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NO Crohn's Disease Cure??

I launched my site, blog, facebook group etc in October 2008 and I have been overwhelmed with the responses so far. Most the responses to my material are almost always positive and inspiring but I wanted to take some time to talk about the people who send me comments, emails etc which aren't so friendly lol.

yesterday I read a comment on one of my YouTube videos and the person actually stated "I want to make this clear to some people, as this video is a little bit deceptive: THERE IS NO CURE FOR CROHN'S DISEASE AND/OR ULCERATIVE COLITIS!" After reading this I thought to myself REALLY!! I think it is so sad that people really go out of there way to make a comment like this. WOW I remember when I was sick reading THERE IS NO CURE sure gave me hope.......how about you? When I had this mentatlity I just stayed sick and did not seem to improve. When I finally thought what if there was a cure? I searched for people who said they were cured or med free. I started to find many people who were healed or "cured" whatever lets say sustained remission of 10+ years etc I said to myself if these people can do it that I think I might be able to as well. I started speaking with as many med free IBDers as I could and I started to implement various things into my lifesyle. Within a few months I was feeling really good and at 1 year I felt KICK ASS!! Sure I had some ups and downs while I was experimenting but thats part of the process. If I kept that mentality that plagued my brain in the beginning there is NO CURE I would chained next to the can with a chapped anus :)

I know "they" say there is no cure. I guess if the FDA made a written statement saying there was a cure everyone would now believe there was a cure. Unfortunately things are not always as they seem and sometimes you have to read between the lines. At one point the world was flat.........was it not? and the genteleman who made the arguement was considered to be a lunatic......and he turned out to be right? This is only one example as there have been so many people that puit their neck on the line to show people the truth.........I'm sure you can think of a few.... Martin Luther King, Alexander Graham Bell, Einstein, Picasso, Bethoven etc These people went against the grain.........and look where it got them.

I sometimes wonder why someone would take the time to write me a nasty email to say that I appear to be too arrogant. Well maybe they are right....who knows but I read this quote awhile back and I will live by it. " Find a cause or vehicle that interests you and make no apologies" so I am not apologizing for being me.

I know in my heart that IBD's can be overcome as I have seen countless examples of people who were diagnosed with severe IBD's that are living awesome lives. Do not tell yourself this thing is incurable to make yourself feel better or rationalize that it is ok to be sick. I have a few people that email me regularly who have had their colons removed and they are still postive? go figure :) You think these people were not lucky enough to take control of their disease early enough or the decision was not theirs and they had to have their colon removed. The crazy thing is that none of these people feel bad for themselves. They email me saying it is great what I am doing and they encourage me regularly. They also tell me how much they have improved by doing natural treatments, diets etc and how it further improves their health. If people who really have experienced the worst of these disease can be that positive then WTF do some people have nothing better to do but spread pessimistic garbage to people leaving them feeling hopeless.......... I was there and nobody wants to be there. I urge anyone who reads this post to think twice before they tell people how bad this disease is or that there is no cure etc. Instead tell them you know people who have overcome their disease and living better lives than they could have ever imagined.

I will be the first to admit I took my life for granted BUT I learned my lesson and now I LOVE my life more than anything. If anyone reading this ever feels hopeless and maybe needs some help from me to work on a game plan or just to shoot the shit drop me a line and I will do my best to help you out. Remember though I do not like to focus on the problem rather the SOLUTION :)

I am off to my midnight football game :) hopefully all goes well hope everyone is having a great weekend.