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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey everyone seen a good video today about a gentlemen that used THC oil to cure his SKIN CANCER.  This guy also brings some proof that doctors used THC (indika products) to cure diseases etc he shows you old bottles of THC tonic from early 1900s. We use to treat many diseases with THC tonics until the large pharma companies realized they could make more profit by keeping you on drugs for long periods of time THE MAJORITY OF YOUR LIFE....ie diabetes, crohns, colitis, and the list goes on (pretty much all lifestyle diseases or incurable diseases) Perfect way to create residual income year round for decades to come.........what a great business plan

INCURABLE = sorry pal your stuck with this disease FOREVER but you can alleviate some symptoms by purchasing our drugs forever........................

**Obviously I don't believe this garbage just had to add some sarcasm to my post**

If after reviewing this video you are interested you can visit Rick Simpson's site here

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Weekend


Friday, November 26, 2010

We are going to loose our right to choose our medical treatment options

(WATCH video at the bottom of this post after you read the following)

 This is an awesome short video that shows us that we are loosing our freedoms to pick our own method of medical treatment, supplements, vitamins etc. You may be thinking this is never going to happen but really look where we are today....? we do not cure diseases, fast with the knife to operate, and usually the only way out is to prescribe pharmaceuticals!!! You need to see the conflict of interest in finding a "cure" to almost any disease by these pharma companies would only result in a drop of their stock as they would loose revenue. A corporation only responsibility is to its shareholders!!!

Look at the FACTS cut the BS and hear is what we have:

From the Book- DEATH BY MEDICINE- By Gary Null PhD with Martin Feldman MD, Deborah Rasio MD, and Carolyn Dean MD, ND

-Number of people having in hospital adverse reactions to prescribed drugs 2.2 MILLION!
-Number of people unnecessarily hospitalized 8.9 MILLION!

-TOTAL DEATHS caused by conventional medicine is nearly 800,000 per year!! this number is BLEEPING CRAZY!! 

-There were barely this many American casualties in ALL of the wars in the last 200+ years!!!!!!!!!! Do not take my word for it click here to view the stats from the History News Network.

**There were barely 50 000 deaths in Vietnam and the country went crazy in protest hippy movement etc.....BUT over 16 x THAT amount die every year and WE stand by and DO NOTHING in comparison!!

This is happening slow over the last 50-70 years and eventually if we do not stand up for our rights we will loose the control to choose our method of treatment etc.You may be thinking I'm ranting about a conspiracy or something so I urge you not to believe me and do your own homework.

research these:

Codex Alimentarius- clcik here for more info-then search around and do your thing lol

 BILL C51 In Canada-Health Canada is attempting to pass Bill C-51 to regulate and control our use of natural health products. Our freedom to choose natural foods and natural health products is at stake. We cannot even begin to imagine the far-reaching implications of this act, and the impact it will have on our health and well being. Time is now of the essence. This bill was introduced to the House of Commons on the 9th April. Click here for full article                 

Their strategy reminds me of cooking a lobster "If you were to put a lobster in boiling water it would struggle and try to jump out, BUT if you put it in cold water and heat it slowly to a boil it will remain in the pot............"

BUT from excessive amount of emails I receive every day of people being fed up with the medical system and its lack of results. .(I know some doctors do not fall into this category but unfortunately the mass majority do) ITS a CLEAR indication people are tired and they want results which they are not getting from the "system" and for this I'm sincerely grateful

Hope you all have a great weekend

Monday, November 22, 2010

WHY we need an IBD Documentary Like WANTED: Crohn's End

Hey everyone I did this video in PV mexico while on a vacation with my girlfriend Fatima. I was enjoying myself so much when I realized how different my life would have been if I had not find that alternative protocols that gave me back my life from Severe Crohn's Colitis. This also enforced why the documentry WANTED Crohn's End by Reid Kimball really is so important so that we can show so many others they can get their lives back as well.

Sorry if the sound is not too good as I was by the ocean which is why you can hear the wind and the waves lol So TURN UP your volume and you will hear it just fine :)

For more information on This documentry and the director REID Kimball click HERE

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

URGENT: WE need you Help Everyone! We can do this :)

    It’s Jay aka CrohnsBoy from CrohnsBoy.com writing you an important email, asking for your help with the utmost sincerity coming from my heart.  I ask you to please finish reading this email and hear me out.

 I’m helping a stand up guy named Reid Kimball spread the word about a documentary he is producing called WANTED: Crohn’s End and PLEASE view the awesome recently released 3 minute trailer here:

The purpose of this documentary is to show the IBD community (IBS, COLITIS, CROHN’s etc) and newly diagnosed patients that many people are trying alternative protocols and have been very successful with overcoming their diseases (cured), maintaining long lasting remission, etc you choose the terminology. Most IBD’s patients are typically only educated on the medical systems solutions. BUT, do we not deserve to know all of our options…?  I believe in my heart that every person deserves to know the options that are out there so they can research them, verify their validity, make an educated, objective, and diligent decision which is ultimately their own. It is our body and we deserve the right to decide what is best for us.

 I can remember being diagnosed with severe Crohn’s Colitis and I was told my disease was incurable, diet and lifestyle had nothing to do with it, and I would be lucky enough to take meds for the rest of my life, live with pain & inconvenience, have multiple operations, and a good chance of getting colon cancer in the future. Wow! This sure made me happy NOT. I can only imagine how hopeful I would have felt if I was told that I needed to make various lifestyle changes as many other people who made these changes were now med free and living Awesome lives.

 Reid has started creating this documentary using his own funds, traveling across the US & Canada, speaking with med free people using various protocols. But his cash for the project has quickly diminished. Reid has decided to start fund-raising in order to raise enough cash to see this project through. I have met Reid and spent time with him in my home and I will personally back up his character. See my Blog Post talking about Reid and my time spent with him this summer for 1 week.

 **THE FAVOR**:  We're looking to find about 5 people to help us between 2-4 hours or less per person helping promoting this project around the net. To help spread the word by guiding people to the trailer and where to donate etc using: , Blog, Facebook account, You Tube channel, Twitter, Forums,  CCFA meetings, and anywhere else you can spread the word about this documentary.You may be thinking I do not know anything about this but I can tell you the tasks we need help with are very easy just too much for Reid to complete by himself which is why I have volunteered to help out. **I am sending this to people that I have spoke with or helped in the past etc. Anyone that knows me will usually indicate that I have spent time working on a game plan with them or have offered to do so.... Now, I am asking for your help to kick in and help us show other IBD suffers the other options that are out there and working etc.  If you have any advice or input in regards to how we can effectively make this video trailer go wild we would love to hear from you.

Please drop me a line because ASAP ,we urgently need help as Reid's deadline of DEC 8th is quickly approaching.

If you have the ability to donate financially that would also be greatly appreciated. The truth is that every dollar counts so do not think a 5.00 donation will not make a difference.
**You can donate** here
 The purpose of this request is to help the video trailer go VIRAL through the IBD community and beyond so we can raise enough funds so Reid can complete this documentary which will indeed help so many people. We need to meet the goal of $10,550 by Dec 8th so please help us get there. I know many of the people I am sending this email to have used various protocols to overcome their IBD’s and all have their own opinions in regards to what is the best way etc. But I think one thing that all of us have in common is that we know how good it feels to get our lives back from these “crappy” diseases regardless of what protocol we used. This is a time where we need to come together so we can make larger impact in educating more people on the options available besides surgery and pharmaceutical products. 

Please get back to me with your feedback and comments. I’m more than willing to talk with anyone on the phone or through Skype about this project and to answer any questions you may have. Also if you are interested in being part of the documentary (sharing your story, what protocol you used,  etc. drop Reid Kimball a line anytime.
( reid@crohnsend.com or check his website out http://crohnsend.com/)

If you have any suggestions on how we can spread this message faster or more efficiently I urge you to be blunt and open so we can make this documentary a smash hit in the IBD community.

  I look forward to your responses and want to sincerely thank you for your time and consideration.

**Also it would be greatly appreciated if you could forward this info to whomever you think may be interested in helping out the cause etc**

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Death By medicine

Hey Everyone I was reading an awesome article and thought I would share it with you as The write of this book Gary Null has done an awesome job at bringing the facts out about the pharma industry etc. I have always asked people I speak with who tell me they are searching for a cure.. I respond by saying this "Why do most pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much on their advertising & Marketing budgets than on Research on Development" The facts of all these harsh realities are there if you actually look for them and when we find them smack us in the face b/c we think why would they do this to us...? It has been and always will be about the $$$$. The great news is the more you learn on your own terms with an open mind you will find answers to your problems and I know this from experience. 

Please take the time to review this full article and also listen to Gary Null's interview available on the link which I refer as the full article.

Death by Medicine puts the spotlight on the failures of the American medical system. Gary Null and colleagues meticulously analyzed all the published literature dealing with injuries and deaths caused by government-protected medicine. The findings are shocking. Each year:

Approximately 2.2 million people have in-hospital adverse reactions to prescribed drugs;
About 45 million unnecessary and/or inappropriate prescriptions antibiotics are taken;
7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed;
8.9 million people are unnecessarily hospitalized each year.
And the most stunning statistic is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is nearly 800,000 each year!

The American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US, higher than heart disease or cancer. The current healthcare debate ignores these health statistics, and does not encourage the real change needed to promote safe and natural medical alternatives to toxic drugs and dangerous surgeries. Health insurance costs will continue to rise as long as healthcare reform is manipulated by special interests. Pharmaceutical corporations are paying our legislators and manipulating television and radio stations, schools, and news outlets in an effort to keep the public uninformed about the state of American medicine. Read the full article here from Natural Health Science News

Also if you are interested in getting this book you can purchase it through Amazon here

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trailer RELASE!!- Wanted Crohn's End

I'm super stoked to get this new trailer out there because it's going to help so many people know their options. I'm so glad I took my health into my own hands by researching protocols on my own and making decisions based on my gut feeling etc. Since having my site I've been touched by countless numbers of people who are now med free and living awesome lives and they would all agree the juice was worth the squeeze lol Hope you enjoy the trailer and if you would like to help out with this documentary please drop me a line thought my contact info. 

A Little Info About the Documentary: 

WANTED: Crohn's End (WCE) is a documentary about people with Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis who use alternatives when nothing else is working. They have listened to their gut and are taking a proactive approach to ending their disease.

WCE tells patient stories of adversity and triumph while using alternative medicine, such as Helminthic Therapy, diet, supplements like Colloidal Silver and THC Oil. Some are controversial with family and doctors, while others are clearly illegal, but should they be?

When the pharmaceutical industry spends twice as much on marketing and advertising than it does on research and development for cures, how can we the patients trust that they have our health in their best interests?

We can't and that's why we have to take control of our own health and ensure we are made aware of and are able to choose from all available treatments.

The health-care debate has only just begun

Visit Director Reid Kimballs site here: 

You can Contribute here: