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Monday, January 10, 2011


Hi Everyone hope you and your family had an awesome holiday season.

I have made lots of changes to my IBD IMPROVEMENT DOC over the last few months and have started issuing the newest version. I have also decided to stop charging for the document and to simply give it away for free like I was for 2 years prior.

This new version of the document is more in depth and you will see the following changes or updates on these areas:

-Why doctors don't recommend natural protocols
-So they there is no cure...? says who and by what standards?
-awesome section call the CURE COMPLEX
-Vitamin/Supplement updates
-Probiotic info/changes
-STRESS & IBD’s (Psychosomatic component)
-Paying it Forward (helping others once you have overcome the disease)
-RABBIT HOLE-this section provides links, videos etc which will help you realize everything is not like you think it is and YES we have been lied to about many things. We need to start asking questions and making changes for the generations after us. I felt this was important b/c when I overcame this disease it was a complete eye opener for me.......I thought they said it was incurable? why would they tell me this? no it couldnt be the near trillion dollar revenues in the health industry never...if they had a cure they would simply tell us all on the news papers etc WOULDNT THEY.......................?

I also decided to add a section called Overcoming IBD's for Dummies which is more of a step by step guide of the stuff that I did etc. This makes the document a lot more easy to follow when you are implementing these things into your everyday live.


Anonymous said...

Support from Chron's boy from Serbia, comrade! :)

Anonymous said...

Support from Chron's boy from Serbia, comrade! :)

eyelift said...

I am also supported you.