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Monday, February 1, 2010


This book was nothing short of amazing!!! This dude is 107 years old if you check out my previous post you can see a video of him talking about his health etc with raw food guru Paul Nison My previous post

Bernandos approach is a perfect example of how people should use modeling principles to overcome health issues or do anything in life for that matter. This dude listened to his father (lived to 99) making health choices and he is still healthy at 107 years old living a life that most people are at in their early 50s. He does not tell the readers to go out and buy 1000 different products to overcome their health he just goes over the things which have allowed him to live such a great life. I know debunkers will say he has good genes BLA BLA BLA but truthfully this guy just adopted health principles a long time ago and stuck with them!!! This is honestly the BEST book I have ever read! and would recommend that before reading any other book out there GO GET THIS book. Visit his site and Get Bernandos book here   *just a heads up since this book is printed on demand it may take 2-3 weeks to get to you** This guy is not doing this for money but just to pay it forward and share his wisdom nothing more and nothing less.

Also want to Thank Paul Nison for sharing this information with me. **Everyone after reading this book pay it forward and share it with your friends and family.

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