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Monday, November 9, 2009

Vitamin D3 Help with Crohns??

Hi everyone I spoke with this guy named Mike who has taken higher doses of Vitamin D3and he said it has drastically improved his health drastically. I would like to hear from anyone who decides to try this out. I would also suggest you watch this video as this doctor does a great job at talking about Vitamin D and somethings you should do when taking it etc. If you guys have any questions for Mike his email is below so feel free to drop him a line.

Hi, its Mike from Nevada I want to say I was so sick from Crohns for almost 20 years, bleeding, couldn't leave the house because it was so bad. I read somewhere Vitamin D3 mighthelp, so I startedtaking it at 2000 iu a day then to 10000 iu a day. Its been about 3weeks now and everything stopped, I feel better than I did as a kid. If you do take the higher doses of D3 many doctors say you must check your blood levels so you don't overdose. Give It ashot its under 5 bucks at most any grocery store and let me know.

Thanks Mike (hewlettthomas@mac.com)


Jeff said...

I've had INCREDIBLE RESULTS with vitamin D. To be clear, Vitamin D has been the best treatment for me in eight years with Crohn's disease.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2003. In February 2011, I went for a physical and again complained about fatigue. My doctor noted my vitamin D was a bit low and put me on 50,000 units of Vitamin D2 once per week for 12 weeks. I very soon started feeling MUCH, MUCH better. Health improved all around--Crohn's symptoms very significantly reduced, huge increase in energy, huge increase in productivity.

Still felt awesome for 2 months after I stopped taking the high doses. Then I had a month of not feeling great--may've had bronchitis. I went and got my Vitamin D checked. When I was first found to be vitD deficient in late February, I was told I had a 24 vitD level (in mainstream medicine, "normal" is 30-100). After 3 months of high-dose D and then 2 more months without it, my level was only at 38. The point: While I think the high-doses boosted my vitamin D level, they didn't keep my level high for long after I stopped taking them.

I then started taking Vitamin D (this time D3--I didn't know I'd been on D2)--and initially had fantastic results. The results somewhat faded, though--I think I probably took too much. I found out I'd been prescribed D2 initially and decided to give that a try. I again had great results but then started feeling like I'd taken too much. Got tested and had a high level (130), so I decided to stop taking it for a while.

While I know all the authorities online say D3 is superior to D2, D2 did work wonders for me--and for that reason, I may just now try to replicate my dosing with D2.

No matter which form you try, though--D3 or D2--definitely give Vitamin D a try.

Jay said...

Hey Jeff there was no contact info for me to respond to you as I had a few questions for ya dude. If you see this drop me a line using the contact info on crohnsboy.com

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