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Friday, February 13, 2009

SCD Bifidus & Aloe Vera being Illegal List Response

I read your post and must say I do agree with many points that you make but I would like to also make people think about the other side of things as well. I think whenever we are doing something you can't just look at something one way. I have spoke with people who knew Elaine and they told me that she was always updating her information and trying to make it better. I also believe that such things like Bifidus and Aloe may have not been completely understood.

Bifidus:You go into some pretty crazy scientific context which many of us do not understand and does not make it more correct, but many points are relevant. On the other hand you do not speak of how Bifidus is the dominant bacteria in the large intestine in healthy people..? Perhaps most of the genus or species that are used in these yogurt starters are danger for people who are on SCD. I read about people that went into flares after they tried Bifidus and as soon as they stopped it went away. Who is to say that when they introduced this new bacteria their body started to go into a detox and go into something called a Herxeimer effect which is a rapid drastic die off which feels very much like a flare. I have experienced this myself personally after doing a probiotic enema. I was very scared to try Bifidus as I read what everyone was writing so I started doing research and I found a book called PROBIOTICS: NATURE’S INTERNAL HEALERS by Natasha Trenev -she is the owner of Natren probiotics and her family has 500+ of years in yogurt experience and probiotics. www.Natren.com After reading this book I believed that maybe everything I understood about Bifidus may be incorrect as I was only basing it upon SCD literature not my own research. I spoke with someone else who also helps people with IBD's and she advised me she had been consuming Natren pro-biotics and she is med free symptom free and so were many of the people that she guided and they all consumed 3 probiotics strains from Natren including Bifidus for 10+ years and also took Georges always active Aloe vera Juice. So I decided I would give it a try as well Needless to say I have been taking the Probiotics for 6 months with no ill effect and noticing that I felt EVEN BETTER as I gave my gut another bacteria which I believed it needed. So I do hope AJ that maybe you can read Natashas book and maybe help provide a reason to why many people have benefited greatly with IBD's have benefited from the strains or genus that Natren offers. to be honest I am person driven by results not scientific theory or assumptions. I believe that the Bifidus issue was a grey area which was not fully investigated or may have been a direct result of bad quality strains that are available in these commercial products. I guess if 5 people who felt daring decided to try this stuff out at their risk and ended up feeling great we may need to investigate further and openly say that the book may have been wrong? everyone makes mistakes.........do they not?

**I went into a bad flare when I was in Hawaii which lasted for 10 days it was most likely due to me over induldging in 4 oranges, 5+ glasses of wine, banana, some other fruit etc in one day- YES I was an idiot and it was my fault lol I believe this through the bacteria balance completely off track. I suffered crazy bloating and pains without being able to pass gas this brought me to my knees the pain was so intense! I suffered for 10+ days then I decided I was going to try a probiotic enema. To keep the story simple I did it and it included Bifidus! My flare went a way by the next day.....I felt almost 100% 2 days after the enema. After discussing this with a mentor she told me that this was very common...read more about my enema experience: http://crohnsboy.blogspot.com/ I wish I would have tried this the first time I would have experienced a flare as I believe I could have ended it pretty quick. If I would have stuck to my legal list I would be in rough shape at this very moment. I looked at it like this it has worked for many people before so maybe it will work for me, I followed my heart and the fact there was proof it worked for other people and thats all I needed. We do not always need to know WHY it works but rather that it does.

Georges Aloe Vera- this product is very different than most products here are some reasons why?

Why isn't George's Aloe Vera thick and greenish in color? Why doesn't it have that bitter taste most other Aloe Vera products have?
The thick greenish substance just beneath the rind in the latex layer of the plant is where the aloins and anthraqinones are located. These substances are irritants and when ingested can cause cramping and diarrhea and in some cases nausea. George's Aloe is a refined product. We remove the antagonistic compounds that cause the bitter taste and irritation to the GI tract.

Maybe this product in its form was not considered or researched by Elaine?? it's possible but does that mean that it really means that it may not be beneficial to people with IBD's? I believe this is a prime example how something was not fully understood and may have been omitted.

I also took this product its looks and tasted like water and I noticed no issues I took 1/4 cup a day in the morning and before bed on an empty stomach. The results were amazing! I noticed that my intestines which hurt for the longest time felt like scratching when food went down started disappearing I felt a soothing sensation and within 2 months my intestines nolonger hurt, my illeum also felt better not sore like it use to. I think any person who has an IBD would want to try 2 gallons of the stuff and make your own decision, The book does not look at how to aid the healing of the mucosal lining and intestines but this product does just that.

I want everyone reading this list to think to yourselves? Remember Elaine gave her life to this book and researched all the time, she updated this list as the years went on and now that she has passed away who will do it. Does this not mean that there is more research required or things that will help you greatly in your healing paths?? We must realize there is a gap growing since she has passed away and people still require information to improve and advance on a daily basis. I encourage you to keep your mind open and dont just be confined to the context of the book because is Elaine would have been alive for the last 5 years you can bet that there would a few additions to the book or her website...............

**Another thing** When Elaine wrote this book she did not expect people to be on this diet for their entire life, read page 70 of the book and you will see that. She does not hope that anyone who recovers from their illness will ever go back to a diet high in refined sugars and refined flours. The godmother of SCD ELaine took her own daughter off this diet when she believed it was the right time. I believe passionately that the intent of this book is to heal people. Many people who go on SCD and get their health back for sustained times 5+ years never get off the diet becuase they are too scared and there are quite of few people who are in this position.....I understand the diet is great and healthy but how does that help prove that the diet CURES Ibd's???? How many people have actually returned to normal diets? I have heard of less than a handful? This should be discussed as it is very relevant and revealing that more research and other things can make this diet more effective. Of course we are managing our disease as we can live med free but to be ultimately cured is to be able to go back to diet which will include some illegals etc and I know I want to be CURED not just managing my symptoms very effectively. I will do this one way or another mark my word.

I just get very bothered when I think people are stuck believing in something that is not perfect and I believe in my heart there many ways which we can increase the effectiveness of this diet and the end result of being cured. Just because the book is finished doesnt mean their is still so many things that can help us. There are always two sides to almost every story you can provide argument for and against.....its healthy to try doing both and you will get a different outlook on things give it a try


Unknown said...

Awesome post! And your right; Who will carry on the research for SCD. No one has picked up the torch as of yet and here we are in 2009.

However I caution: What works for some may not for all. Bifidus may work well in your gut; Horrible in mine. (I was on it before SCD and did just fine. Quit it once I began SCD but will probably pick it back up).

But how would one KNOW it didn't work unless they took the chance?!

Aloe: Too many people swear by this product not to try it. I'm on an "unrefined" version that makes me feel great! I've talked to others who are on different types but still an aloe supplement.

My point is that of Jay's: TAKE A CHANCE! You only live once and in the words of the greatest teacher JESUS, "Life is but a vapor..."

Jahvocado said...

Crohn's Boy,

Thanks for the post. Really it was a matter of time. I recently picked up the SCD to aid in my 15 year struggle with UC. I am not like most people however that pick up this book and dive in. I have extensive background on nutrition, health, and healing and while I found the dominating principles of the diet to be cohesive, I also found many gaps in the information.

In fact as a nutritionist, I was shocked to learn that Agave, Aloe, Bee Pollen, Hemp seed, Noni, spirulina amongst other foods that could be categorized as "superfoods" were placed on the illegal list. These foods have had amazing benefits in my system and I have watched others thrive on them as well.

Being a veteran of this illness I can say for sure that healing is a multi faceted process. While the diet can be one of the main healing tools for people it is not the end all. Often why people's results are so different is because of the belief they have in what they are doing.

Have The Best Day Ever!

~ The Colitis Kid

Jahvocado said...

To clarify, I went back and did some further research on my last comment. I must retract my astonishment by pointing out page 64 of Breaking the Vicious Cycle. "any supplement such as bee pollen or herbs must be carefully checked since many companies have used whey 70% lactose, sugars, or starch as fillers and binding substances." Unfortunately all but true and common practice of health food companies.

I always do extensive research on any natural products that I take. It is important to take the time to do so you can be sure that you are getting the most high quality product available. Be an educator consumer!

Have The Best Day Ever!

~ The Colitis Kid

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. My son, who was diagnosed with Crohns Disease, uses a starter yogurt with Bifidus and has had no ill effects. In fact he has been symptom free for the three years since he started a Vegetarian version of the diet.

"Guppy" Honaker said...

This was a great post on aloe vera and Crohn's (which I have). thanks

Keep up the good work on you blog. - David

Aloe Vera 101

Vicky said...

My son has eaten yogurt made from an organic yogurt starter with bifidus since he started SCD 5 years ago. He has not had a flare since starting the diet and his recent blood tests are all in the normal range. I agree, I also think this is a grey area! We will stick with what we know works!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for writing this page and to the others who shared there experiances I have crohns disease I have had it for two years and I am 13 years old I missed so much school. I wanted to start probiotic culterelle after watching a video about someone getting better by it and wanted to try aloe but my doctors don't think this is a good idea but I lost trust in my doctors after they didn't listen to me made wrong decision and in the end I payed the consequences. I am not sure what to do now but really want to try aloe.