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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Failure of The American Health System

This is an Amazing interview with Dr Mercola and Jim (James) Navarro the father of a young child who not allowed to try an alternative protocol to overcome a severe type of cancer. Jim and his wife fought for their sons right to choose their own protocol but bureaucratic bs kept getting in the way. They were even told by government people if they kept quiet about it they could do this special protocol by Dr Burzynski but they chose to keep on fighting. I can't even put into words how much courage something like this would take...........They overlooked just saving their own child to save many children the deserve to use non invasive alternative therapies that work!!!! This interview will show you how personal these diseases become and how they affect entire families. You can see how bad it is that you do not have any legal rights to choose your child's protocol! If we do not act this problem will only get worse as the system is nothing merely than a pharma sales pusher.

I urge anyone to check out this amazing interview 
(Watch videos 1 to 6)

You can also watch the in-depth documentary of Thomas Navarro below called CUT POISON BURN (check out the trailer 1st below) . I urge you to check it out and if purchase the dvd or leave a donation etc as these people are donating these funds to the families that are being affected by these circumstances NOT the Cancer Societies that spend more on Marketing and Salaries than helping people or Research and Development....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey Everyone this is just a quick video talking about how PAIN CAN BE A POWERFUL TEACHER. I know this is a bold statement but it is the straight up truth and you can use this phrase as a tool to overcome your IBD. I go over a few ways how you can use this mentality to stay focused and on course to become med free or remain med free.

Thanks for tuning in and hope you like it. As usual look forward to your comments :) 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beyond The box using Health Modeling on SCD DIET-IBD CURE

Hope everyone is having an awesome Friday!

I just wanted to talk about how important it is to keep an open mind when trying protocols. Many people treat certain protocols as biblical text and this can be wrong. I am a firm believer in health modeling where you see what other people have done to get the results you are looking for-not rocket science. When I was searching for med free people most of them did a diet similar to SCD Diet but they also used probiotics with Bifidus which is illegal on SCD, tried things like Geroges Aloe Vera, Colloidal Silver etc..........so after some thought I decided I would try this.

I am a strong advocate of what Elaine G has done with Breaking the Vicious Cycle and the SCD DIET but the quote in her book says it best:

The progress of science implies not only the accumulation of knowledge, but its organization, its unification, and this involves periodic invention of new syntheses, coordinating existing knowledge, and of new hypotheses which give us methods of approaching the unknown. George Sarton –Introduction to the History of Science

As a Scientist she understood that things change as more data is brought forward etc. When she passed away the continuous improvement aspect of her work came to a hault as nobody else was there to take her place.......... so do not get stuck in a box thinking that other things can't be added to the SCD to increase its effectiveness and how fast it starts to work etc. I know many people treat BTVC as biblical text and become dogmatic as I and many have experienced on forums etc.........this is not the vision of a scientist as there is always room for change and improvement. Use your own critical judgement wherever possible.

Thanks for tuning in :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Patriotism Not all it's cracked up to be

I think this video does an awesome job getting the point across that we are more connected than we think. We create belief systems, prejudices etc just b/c you were born on a different part of this rock called Earth. With recent events........multiple US lead wars, financial  crises  we are seeing first hand that they affect all of us.....

I used to be very patriotic but as I see all the stuff that happening to people it woke me up. The simple truth is regardless of our religon, political beliefs, financial status etc we are more the same than different: love our family, care about our spouses, love our children, need a home, need to feel loved, want to provide a good life for our families etc

You ever think about war and realize on both sides mothers are crying..... The more you use critical thought you will see that its always the average-poor people that suffer ie.. give our lives for war, pay back the debt for our governments poor financial decisions........... You don't see rich dudes fighting in the army, richest people paying the least taxes, big companies getting the majority of the tax breaks, elected officials our rich business owners they simply no jack shit about REAL life........being poor, paycheck to paycheck....blue collar work ethic etc. When we take a look at the huge bailouts of 2009 we see these funds went to big businesses, banks etc We paid back the gamblers bad debts off so they can go play some more slots not realizing that our kids kids will be paying forever to even to keep up with the interest payments. This act is like expecting to cure an alcoholic by buying him another case of beer!! With the amount of the stimulus packages they could have wrote each person a cheque for 250k+ paid off almost everyone's personal debt......... but instead we bail out the banks and big business who only give a shit about quarterly profits.

Most the people that read my BLOG have had their eyes opened to the harsh reality the the medical system is out for profit not to help people...........that's why DIET has nothing to do with IBD's.............FN! hilarious! Like many others I use to think this was all conspiracy BS.......but then I took m emotion out of the equation and the blunt truth kicked me right between the eyes! I started asking all the people I knew if they sincerely cared about going to war and they said NO! Try asking the people you know and see what they say?   I hope the people out there use the same mindset when thinking about government debt, politics, wars etc At first you will be mad that I promise you but once the anger passes try to be proactive and help others out.

Anyone can sell people on fear and how bad shit is but it takes a lot more to realize things are bad but if we use our awesome brains we can change things up. The truth is we have always had the power we just need to realize it and stop worrying more about Jersey Shore, Big brother, materialistic garbage than we do about what the government and big business are doing to us right in front of our very eyes. Wake up!!! 

I apologize for sounding a little negative as its not my style. But I have the utmost faith in human beings to be good people! We are very simple animals that want to be happy with our lives and the people in them. I hope this video and this post make you think about the world and the things that are going on for bs reasons. Don't be scared to share your opinion as you will find out how many people think the same but are too shy to voice their opinions. It's like when your in school listening to your teacher explain a math problem that you dont get but you are too scared to put your hand up.

The truth is that there are usually quite a few people who get confused with the same issues so don't be scared to go against the grain and challenge the status quo......some people may talk bad about ya BUT most will be grateful you did and admire your courage. I know this first hand b/c I went against the medical system with my site, this blog........I received nasty emails saying I was supplying false hope, there is no cure (incurable) etc I let this criticism go in and out and kept on with my path as I knew in my heart-mind that it was right.

I'm so grateful I stuck to my guns because I have had the privilege to help so many people achieve MED FREE status..........so the naysayers can simply SUCK IT :) yes I'm cocky and arrogant THAT'S ME :) and I say it proudly! I have 100s of inspirational emails that I revisit when I question what I'm trying to do and they remind me why its crucial to keep helping people realize they control their own outcomes.

Thanks for tuning in :)