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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cuba Vacation

I just got back from Cuba within the last few days and I must admit I had an absolute blast. People always seem to ask me why that I like going to Cuba so much and I usually respond to them with a mouthful. I tell them I like it becuase it is relatively inexpensive, the people there are not as materialistic as back home, and the beaches are completely kick ass.

When I am in Cuba I never think about cars, plasma tvs, cash etc. It seems that in most of North America we dwell on materialistic items and forget to realize what is really important....such as experiencing new things, people, relationships, experiences, friendships, and helping out others. Everytime I goto Cuba it takes me back to what is really important and I come back refreshed and more focused.

For 1 weeks my friends and I made full use of the beach and the ocean with a min of 4 hrs a day. We also partied our brains out 5 of the 7 nights there which consisted of drinking and dancing until 4am. I have found since I stopped drinking over a year ago I can still have ablast without consuming a drop of alcohol. I do miss getting the odd buzz from soe wine or whisky but I love feeling awesome everyday so there is nothing to complain about. In the beginning I use to think about what I was giving up rather than what I was getting. You will be amazed at how good you feel when you start looking at things from a positive perpective instead of a pessimistic lame ass!

My dream is to one day have an ocean shack which I call home 3 months every winter. Some people want to have all the assets in the world but to me one day having a great family, awesome friends, heling others, and my ocean shack will make me feel crazy sucessful. Different strokes for different folks but thats my dream and I will chase it until I am nolonger capable of doing so.

The only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves......really think about this.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you had fun in Cuba. Quick question for you. How do you travel an stay on the SCD Diet??


well I stick to meat and vegetables while I am away. I take probiotics, colloidal silver, vitamins etc. I am at a point with SCD when the sauces and other ingredients do not bother me anymore at first I had to be really strict but not so much anymore. goto my site and download the IBD improvement document and you will see what I did to overcome my disease.

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