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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Dream & Speaking Out -Crohn's Disease-

In the past 2 months the responses to my website have been nothing less than AMAZING and I am really seeing the need for my site and my type of personality in the IBD community. No I am not high on myself I just mean someone that is grateful for life, and can show someone that they should never give up hope, and show them all they need to do is believe and make different decisions in their lives.

I have emailed CCFA, and CCFC to try and volunteer for both of these organizations but I have yet to hear a response back from them. They may not be interested in what I have to say but I will be persistant until they give me an actual response. I would love to be able to speak out at one of these events and tell people my story even if it only sheds the light to "a" single person it will be worth it. I have had my site up for only a few months and the positive emails responses are insane. Even if I was to become 100% crohn's disease free I will never stop my involvement in this cause. I advise anyone reading this to always hold me to this promise.

Like, Martin Luther King I TOO have a dream that one day all newly diagnosed IBD patients will consider natural treatment methods before invasive medical drugs and procedures. A day when you read, watch, listen about IBD's you will hear about more stories of perseverance and triumph than pain and suffering. A day when people who regained their health go about their life with a greater appreciation for it and a new found purpose to help inform others who are suffering.
It always starts with a dream, but I have wrote it down and it now becomes something tangible which I can touch and feel (atleast after I print it out lol) MLK had a dream and so do I!!!!! Hopefully some of you can also be part of this dream.


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