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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Reason Most People Don’t Go the Distance (overcoming their diseases)

Over the last few months I have been thinking a lot about why most people are unable to overcome their IBDs as they tell me they have tried so many protocol and nothing has worked.

I remember when I first started SCD diet (which I am no longer on, as I am able to eat what I want now) I thought I would only do the diet partially. I found that my health did noticeably improve, but when I consumed too many illegal ingredients I started to feel like crap again. I decided I would try the diet 100% and wow!!! I started to get so much better and was med free and virtually symptom free as long as I followed SCD strictly. I will be upfront when I say SCD is great but it is not the way to completely overcome an IBD as I believe this is a symptom management tool as soon as you consume illegals you get sick again-I do not have this issue as I stepped out of the SCD BOX and tried some new things. Do not get me wrong I am greatly appreciative to the diet as it was the first phase in my healing story (you can check this out on my website www.crohnsboy.com)

This lesson taught me a lot though

When someone gives you a recipe for a cake or some type of desert you follow it and you usually get a great tasting desert. If you decided to leave even 1 key ingredient your results may be completely different and have a bad tasting or funny looking cake…do you not agree? So when it comes to health why do we not use the same approach? I will be the first to admit that I was one of those people who thought I could try something half ass and get the same results as the people doing the program 100% and when I caught on to this BOY did I get better.

An Example

After reading Jini Patel’s book “Listen to Your Gut” and speaking with her and Nicole a few times I followed their advice doing the pro-biotic enema, Georges aloe Vera juice, and the Natren pro-biotics (I did not do everything in the book as I was more advance in my healing than many other IBD patients due to being on SCD for 9 months previous) after doing the stuff the mentioned I felt Awesome! At first I only tried the Natren products and the aloe Vera juice as I was scared to do the enema and I felt good but not awesome. After my flare in Hawaii due to overdoing sugar on massive levels I had no choice to do the enema as I was stuck in a flare for almost 2 weeks straight and the Enema took me out of the flare in 1 day!! Yes it is crazy. It also made feel even better than I did prior to the flare…….If I would have done this in the beginning after they advised me to I would probably never have had the flare in the first place.

I now know when someone gives me advice in any matter of life and they have the results that I am looking for that I will take their advice and follow it exactly as I want the results to be similar. I know people may say all IBD’s are different or any medical condition but for almost all situations in life this principle is very consistent = Follow the recipe from provided by someone who has the results you are looking for and you will most likely get similar results.

You would not ask a fat dude how to loose weight, a poor guy for financial advice, or marriage advice or insight from a person who is divorced or unhappy, and most important medical advice from an unhealthy person who does not have the results you are looking for. This is food for thought but really think about it for a few days.

If you are interested to learn more about modeling take a look a Anthony Robbins book “Unlimited Power”. I will tell you from experience change our thinking and you will change your life.


You think it is a coincidence that most people are not financially wealthy? Completely happy with their lives-relationships, physical health of their body, able to overcome an incurable disease, become a pro athlete or many other things which you have to pursue and chase????

The truth is that most people are not willing to put in the time and hard work to get these things in life and until they do they will never get them as the will continue to talk about how good it would be to have this, do this, and experience this as if they are pipe dreams which will never come true. I was one of the people before and I remember how I use to talk myself down or discourage myself before I even attempted something and I am sure that I am not the only person who has experienced this. …………or am I? I can also tell you once I was finally able to wake up and realize the only way I was going to get what I want in all aspects of life is if I pursued them until I got the results I was looking for. Yes I probably hit many dead ends along the way but I am getting there more and more every day.

You may think that I sound cocky and arrogant and to tell you the truth I hope this does piss some people off and leave you thinking that guy is WRONG about me and I am going to prove him wrong and grab my dreams regardless of what they are by the balls and pursue them with all of your heart and energy. You will prove me wrong and you will get so much more than you can imagine…………............

Heres a great saying which means a lot to me as It is so easier to go with the grain than go against it when you know something is wrong or needs to be said etc.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” Martin Luther King Jr

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If you follow my BLOG you can see that I wrote about THC the first time in March 2009 and you can review that post using this link http://crohnsboy.blogspot.com/2009/03/thc-cancer-disease-cure.html after watching the video on www.phoenixtears.ca and speaking with Rick Simpson personally I decided I would try this oil for myself I was able to track some of this oil and have done 2 tubes of this stuff since March and WOW!!! Initially when I started taking the stuff it made me super tired and high as a kite which I am not really a fan of being baked as I get a crazy body high and I am unable to function. I changed the time I took the oil to 1 hr before bedtime and when I woke up I felt no high effects except maybe an hour or so of cloudiness if I slept less than 8 hours. I could feel crazy changes going on in my body they felt weird but not bad by any means. This oil makes your body sleep so that you can rest and I think it makes your body return to a homeostasis state. It is now June 17, 2009 and I have been eating almost anything I want for the last 2 months with no issues. If you read below you will see that initially I binged a little too much and noticed I felt tired and a little crappy but no flares etc so I have been eating a healthy diet of mostly organic during the week then treating myself on weekends as life is too short to not enjoy some of the better things in life yes burgers, dairy free gelatti, French fries, some fresh bread etc. All the other stuff I have been doing has helped me so much meaning I was med free and virtually symptom free but as soon as I strayed away from SCD for a few days I seemed to get really sick again which showed me that I was only managing the disease and that is no longer the case as I am able to eat what I want. Please also make sure to download my IBD improvement document as it will show you all the stuff which I have done to overcome this disease and things that I believe will allow me to live a healthy life without Crohns/Colitis screwing it up for me.

For most people this will be out of your comfort box due to the legal issues etc but I will tell you from the bottom of my heart this stuff really works and I urge anyone to at least watch the video mentioned on Rick Simpson’s website and weigh out the pros and cons. Also ask yourself why would this guy do all this work to spread the word about this stuff and he has no ads on his site or anything that produces income. He only wants to inform people there is a cure for many disease and wants to educate people how to make their own medicine. Whether it be cancer, tumor, or Crohn’s disease I believe in my heart that this stuff can be the answer you are looking for. I have done a few tubes of this stuff and it has changed my life.

DON’T SCREW UP YOUR SECOND CHANCE-I know most people will be like I was when they overcome this disease……….thinking I can’t wait to return to a “normal” diet again I was one of those people but I will tell you know people WAKE UP and think twice!!!!! I made the mistake of binging the first few weeks I was able to eat almost any food I chose and I started to feel crappy again so I changed my approach. During the week Monday-Friday (evng) I try to only consume organic fruits, vegetables, and small quantities of meat, I do have the odd cheat during the week but try to eat as healthy as possible. When the weekend comes I enjoy it and have cheats in moderation such as hamburger, toast, cookies, dairy free gelatti etc almost everything besides milk products, yes alcohol but not excessive amounts. I can tell you once you get sick and almost all foods upset you when you are finally able to eat some of those foods again they will taste better than you can imagine. Life is way too short to keep yourself from the good tasting things all the time……….at least that is my opinion. The truth is we are all looking for the same result (overcome our IBD’s and get our life back) so lets think outside the box and try something different rather than operations and drugs that hurt us more than help us.