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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Doctor/Physician who overcame his IBD Ulcerative Colitis

 Hey Everyone just wanted to let everyone see this story about a doctor who overcame his Ulcerative Colitis using various protocols. I do not usually see cases where a doctor does such a thing which is Why it put a huge smile on my face. I want to thank Jay Singh for bringing this case to my attention. I also encourage anyone who reads this who knows a great story of someone overcoming their IBD please take the time to send me their info.  

We are indeed showing people these diseases can be overcame ! There will be a time VERY SOON where the medical community will not be able to reject these claims as the shear volume of our testimonials will prove this. Science can be great BUT science controlled like a puppet for monetary gain is unethical and WILL FALL to the ground. The fact that you or anyone is reading this shows that we as a society are getting sick and tired of this BS and are seeking other options.


**This is a review from a doctor who is now med free from his IBD's. you can also see this review here

5.0 out of 5 stars Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, May 27, 2010
I am a physician specializing in Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology. Four years ago, I contracted a combination of Ulcerative Colitis and Clostridium difficile ( C.diff.) colitis. Over a period of one year, I went thru three colonoscopies, three gastroenterologists, two infectious disease specialists and one internist. Nothing worked!I was first given Flagyl in high doses which did not work, then oral Vancomycin and probiotics for almost a year but my symptoms continued. Asacol and other similar medications did not work either. I also tried alternative medicine remedies but none of them worked. After a weight loss of about 30 Lbs, I got in such bad shape that I was hospitalized at one of the best IBD hospitals in the world. A week later,I was sent home on high dose steroids which partially helped my symptoms but I still continued to have frequent bowel movements mixed with blood and mucus, cramping and gas.

At this juncture, my gastroenterologist gave me the option to go on more toxic drugs such as 6 MP, or Cyclosporin. I knew the terrible potential side-effects from these drugs. So,I decided not to take either one of them. In stead, my wife did a lot of research on the internet. My gut feeling was that Diet has a lot to do with my illness. So my wife searched for a diet that would make sense. ( I could not even sit for any prolonged period of time ). In this pursuit she came across "Breaking the Vicious Cycle." This book made perfect medical sense to me. Therefore, I placed my self on this diet. I started seeing some results within a few days. A couple of months later, I was somewhat better but was still having symptoms.

During this time,I went thru a complete spiritual/psychological transformation after reading books by Eckhart Tolle and J. Krishnamurti. I got in touch with my inner true self and started to live my life, by living in the Now, in stead of worrynig about "what if." I realized the real true me is the essence behind my body and is never threatened. It is the conditioned self that gets threatened and becomes fearful. With this realization, I felt an incredible inner peace, although I was still having symptoms of bloody diarrhes, gas and cramping.

Then I came across an article in a medical journal. This researcher from Australia had treated several of his Ulcerative colitis patients with stool enema from a healthy donor and all of them were cured of their Ulcerative colitis. The results sounded too good to be true. But his approach made perfect medical sense. Like Elaine, he believed the root cause of any chronic colitis is the abnormal bacterial flora in the intestines. And stool enema from a healthy donor is the best way to normalize the bacterial flora. I was convinced this was the way to go for me. Therefore, I followed the protocol this doctor had described in the article. With the help of my loving wife, I underwent donor stool enema at home. The day after the first enema, I saw normal stools for the first time in over a year. I was ecstatic! It sounds crazy but if you are a chronic sufferer of colitis, you will understand why I was so thrilled. I continued to follow the specific carbohydrate diet that Elaine has described in "Breaking the vicious cycle." And continued to live in the now, free of my conditioned self. Gradually all of my symptoms resolved over one year. For the last two years, I am completely symptom-free, back to my normal weight and pursue all of my activities including a busy medical practice. I have more energy now than I ever did. Transformed, yes I am. I live in the Now and stay free of my conditioned self, the source of all sttress.I am enjoying every moment of living!

During this time, I also found that my Vitamin D level was quite low. I started to take vitamin D supplement. For the last two years I take Vitamin D3, 10,000 I.U. per day.

I believe my recovery from a double-dose of colitis is due to the combination of the Diet described in this book, my spiritual awakening, donor stool enema and vitamin D supplementation. I recommend this approach to anyone with chronic colitis. But please, do not stop your medications without the blessings from your physician.

Since my illness, I have written two books, "Take Charge of Your Diabetes" and " Power of Vitamin D." And the third book, titled "Stress Free" based on my own personal awakening, is in the print and should be available very soon. I have also dedicated myself to educate the public about the important health issues thru my website,[...]. This review is a part of my mission to spread the useful information.

Dr. Zaidi's Review on BTVC

His Books:
Power of Vitamin D:

Take Charge of Your Diabetes:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Health agency barred C. difficile treatment: MD

This article speaks for itself-Taking away life saving treatments!  -crohnsboy. Thanks to Dennis from BC Canada for sending me this ur awesome bro!

Health agency barred C. difficile treatment: MD

A hospital physician from a major B.C. facility says several patients died in the last year from C. difficile — unnecessarily — after the health authority stopped her and her colleagues from giving an experimental, simple and highly effective treatment.

"I can't offer it to [to patients]. I can't do anything for them," said Dr. Jeanne Keegan-Henry, a specialist in hospital medicine from Burnaby Hospital, which is run by the Fraser Health Authority.
"And I've seen some of them die."


Another Terminal Case of Crohn's Disease overcame by THC OIL

Hi Everyone :) I seen an excellent video this morning and want to share it with you. Like myself Shona also used THC oil to overcome her disease. This woman shows us the power of this stuff because she had a terminal case with over a dozen operations!!! (that's crazy). I also want to commend her for taking the time to tell her story on You Tube because many people that heal this way are scared to tell their story BUT WE SHOULDN'T BE! If we want to spread this movement we need to share these stories of success.  We will show the system we are indeed curing diseases by using protocols and changing our lifestyles. Shona also makes a great statement when she says don't take her word for it do your own research!

Shona has also wrote a book which give more information on how she makes the oil will eliminates the feeling of being high etc. **Check her book out here**    You can also find her book on amazon :) Whatever works best for you.

Please see her video below.  Also you can add her to your FaceBook Here

Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Vella's (Bodybuilder) Inspiring Story!


**This is a story that was forwarded me to from a great girl Ashley Anderson from the CCFC's Gutsy Generation. Thanks Ashley for doing what you do :) 

John Vella's (Bodybuilder) Inspiring Story! 

was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 17 years old. At the time I was deathly ill. I weighed in at a whopping 82 pounds. My skin looked awful, and I barely had the energy to go up a flight of steps. The cramps were constant and crippling. Trips to the hospital were just a part of life. It wasn't pretty! 2 surgeries and dozens of lengthy hospital stays later (plus slews of harsh medications that had their own set of lovely symptoms), let's fast forward to today. I consider myself totally cured. I am on no medication whatsoever, and I am 160 pounds, and preparing to compete in my first bodybuilding contest. I have also been dabbling with powerlifting with a 495 pound deadlift, and a 315 pound bench press, so that too may be on the horizon should I decide to seriously pursue it! I have also participated extensively in Submission Grappling & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. (Not exactly the world's most gentle pastimes) I say this humbly by the way! I say it not to boast, but to inspire anyone who walks in the shoes I did when I was a teenager.  

Click here to read full article


Monday, January 10, 2011


Hi Everyone hope you and your family had an awesome holiday season.

I have made lots of changes to my IBD IMPROVEMENT DOC over the last few months and have started issuing the newest version. I have also decided to stop charging for the document and to simply give it away for free like I was for 2 years prior.

This new version of the document is more in depth and you will see the following changes or updates on these areas:

-Why doctors don't recommend natural protocols
-So they there is no cure...? says who and by what standards?
-awesome section call the CURE COMPLEX
-Vitamin/Supplement updates
-Probiotic info/changes
-STRESS & IBD’s (Psychosomatic component)
-Paying it Forward (helping others once you have overcome the disease)
-RABBIT HOLE-this section provides links, videos etc which will help you realize everything is not like you think it is and YES we have been lied to about many things. We need to start asking questions and making changes for the generations after us. I felt this was important b/c when I overcame this disease it was a complete eye opener for me.......I thought they said it was incurable? why would they tell me this? no it couldnt be the near trillion dollar revenues in the health industry never...if they had a cure they would simply tell us all on the news papers etc WOULDNT THEY.......................?

I also decided to add a section called Overcoming IBD's for Dummies which is more of a step by step guide of the stuff that I did etc. This makes the document a lot more easy to follow when you are implementing these things into your everyday live.