made me scared and worried when I seen it. She told me she was just doing it because everyone else is doing it...... then we talked and she said she did not mean for it to have that effect. Times are changing and I think sometimes not for the best and we have to get back to our roots of being a decent moral-loving-ethical society. I remember my grandparents saying the old days were better when kids had respect etc, but their parents also said this.....but know I'm older and I see this rationally: over the past 60-70 years in North America our values have been diminishing whether we look at the amount of divorces, people cheating on their spouses, disrespecting their parents and loved ones, music changing: from being about happy things to being about very negative things bad mouthing women, talking about killing people, being drunk all the time etc, splitting up the family units, taking us further away from spirituality outlets,  people care more about themselves then others, video games letting young children be gangsters killing people, I remember when I was young if you seen even a breast on TV it was Rated R and my mother said it was not allowed period when she was a young girl........but now you can literally see everything and its pg-13......We can see that things are collapsing in our society but the question is who would want this?? Well the simple truth is BIG business..... because it's all about selling products and our whole entire lives are about buying "things"....... yet it seems like the masses are more unhappy with their lives than ever.......really think about this.....?

I know in my heart the human race has so much potential than simply being cyclical consumers...We can do great things, make a difference in the world, be creative, love one another, contribute to society, and ultimately live happy! We don't need all the things television and the corporate media tell us.... They think they know best and really how far have we come?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Natural Abdominal Stricture protocol for Crohns and Colitis

Hey Everyone thought I would share a post I seen earlier today that works towards helping people naturally heal strictures. I do not personally know anyone that has had results with this but I'm all for trying new things and using your own diligence to see if something might work.


Also if you decide to try this or have done it please drop me a line and let me know how it did or did not work. The more honest feedback we all provide the better we are able to tweak the various natural IBD protocols that will and have let many of us live med free. It's the collaborative efforts of all the people I have spoken with that have given the way to many tweaks over the past few years..you guys-gals rock!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Nobama 2012 BABY! Ron Paul all the way............. I think we are tired of losers being president promising things and not delivering......when will they ever be held accountable? Constant race to raise funds to get re-elected..........and to do it again...........they dont try to solve the problems they simply feed us a little cheese and brainwash us with their so called polls b/c they know we follow the masses...BUT this is why we need to change it up!!! If Obama is elected again...........I dont even want to imagine what will happen. In the beginning I was happy b/c I thought the masses were changing with racial issues etc to end up with a president that has made George Bush 2nd look like a boyscout. NO WE CANT! GET OUT.. Let show them change baby!! mwuahh ( I know I was ranting a little but the truth is I give a shit...I care what happens to all of you (family members, friends, relatives, spouses...........etc) I'm doing my part by sharing "my voice" and you should share yours........whatever it is..... I know were stressed to the max, more pink slips than we know what to do with, the end is not in sight as we see it....But the future can be so bright if we stand up for what we really believe in. I know I don't care about big corporations and I care more about the little guy than some rich materialistic millionaire.......  I know the government and their goons usually use scare tactic (LIES) to make us act the way they want......but I'm speaking from the heart...if we don't act we will loose everything.........

We are the little guys-gals and WE are the majority so lets raise some hell..........intellectual revolution 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ankit’s IBD healing story

Check out this great podcast by the Awesome SCDLifestyle guys Jordan and Steve talking about a guy that overcame his IBD using SCD and a few other things along the way. 

This is another great story of a person using natural crohn s treatment colitis treatment to overcome their disease and TAKE BACK their life.................I'm lovin it!!! Keep the stories coming mwuahh

You can check out the podcast here: http://scdlifestyle.com/2012/02/how-scd-helped-ankit-put-crohns-disease-into-remission/

You can also check his written story here on UCVLOG: http://ucvlog.com/2011/11/16/life-interrupted-ankits-story/
**Ankit also speaks about how his IBD added value to his life making him more compassionate etc. Ankit: “MY GUT tells me I am doing the right thing and to hell with what others think or believe.”

For people on or thinking about trying SCD you can increase your chances by checking out Jordan & Steve's SCD LIFESTYLE program here

Friday, February 3, 2012

Awesome Review Century of self Adam Curtis

This was an AMAZING documentary called Century of Self by Adam Curtis feature on BBC in 1991. This documentary has put so many things I have learned in the last 4 years together in a single documentary WOW. It starts of a little slow but all I can say is watch part 1 and if by the end your not interested stop watching. I'm telling you this documentary shows you directly how our society has been engineered by psychoanalysts so that we are merely buying machines where our job is to buy things to keep the economy going.............it will show you how they convinced women to smoke when it was considered unlady like, how to make men think smoking was sexy, how they convinced the women in the 40-50s to start by fast food, quick start crappy food when they usually made home cooked meals prior.......... But the crazy truth is that this entire thing has backfired because over the last 50-60 years people make us think the materialistic garbage like: cars, plasma tvs, big balling houses, social status, what you wear, etc is what makes you happy....We can see this is BS because why do the richest people seem to always buying something to make them happy, cheating on their spouses,  doing lots of mind changing drugs...........I thought wealth is what made us happy....

The truth is humans have simple needs: be loved, appreciated, touched, social interaction, feel like we matter, contribute to society, have freedom to do the things we want.......... Whenever you find out exactly why someone wants to be rich or be self employed you will narrow it down to FREEDOM.....

Hope you give this doc a chance and please leave ur comments :)





REviewing ACTA Blueprint For A Global Takeover Of The Internet

Thought I would share this video as we can see since SOPA got haulted because the people stood up they are the process of pushing ACTA through. Please take a watch at this. One way or another we are going to seeing the governing people of the world try and find a way to control the internet because it is really the only place where we are FREE to express ourselves.