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Sunday, January 31, 2010


HEY GUYS PASS THIS EMAIL ALONG**If you are noticing that you feel unhealthy, overweight, suffer from constipation, lack of energy, low sex drive, high stress, low concentration then you should check out the information below**

I started this email as I have been helping my friends and family improve their health with great results so I just wanted to create an email that will circulate around Winnipeg and help as many people as possible to become more health conscious.

1 Month Health Challenge (Give it 1-2 months then you make your own decision)

Go to Nutrition House 204.789-9607 located lower level in Polo Park by Sears. Tell them that Jay sent you and they will definitely help you out. I do not get a kick back from them and I go there because I use to work in the mall and they have some of the lowest prices in the city. The choice is yours.

Vitamin B12 90 capsules 10.99 (45 day supply)
Multi Factors 90 capsules 19.47 (1 month supply)
Ultimate Multi Probiotic Natural Factors (60 caps) (1 month supply) 21.47
Vitamin D3 Natural Factors (90 capsules) (45 day supply) 4.97

Total approx 56.90 or 64.00 after taxes etc

Because some vitamins last 45 days etc you will find on average it is costing you 50.00 a month for these health products but trust me after a month or two of taking them you will notice that you have more energy, better concentration, digestive system will work better and you will begin to be more regular.

Am after meal

-2 Vitamin B12 under your tongue
-3 multi vitamin capsules
-2 Vitamin D3 tablets

At night before bed

-2 probiotic capsules
(Although the package says take during the day it is best to take them at night as this is when the bacteria colonate in your stomach which gets the best results with the probiotics)

Some other great health tips

1 lemon a day-squeeze into glass of water or put into hot water and add some honey. **The reason this works is because diseases exist when your body is in an acidic state (ph level) By taking the lemon juice you help take your ph level from acidic to alkaline which will reduce your risk of getting diseases etc. I learned this from a doctor at my gym who looks like he's 40 when he's almost 60. http://www.advancedhealthplan.com/flyerapplication.html

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day- make sure this is not tap water as you want to eliminate chlorine and other chemicals in our tap water. Water is so important because we depend on it for energy, ability to flush our system, relieve stress, reduce inflammation in joints, maintain weight and many more. If you currently suffer from constipation this is usually related to not enough water and over consumption of meats etc. Being constipated is one of the worst things that can happen because you feces is going through your system at normal speeds instead it stays in there for long periods of time and your intestines actually reabsorb the fecal matter which is poisonous and can turn into disease down the line.

Try not to eat after 7-8pm- I know this is hard but if you need to eat anything make sure it is a few pieces of fruit etc as fruit typically digests in 30-40 minutes. Compared to having meat or carbs which can take 8+ hours to digest. When you sleep your body is using its energy trying to recharge and heal but how can it do this if it is busy digesting your food?? I know this can be hard sometimes especially on weekend so try and make an effort to do this during the week and you will notice a difference

Reduce sugar and complex carb intake (sugar, breads, chips, crackers, pastries, pastas, etc): I know we are all addicted to sugar but it seems like the majority of our diets have consisted of these complex carbs and it not a coincidence that we are noticing people suffering of more diseases than ever before ex) Diabetes, Cancer etc. High carb diets make you more prone to disease and have many side effects which are unknown the majority such as: lower sexual performance, higher stress levels, produces acidic ph level, suppress your immune system, heart disease, gallstones, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, increase aging process-making us look older!! and many others. I can tell you if you reduce sugar and complex carbs you will feel even better than you can imagine but in the beginning you will go through a withdrawal period where you will have crazy cravings and this is the Candida bacteria in your stomach as it needs sugar to survive. Once you do this for a few weeks you will not have any issues. **Like I said before you do not have to be a crazy fanatic all the time just be aware of your health and maybe eat healthy during the week and splurge a bit on the weekends as most things are okay in moderation. But think when you drink one can of pop you are getting close to 30-40 grams of sugar (sucrose) in one serving now thats CRAZYNESS

Cut down or eliminate milk products in your diet -I know you are thinking this guy is crazy!! how would I get calcium etc?? Now I want you to think about which mammal in all of nature continue to drink milk after they are infants and on top of that the milk from another animal not their own....................Then also ask yourself why humans suffer more diseases and health issues than any other animal on the planet?? I'm not going to answer the questions but i think you can do the math and start thinking outside the box and asking yourself some questions. Since our milk is pasteurized at high temperatures to kill the bacteria we also kill the enzymes that help us digest milk, and also many of the vitamins and nutrients in this milk. Next time your in the supermarket read the milk labels and you will be amazed to see that they add Vitamins to the milk.......check for yourself example: enriched with vitamin D etc

Get Sufficient Sleep this is probably one of the most important factors to maintaining your health as it is when you body heals itself, rejuvenates cells, tissues, etc. You should make sure to get at least 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night.

Some of the key factors to determine if your in great health:

-energy levels: having good amounts of energy without consuming uppers such as caffeine, ginseng, energy drinks. When you eat a good nutritious meal you should feel energized not tired like you want to go to sleep.

-2-4 bowel movements a day depending on how much you eat. Ideally mammals usually have bowel movements shortly after each meal as something moves in and then something moves out, but this isn't usually the case with humans as we are constantly BACKED up :)

-Maintaining a healthy weight -as you improve your health you will watch you weight begin to regulate. Also make sure to exercise or participate in physical activities. Although I am into lifting weights the best overall work out is "walking" humans were meant to walk as by nature we were not intended to lift weights to beef up etc. You will be amazed how even walking 30-40 minutes a day will affect your life in a very positive manner.
Want to Learn more about health? Watch these movies

-Food Inc (click to watch a preview) http://crohnsboy.blogspot.com/2010/01/food-inc.html

-Food Matters (click to watch a preview) http://crohnsboy.blogspot.com/2009/04/food-matters.html
-Fast Food Nation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc_z623Wsro

*Watch at your own risk as these videos are very detailed about what is done to our food, how our food is handled, etc. Once your eyes are open they are open.......so how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Start asking Questions?? Don't be another sheep following the crowd because the crowd is getting sick, dying at young ages, suffering with diseases, more fat and obese,taking more medication than ever......Do you really want to be part of this group they call NORMAL?

Ask yourself?

-Why would a doctor give me medication to treat the symptoms instead of making suggestions to my lifestyle and diet to help cure the underlying causes of my issue? Notice that almost all diseases are considered incurable? It's funny how drugs and surgeries are usually the first suggestions given when someone is in a health crisis. We are at the point when we take meds to control one disease then we take more meds to counter the side effects from the initial drug...? (do your own research and you will see this is true) Watch this video


-Pharmaceutical companies are corporations!!! A corporations objective is to minimize costs to maximize PROFITS!! So really people do you think finding a one time cure helps increase profits?? Or would they rather have a sick person with a disease that is buying their medication month after month for years to come? Do you think they are okay with loosing a few billion dollars to cure a disease??

**Truth is there is no single pill cure for almost anything** We need to wake up and change our diets and lifestyles and that where the REAL CURE lies**

Why is it cheaper to eat crappy fast food than it is to cook a healthy meal?? Although it cheaper do you ever ask yourself what corners have to be cut to offer you such cheap prices? Watch Food Inc :)

I decided to create a website because I overcame severe Crohn's Disease which "they" say is incurable. I know have more energy than ever and don't consume caffeine products or any other uppers. I am in very good physical condition, 5'8 160lbs and I bench 250lbs so I am not a person that I would consider to have an incurable disease. I have got many of my friends and family members to try these basic steps and their results have been awesome! I'm not forcing anything on anyone just giving you a no bullshit approach on how to improve your current state of health.

Feel free to pass this email on to your friends and family and they will notice improvements in their own health or check me out at the sites listed below.

Feel free to contact me anytime.




  This is for the sake of the The Powers that be**Please Note: Jay Anthony also known as CrohnsBoy is a health writer and consumer advocate. He is not a registered health professional nor a doctor of any sort. The information in this document or during phone conversations or emails is simply his own personal opinion. Any action, or inaction taken as a result  is entirely at your own risk and liability**
Only risk in life is not taking the risk, and time is luck :)


diabetes said...

This is a great help. Keep this up. You can do it even at home. I know some family members with diabetes and their siblings/parents are the one who guarded their patients to refrain from what they don't have to eat.


Anonymous said...

My friend has crohns . I almost never feel as tho he's telling me facts no just bull Shit . How does one Find. Answers and not a pile of stupid Shit john e