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Saturday, November 15, 2008

CCFC (Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada) Seminar, actually a little suprised

Today I went to a CCFC seminar and will admit I was sort of surprised in some ways. I was expecting to hear a lot of medical BS but It was actually pretty good for the most part.The first doctor that was talking was leading a research project called the GEM project which is looking to find some of the causes to CD. The impressive thing about his approach is that they were looking at many features such a north-south factors, food-diet, genetics, where you are from in the world, etc He also seemed to really state that IBD were caused by more than one thing and not just looking for a single disease causing agent.

I think it is great what this doctor is doing but I still think we have to focus our attention on other things. I was in this room and I’m thinking do most the people in this room really care what causes the IBD?? Or are they looking for an answer on how to improve their quality of life. With all their money and resources why wouldn’t we research the people who have overcome crohn’s disease and colitis and then see what these people did to beat their disease’s…..? that seems like common sense yet nobody has done it…..why? I got better my searching for people who beat their disease and then I modeled the process..the concept seems pretty easy to me. I just really think we have to focus our efforts on what is currently working for people rather than dumping excessive funds into drugs and research on what causes it etc. They have been studying for like 30 years and really how far have they come?? Still no medical cure?

There was a chiropractor doctor who has a practice that treats IBD patient using a holistic approach, and he has had many patients become med and symptom free. I was very impressed to see this guy up and talking at a CCFC event!!! I think I may have judged them a little to hard at first. I may not agree with all of their approaches but I do see some good in what they do and the people who volunteer their time etc. I am going to try and speaks at my local chapter etc. I may try to volunteer for some of the events etc, I think I am more suitable to talk to the group and maybe motive them and create a sense of hope etc rather than volunteering at individual events. I think everyone has their purpose and mine is being a good communicator so I might as well exploit it.

There was a dietician at this event and I did not agree with almost anything that she said lol I had to sit their and listen to a lady who said that it didn’t make a difference in which carbs and sugars that you eat?? I was thinking to myself does this lady really know what she is talking about?? What is her success rate when giving advice for IBD patient’s. If these here clients are not symptom free I wouldn’t even consider what she is talking about. It’s just hard because when you get a group together and you hear a professional “licensed dietician” say things you tend to take their word for it….right? but if I would have took her advice I know in my heart I would not be symptom free. I just hope each person is able to tell what info is legit or not.

There were 2 young girls names Janelle and who spoke about The Gutsy Generation which is a new networking branch under CCFC which is aimed at younger people with IBD’s. I think this is an awesome idea to concentrate on helping younger people!!!! Both these girls did an excellent job at presenting their info and making their sincerity in the cause out to be very evident. I also had an opportunity to speak with both of them and they were both super cool chicks. I think it is people like this who hold the power of really helping spread the word of how to help ppl with IBD’s get better and how to libe with the disease etc.

I just really want to give a shout out to anyone who is actively trying to promote the cause!!! Your doing awesome. I also hope that you always try to keep an open mind to treatment options for IBD’s etc it’s crucial to keep an open mind in order to overcome these diseases.

Keep up the good work!


Danielle said...

One thing that really stuck with me from Elaine Gottschall's book was the quote along the lines of it's always better for a doctor to find a new disease than a cure for an old one. The existence of the new disease won't be questioned while the cure will be debated and challenged indefinitely. So, I guess it's up to us to find the cure...


yeah that was put very well :)

Roanne LeRaine said...

A few thoughts on this post... 1)I disagree with you that finding the cause is not important. Two of my children have a genetic enzyme deficiency called CSID --Congenital Sucrase Isomltase Deficiency (considered rare at this time) that can lead to diseases such as Crohn's if not diagnosed. The medical world knows very little about this disorder, but they do know that mostly people of European descent have to get the disorder from both parents. What if you had the same disorder and started eating the right foods at 2, 5, or 10 years old? You may have never had to go through the pain and other factors associated with Crohn's.
2) I do agree that using money to research medications is a waste, when so many people have found relief through healthy food choices, which do not have side affects. They should be spending all their efforts researching success stories like you and my kids, who are doing awesome, despite their inability to digest sugars and starches.

I think it is great that there are young people out there trying to do whatever they can to feel better and share their experiences to help other people! In this time of a self-help, self-focused society, you bring me hope that not everyone has settled for the 'me' mentality!