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Friday, February 4, 2011


Tell Others You’re Story

In the last few months I have been consulting with a few IBD advocates and med free people and with their persuasion I have decided to create a free e-book focusing on med free people. This book is going to showcase the stories of 20-35 med free people who are now living awesome healthy med free lives. This book will go into details such as: what struggles they endured, what protocols they used, how they appreciate their life after they overcame their disease, how they are paying it forward to help others, and many others.  
 This book will NOT just be a blind testament that we commonly see on so many health websites selling false promises. I’m sure we all have seen these before “I’ve tried PRODUCT X and wow I’m cured……..Betty in NYC”  This book will tell med free peoples stories, list their first name but last name will not be required for privacy reasons unless you want your last name present. It would also provide some form of contact for the reader if they were to have questions. The best bet would be to provide an email address where someone could email you. If anyone is thinking I do not want to put my email address on this document I would be more than willing to setup and email address for you and have it forwarded to your email address which can be kept private if you are worried about this. 
 Try and remember when we were suffering from our IBD’s how LOST we felt with everyone trying to sell us something: Cure report, special 1 pill cure, miracle cures, high price consultations, and many other bogus product offers. Do you remember how confusing this was that all of these testimonials never provided a direct contact to verify their claim? I remember being diagnosed and looking on the internet and everything I came across was pessimistic saying there is no cure. It also told me I would most definitely live a poor quality life in which I would take meds forever and get multiple operations to remove disease portions of my intestines. The truth is the future looks bleak when you’re first diagnosed and we become potential victims for the people looking to benefit financially by promising us false hopes without backing up their claims.

Now imagine being newly diagnosed: Searching the net for IBD Cure, Crohn’s cure, IBS cure, Ulcerative Colitis cure etc and coming upon a free e-book which will show the inspiring stories of people who have overcome their disease and have been living amazing lives. It always seems like everyone wants proof and this book will show them that we are indeed overcoming these diseases. I’m sure each one of us has had someone tell us that we can’t overcome our disease, and that we are just merely in a short remission period.  .....

Well tell this to the people who have been med free for 1-5+,10+,20+ years that have been med free and enjoying their lives, and pardon us if we fail to share this same opinion.  right?
 I understand that many of us may have used different protocols to overcome our IBD’s and we may have different opinions on what works and what doesn’t (different strokes for different folks). But, at the end of the day our objective to help people is our ultimate objective. This book is not going to be used as a sales pitch or to promote any treatment etc.  Yes, if you have a website or a blog we will put the address in the e-book with your story for reference to your story but that’s it.  Each person will get a full copy of this e-book to put up on their site, or to email to anyone they can think of etc. The ultimate goal of this e-book is for it to be spread VIRAL over the internet where the potential for it to help so many people is exponential. We must spread the word about our stories to give people hope and to give them the opportunity to get the second chance we have experienced. 
 So now I ask you from the bottom of my heart to please respond to this email saying you are going to join this group collaboration project to promote the truth: that we are indeed overcoming our IBD’s and living great lives. Also if anyone has any insight or advice on how we can make this project a success to please send any thoughts to me via email.  I can’t stress enough that I am not doing this for any angle or any pitch but just to spread hope and the truth. This e-book will always be free and all of ours to spread viral to promote hope and opportunity for the people suffering unnecessarily with these diseases. 
What’s Required of You???
If you are okay with telling your story please send me an email to medfree@crohnsboy.com expressing your interest. At this point I will send you an open ended questionnaire which will take 15-20 min to complete and will give you a chance to tell your story. There will be a general structure but all questions will be open ended to let you tell your story. After all the questionnaires are completed we will collect them and have them formatted into an e-book.

I have noticed when speaking with people who have overcome ANY disease or illness is that: they are very happy people; they achieve great things, will tell you the disease has made them stronger, they appreciate things in their lives more than ever, and most importantly they have NEW passion for life and the people present in their lives.  


Rosie said...

Hi there,

Just found your blog, I like your no BS approach! I am also a Crohn's blogger: http://thecrohnsbaby.blogspot.com/

I hope its ok, I added a link to your blog in mine, let me know if it's not ok!

Have a good day,

jay said...

this is an awesome idea

Marcus said...

Awesome you two, thank you so much for what you do. I am with your help working to getting med free. :)