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Sunday, October 19, 2008

**MY STORY** CrohnsBoy's Crohn's Disease Cure

A few years ago I was experiencing stomach pains, urgency, stools that were not formed properly, waking up at night sweating, a bad abscess on my anus (fistula), and some blood in my stool. I put up with this for a few years until finally I went to the doctor and told him that I thought I had crohn's disease and wanted to start getting some tests done. I went for some blood tests and he found some signs that required further investigation. I then had to do the whole colonoscopy thing, barium test, and MRI overall not very fun. When the results came in I was diagnosed with Severe Crohn's-Coltis and the doctor advised me that I would have to start taking medication. I advised him that I was going to hold off on the medication and try things on my own terms he did not agree with my plan but respected my decision.

It's funny I never had my first Crohn's disease flare up until right after my colonscopy and boy was it BRUTAL!!!! I felt like my stomach was going to explode. I was kneeled over sitting by the toilet telling god that I am sorry for whatever I had done to deserve this as perhaps Karma has paid me back. I was on the can like 20-30 times a day with liquid D and blood, and mucus in my stool, I felt drained and like I was ready to throw in towel. After all the stuff I read on the net about my life being over as this is such a brutal disease I wanted to go into the garage start my car and just kill myself. How stupid was I for thinking this way!! But the sad truth is if you’re reading this I'm sure you may have been there too.

Since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease I read the book called Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and I started doing the SCD diet a little bit but not 100%. I ordered multiple products of the net that were said to heal my Crohns disease, at that time I was still looking for the EASY CURE...but really name something that was really worth while that was easy?? It may take you a while

I continued to read more about SCD DIET and read testimonials of people who regained their health from crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis through this diet and I started to give me hope that I could do the same as them. Another thing that was so important about SCD DIET that besides me buying a 20.00 book from chapters there was nobody benefiting financially trying to sell me things etc so I decided to give SCD DIET a 100% shot. With that said I also understand that there are people out there who offer products and services that do charge and they are legitimate people it is just so hard to tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. Do your research and speak to other people who have bought products from them or used their methods of healing etc.

Within 1 week of being on the SCD diet I started to feel my symptoms of crohn's colitis; cramps decreasing, urgency going away, I was actually getting sleep at night for more than 2 hours, the night sweats were decreasing in severity with all this said I noticed something positive was going on in my body. I started to communicate with people who have done SCD or were currently on SCD and doing GREAT, these people helped me a lot in my healing process as they told me many do's and don'ts as general guide lines. I thought it was really important to speak with people who excelled on the diet rather than those people who do the SCD diet half a$$ and it does not work for them. I would not take investment advice from a dude driving a beat up chevette and I will not take health advice from a person who is not healthy so please watch out for these people as they can skew your opinion of SCD and other treatments.

I was on the diet for almost a year and am med free and symptom free of crohn's disease unless I was to binge on garbage foods. I will be the first to admit I have made so many mistakes on SCD due to my stubbornness that I hope you will not do the same. Not until almost 5-7 months in did I start to become symptom free please check out the Optimizing SCD tab to check out how I perfected my SCD plan.

The SCD DIET seems to work for 80% or more of people with Crohns disease or Ulcerative Colitis but even that figure is hard to verify. This diet requires a lot of precision so nobody can verify that the 20% of people that it did not work for even adhered to this diet with the utmost diligence. In the book Elaine notes that you should give the diet a 30 day chance and if you see results to continue. I am an example of someone with Crohn's Colitis who did not do the diet properly and held up my own healing process rushing into the diet assuming I could eat everything and it took me almost 5-7 months to get things right. So I could have given up after 30 days but I did not I am and thankful for my persistence which eventually led to me taking back my health from Crohn's disease back into my own hands.

I am a GREAT advocate of SCD as it has given me back my health and I am grateful for that. BUT it was definitely not SCD alone that led to my current state of health. Remember if you are on SCD or considering SCD that it is your open mindedness that led you to this site and to try another options. Do not let the diet close your mind again to other options or treatments etc. No system is perfect and there is always room for improvements. I recommend the diet with all of my heart as I believe it will help many people but the diet alone will not heal you. This is why I created my                               IBD IMPROV DOC to show people all the things I have done to overcome the disease and return to a not so restrictive diet where I do not have to worry about exact ingredients of everything.  It is important that you make lifestyle changes and research as much as you can. See what worked for other people etc as you are the only person who is in control of taking your health into your own hands.

**Currently** I am no longer on SCD and eat a healthy diet of mostly organic fruits, vegetables, fish, soaked oatmeal, meats (except I choose to stay away from pork and too much red meat). I still continue to stay away from all dairy as this is my preference and since all the other animals on the planet do not consume milk after they are infants I have chose do the same. From Monday to Friday I eat very healthy and on the weekends I do indulge a little bit having things such as: pancakes, toast, dairy free gelatti, pizza no cheese, diet soda (rarely), alcohol etc. I consume this stuff to treat myself I do not binge all weekend straight but I enjoy being able to eat almost anything I want If I choose to. In the beginning I only thought about what I was giving up but now I realized how much I got from giving my bad habits up as I feel better than ever. It also makes you appreciate those meals when you want to cheat etc because you savor the taste lol. So you may be thinking you don’t want to go on a restrictive diet BUT look at it this way “If you take the time now to get yourself healthy in the near future you will be able to eat some of your favorite foods again in moderation and will feel healthier than you have in your life. (Don’t trust me give it a try for yourself…mwuahhhh)

I am not selling a specific protocol just sharing my experience and what I did to get better. I’m just passing the word along that it works!! if you are looking for a quick fix STOP LOOKING because it does not exist as I have exhausted every avenue and it is nowhere to be found. But if your looking to regain your health and heal Crohn's disease, Colitis, or another IBD within time and have a greater appreciation for your life in general then Download my IBD IMPROV doc on my site. Feel free to contact me anytime as I am more than willing to help anyone who is ready to do what it takes to overcome their disease on their terms.

I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to take your health back into your own l


Anonymous said...

Thanks Crohn's boy.. we need more people in the world like you to inspire us. Psychology alone plays a huge role in overcoming illness and what you're doing is truly outstanding.

Anonymous said...

nice one, its amazing the amount of people i have met in hospital who know nothing of alternative options, glad you are well and im going to give scd a try, ill let you know how i get on.


matt, uk

Anonymous said...

Thank you crohns boy for your honesty and support through a truly horrible disease - your website is inspirational and helps to give us some hope of being well again

Sally uk

Anonymous said...

So, I'm just a bit confused here. I found you online talking about how Hemp Oil cured your Crohns but then I come to your site and see that you are promoting a diet.

How can you on one hand talk about how Rick Simpson changed your life but on the other hand give the credit to this diet?

I live with Crohns so I know how horrible it is and I have personally done the diet routine with no long term positive results.

Thank you in advance for your response on this topic.

Jay said...

As per anonymous: I did use the THC oil as part of my healing. In the THC video about 1:45 min in I mention I have done other things mentioned in my IBD DOC. This is a free document where I share all the things I have done to overcome the disease. THC is amazing and has helped many overcome diseases etc BUT the REAL cure for life is to change your life which DIET is the key and always has been. THC helps you undo a lot of the damage that your body has endured but the change in lifestyle diet (mental, physical etc) is crucial.

Also one thing about health or anything in regards to information is that you learn more every day which adds value to what you to do etc. I learn every day how much I dont know and I will continue to learn this on a daily basis.

I do my best to try new things and communicate this to the people who check out my info on a regular basis. If you ever need a hand with anything please feel free to drop me a line anytime

carlos said...

I am Brazilian and i am living with Crohn for the last 3-4 years without knowing. Last year, after blood starting comming out with the stool, i got worried and then after coloscopy (that for me, got things worst too right after the exam) i was diagnosed.

I took prednisone (you have to take it when you are really bad) and in less then 1 week i had no blood and i started to live again. Then i started to take it off and took sulfasalazin for almost one year, living an almost normal life, just dont eating high fiber foods and spices.

Then 1 year with sulfasalazin i was diagnosed (from barium X-r) that i had Crohn in the small intestine too! Even living a normal life, in the small intestine things can get worst (blockage), then, i started with Mesalazin instead of Sulfasalazin. (expensiver but is better for the small intestine then sulfa).

Tomorrow, after 3 months in Mesa, ill go back to the doctor and check things out, i have met personally people who have Crohn and 100% of them live a normal life, taking medicines, taking out some stuff of the food, but living a regular life (and trying to be more thankfull for all)

Keep the good work man, you were one of the best 5 sites i had reached when i was really bad, there is another from a New Zealand guy that is great too and one american.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay, thank you so much for making the effort to run this website. I came here when I was really down, having problems with all the crazy med I need to take. You gave me back a little hope that things might get better and I am really curious about the document you mentioned. I sent your an email some time ago but no reply. Are you on a motorcycle trip atm? :D I'd really love to hear from you,


Anonymous said...

Hi crohns boy, your posts have been encouraging. Can i have the link to your "IBD Improv Doc"?

Jay said...

Thanks for your kind words :) send me an email @ jayATcrohnsboy.com

Anonymous said...

Since roughly 2006-1007 I have searched for someone to relate to me on this Crohn's journey. I strongly believe their is a cure and it is through self motivation. Remission is an earthly terminology that I do not wish to use instead HEALING is of God and I have faith that we ALL will be healed. Crohn's boy I wish you much success. Please give me your information to contact you through email.

lovemykids said...

hi Jay! My 16 year old son was diagnosed with Crohns 18 months ago. From the start the doctors wanted to start him on Remicade and my husband and I said NO. We reseached and put him on moderate doses of Boswellia, a natural anti-inflammatory, and he was in remission until Xmas. We had not really modified his (vegetarian) diet in all those months. He is just now getting over a very bad flare up for which he has to be examined in the ER. Last week we took him to a Naturopath who specializes in Crohns and my son was prescribed the GAPS diet, urging meat and chicken stocks, and she gave us probiotics and natural anti-inflammatories. We left feeling good about this path of treatment but nervous. That same afternoon he had an obligatory follow up with the Gastrointerologist that had seen my him in the hospital. Just as she was deciding what maintenance medications to start him on, my husband saw your video on his IPAD. and the three of us sat there mesmerized by your story. Thank you for posting your honest and open account. We left with the prescription for 5-NP (i think it's called? ) but didn't fill it. We stuck to the GAPS (SCD) diet instead and my son has been steadily improving. We also added Collodial Silver. We come from the earth and return to it, and everything our bodies really need comes from it as well. In order to really put a lid on Crohns I believe the patient needs to optimize his immune system, not supress it with pharmaceuticals. So that's the path we have decided to take. It's not an easy diet for a 16 year old to follow, or for a mom of other children to always comply with, but in a year he leaves for college and I want him to know that the choices he makes now will not only make life easier for him in the future, but his entire future depends on it. We'll all get use to these dietary "sacrifices" which is so much better than sacrificing his health. Thanks for your encouraging site. -Andrew's Mom

Jay said...

Hi there ANDREWS mom drop me a line through the contact info on crohnsboy.com and we can arrange a time to talk live. -crohnsboy "he can take his life back and have a GREAT life"!!!!

Thomas Sobolik said...

My name is Tom.
I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 1976 when I was a Junior in college. The diagnosis came following upper and lower GI tests at Boston University Medical Center. They prescribed Azulphadine and told me to stop eating dairy products.

I took the sulpha drugs and cut out milk which seemed to help lessen the symptoms and shorten the frequency and duration of the episodes. But I couldn't easily afford the drugs so I stopped taking them unless I felt an episode coming on, which I got quite good at. I also got quite good after a lot of practice and trial-and-error at lessoning the symptoms by doing certain relaxation exercises, deep breathing and mental visualization. By 1980, four years after the diagnosis, I had gone from one episode a month to hardly an episode a year. By the mid eighties I stopped routinely telling friends that I had the disease. Then for several years I either felt like I had conquered it with mental and physical exercise, gone into remission by pure luck or never had Crohn’s in the first place.

In 1997 right after our kids were born I had an episode that felt like a real full on attack of the disease with all the symptoms. I went to my doctor at the time. He gave me the updated version of the antibiotics I had taken before and had me get an upper GI test and a colonoscopy. The cramps and fever subsided two days later on the morning of the upper GI test. The results of that test and the colonoscopy were that they found no evidence of Crohn’s disease. I’ve had three colonoscopies since I turned 50 because of my history with the disease but no evidence of Crohn’s has ever shown up. I haven’t taken any medication for the disease since 1997. I still have days when I feel what I call “Crohnesy” and I still go through abbreviated rounds of the relaxation and breathing techniques that have seemed to help over the years.

Since I’ve spent most of my life trying to escape the disease I haven’t done much reading about it. Everyone I’ve ever talked to about it from the first doctors who diagnosed it to the few people I’ve known who had it have said its somehow related to stress. Not that people who have it are particularly stressed but that ordinary stress makes it worse.

The stuff I do to make it go away is mostly related to reducing stress. And after a long time of thinking about it and trying different things I came to believe that I could specifically reduce the bad effects of stress on the particular part of my intestines that were under attack by the disease. Maybe I’m crossing the credibility line here so I’m not going to go too much farther into it but here’s an anecdote that may sound weird but I swear its true. One of the things I did that seemed to help was try to visualize taking the tension I felt in my intestines and move that discomfort to a stronger part of my body. Since I also felt tension in my back sometimes and my back seemed stronger I visualized moving my intestinal stress to my back. And I talked to myself about taking the tension in my abdomen and putting it into my back muscles. I told the stress to move. I swear this is true although I can’t swear it worked. But a bit of evidence that it did is that I had to have major back surgery in 2001 for pinched nerves in my neck that caused me to entirely lose muscle control in my right hand. While I’ve never had intestinal surgery which is often used to treat Crohn’s Disease. I’ve heard of similar techniques being used against cancer. I’m very skeptical about mind control over cancer but I believe it helped me control Crohn’s disease. I'm 58 now.