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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flare update-Tried Jini's Pro-Biotic Retention Enema

Well I will admit this was quite a weird experience as I never thought in my life that I would be given myself an enema..lol

If you have read my last post you will see that while I was in Hawaii I went into some kind of flare which just consisted of very bad bloating and cramps but like so bad that they almost put me onto my knees many time over the last 2 weeks so not very fun. Over the past few days I was thinking a lot about what might be going on and I realized the flare was probably a result of eating way too many fruits, drinking wine etc lots of sugars that the bacteria, yeasts, pathogens etc had suddenly had a growing frenzy. I realized I had to change this balance fast or I was in for another few weeks of feeling completely shitty. I decided I was going to try the probiotic retention enema for sure. I bought the stuff to do it a few months ago but I never went through with it until now when I really needed to change my approach up.

I first did 2 warm water enemas which were about 2 cups of warm water cleaning out my colon which were not that fun as i felt urgence to get to the toilet lol the 3rd enema was 1 cup with Natren probiotics as mentioned in Jini Patels website or in her book Listen to your Gut. I did the 3rd enema and put on a movie Lakeview Terrace and relaxed for 2 hours lol I did as the book states to roll from side to side and massage your stomach etc. I had no problem with urgence retaining the formula for 2 hours and once the movie was done there was no liquid and I had no urgence at all.

I did the enema early during the day around 3pm-5pmish. I decided to go out with my friends for a bit around 10pm and I had yet to see any dramtic results from the enema but I was noticing that I felt so tired I could barely keep my eyes open not sure if that was because I was sleep deprived the last few days or the fact that my body was in overdrive trying to fight in my stomach. When I got home I was feeling pretty crappy and was still very bloated and cramps were very frequent I attemped to goto sleep on my back as it hurt too much to sleep any other way. I woke up with a crazy urge to use the can..lol I got up and dashed for the toilet I barely made it lmao when I got there Liquid D and I was on the can for like 15 min stead lol. I went back to bed and throughout the night I went a few more times. In the morning I went again a few more times which were still D but I noticed the bloating was pretty much gone, and the cramps were very minimal.

I think the probiotics killed lots of the bad bacteria in my stomach and the D was a flush of all the toxins and stuff that my body desperately needed to flush out. During the day I was starting to feel a lot better, I was consuming Georges aloe vera to help heal my stomach and comfort it and i could feel it soothing the lining of my intestines etc. I was not eating barely anything as I really wanted to give my gut a chance to relax for a bit, I still took my vitamins but crushed them into powder to absorb better. Towards the end of the day I was feeling a lot better!!! my sexy girlfriend lol even could tell I looked better and my stomach wasnt a hard rock anymore so she was happy because she said she doesnt like to see me in pain......she's a keeper this one :) I also consumed some fresh goats yogurt which I had just finished making and let it cool for 8 hours thought if I ate it right before bed it would give the bacteria a lot of time to flourish and repopulate while I was sleeping. I also took 3 capsules of Mucosa Heal which I emptied into water and drank the contents I will continue to do this for about 1 month to really give my gut a good chance to heal.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty awesome! had a small formed BM, no pain no bloating, the tenderness is very minor-I think my body needs a good few days of rest. I can say with with a lot of confidence that I will be back to tip top shape within a few weeks!! so that kicks ass!! I can't believe how much of a difference that PBR enema made, and I think if more people tried this right from the begininning including myself we would take control of our diseases a lot faster than you can imagine. This method is awesome for getting the bacteria right into your colon etc.

So to tell you the truth it sucked being sick for the last 2 weeks especially while I was in Hawaii. When I look back at it now I am almost grateful for being sick as it has taught me a lot in the process. I have learned that when I feel awesome and other people are doing shitty I really have to remember how I felt when I was in their shoes-feeling depressed, hopeless, insecure etc and I have to be able to communicate effectively that they will overcome this and that stuff will be lost in the process. I also realized life has a great way of humbling you from time to time even if it came in the form of a flare lol I realize you really have to soak up the GOOD TIMES and enjoy them!! Sunshine is always awesome and appreciated the day after the storm.....simply said.

Most of all I learned how powerful that Retention Enema is!! I truly believe that this is an awesome weapon that we can use to get healthy and give our body good chance to get to a point when it is able to start healing effectively. I know for many people especially the people who are on SCD they may not consider this an option (because of Bifidus) but if you are flaring really what do you have to loose, but absolutely everything to gain. If you want more information on this please read Jini's book Listen to your gut or check out her site http://www.listen2yourgut.com/

This was not hard at all to do :) If you decide you want to do this you can get the probiotics from Natren.com or oder them from your local health store. If they dont carry them they will most likely be able to order them in for you as this will be a lot cheaper then ordering them from Jinis site due. Only the Natren products are expensive from her site b/c they must be shipped on ice and express post which costed me like 100.00 which was crazy also if you are in the US this may not be quite as expensive. Your best bet for the Natren products would be to goto your local health store and ask them to bring these products in for you and they will be very reasonably priced, this is what I did as well.

If you have any questions drop me a line

Now feeling Awesome-Jay

**also people I will be the first to admit that while we are on this healing journey as lame way to put it lol we are going to encounter setbacks along the way and I think the truth about natural healing is that sometimes you have to take a few steps back to proceed a few steps further....maybe you just have to back the car up to take another road who knows lol Personally I have hit speedbumps along the way but every time I have got through them and felt even better after I overcome them and I believe this is normal and actually very good. My last issue was probably the result of my own negligence overdoing the fruit and wine so I will take the blame card on that one but I am dusting myself off and trying again as that is what I do. I am back to feeling awesome and will be a little more intuned with my body and what I should and should't do lol thanks for tuning in


Anonymous said...

Hey Jay
Glad to here your feeling better! I've never done the enima route....but some friends who have gone on the SCD (because of the health benifits,not because they were sick)started with an enima to clean things out; to start fresh....so to speak. They have never felt better. I was wondering about the aloe vera juice. My wife found it for me before I knew about the SCD, and the info on it looked promising. When I went on SCD a site told us that it was an illegal.....so I stopped using it. Have you used it right through the diet process, or did you introduce it later on? I've been flare-free for 2 years now, maybe it's something that would have some benefits. What's been your experience?

Rocky Berlier said...

Hi Jay,
I started watching your videos on YouTube and really appreciate your selfless giving of info to those of us suffering from IBS. I have had UC since 1990 and started doing the SCD diet and using colon reflorastation enemas (what you call probiotic retention enemas) since back in 1996 thanks to my homeopathic doctor, Victoria Bowmann. They are everything you say they are.

Dr. Bowmann has been working with probiotics longer than just about anyone out there (she's been in the health field 30+ years) and she makes her own kits that she ships over night.
Check out her web site at MyRealHealth.com and click on the products button.

The Colon Reflorastation Home Kit is so easy to use. She ships the probiotic in these little plastic enema bottles. You just add warm water, shake, infuse, and then toss the bottle.

I don't get anything for endorsing her, I just believe in this stuff and like you want others to know about it.

Anonymous said...

econd what Rocky said about Dr. Bowmann's Reflorestation (lx) kit (myrealhealth.com). I just tried it for the first time a week ago after reading this post and it gave me 1 week of almost normal bowels! I've had proctitis/UC since the age of ten and I've been in a flare for 5 years now and this is the ONLY thing that took me out of pain and gave me normal BMs since Remicade (which had terrible side effects for me). I am so into this procedure that I've ordered 20 more to keep doing it, because you need to stabilize the bacteria at first. Thanks to you guys for posting about this topic so that I could finally find something that works.