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Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Terminal Case of Crohn's Disease overcame by THC OIL

Hi Everyone :) I seen an excellent video this morning and want to share it with you. Like myself Shona also used THC oil to overcome her disease. This woman shows us the power of this stuff because she had a terminal case with over a dozen operations!!! (that's crazy). I also want to commend her for taking the time to tell her story on You Tube because many people that heal this way are scared to tell their story BUT WE SHOULDN'T BE! If we want to spread this movement we need to share these stories of success.  We will show the system we are indeed curing diseases by using protocols and changing our lifestyles. Shona also makes a great statement when she says don't take her word for it do your own research!

Shona has also wrote a book which give more information on how she makes the oil will eliminates the feeling of being high etc. **Check her book out here**    You can also find her book on amazon :) Whatever works best for you.

Please see her video below.  Also you can add her to your FaceBook Here

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