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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A dude with Crohns trying to make a difference

I seen this dudes video today and was very happy so see what he is doing trying to help local farms and I'm 180% Behind these kinds of efforts. It always makes me happy when I see people really going out and trying to change the world where they can-Jay

I am sending this email out to on behalf of Green Angel Gardens.  I wish to raise funding to save this farm from foreclosure.  

I have ulcerative colitis and to manage this disease I have changed career goals from mental health counselor to farmer.  Since loosing my health I have been bound and determined to find my health.  My focus on wellness has been nonstop, for better or worse.  With my focus on wellness I researched all avenues.  This had me juice fasting, water fasting, eliminating grains, green smoothies, meditation, yoga, interval and weight training, chiropractic, energy work, and finally lifestyle change.

Notice the above has a lot of references to food.  For the past 2 years of ill health I was convinced that cleaning up my diet would clean up my health.  Diet alone has not been enough.  I thought diet and western medicine would do the trick, nope. My diet has changed dramatically and my search for balance and peace has finally surpassed my previous search for powder and surf.  My mantra has changed to peace and food.  My blog has been aptly named: Peaceandfood.blogspot.com.

Peace, food, peace, food……  Must find peace and food.  With my priorities simplified I began to see and feel where I wished to direct my life.  I am now a farmer.  The minute I said the “F” word I knew I should pursue this path.  Farmer bounced around in my mind as comfortable as words like skier and surfer. 

I am now staying at Green Angel Gardens in Longbeach Washington with my new friend Larkin Stentz.  Larkin came into my life weeks ago and directed me to Willets California to learn the “Grow Biointensive" method of growing vegetables.  I contacted the school and due to funding, my goals, and that weird “gut feeling” we all can relate with I decided to not pursue that path.  Larkin had directed me from his farm to Willets because, unfortunately, his farm may be lost to Bank of America.

This knowledge of a farmer loosing his livelihood stayed with me for about two weeks.  Finally I could not ignore this problem, it wasn’t mine, but yet it was.  I started to see the loss of this farm as my problem, because I want food that is local, grown organically and sustainably.  The majority of the time I am stuck with California produce or worse yet Mexico produce.  I am not a locavore, I like bananas, avocados…… and so on too much.  Yet kale, chard, and many other veggies can be grown year round in green houses in Washington; why depend on other states or countries? 

I feel that places exist on this Earth that radiate peace.  I have felt this peace in the moment a wave builds behind me and slowly and gently nature moves me.  This place did just that, yet it grows food and educates interns every season. 

The minute I arrived and opened my car door I felt this wave of peace and food wash over me.  I ran around this property taking in the two green houses which grow food 12 months out of the year, the Geodesic Dome, composting toilets, solar water heater, meditation and yoga studio, and food stand; supplying the community with fresh produce. 

I realize we are struggling to make ends meet.  Many of us are so busy we may have not even made it to the end of this note.  I am with you, I understand.  That is why I am writing this and sharing this story with you.  I do not want my future children to worry about food prices and quality.  If we stop, breathe, and then look for food, it becomes apparent that our food system is fragile.  I started to ask myself questions like: “If gas prices double, will the prices of Kale do the same?”  “How much more nutrient dense is local food?”  “At the very least how do I solve my food dilemma?”


G said...

I feel the love, thanks Jay. Your welcome to visit the farm any time. I think we could both benefit from a skype conversation in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks a ton for your site, I find your experiences with Crohn's both informative and inspiring.

I have a question for you or any of your readers: have you found that, after getting past the intro stages of SCD and spending a good amount of time in full symptomatic remission that you’ve been able to increase the amount of honey you consume without going into a flair?
I’ve been on a restricted version of SCD for 2.5 years and have been fully symptom free for 1.5 years. Things are great but I’m finding that during high intensity exercise my muscles really don’t have a ton of strength. From the research I’ve done it looks like muscles switch from fat to carb consumption as one moves from moderate to high intensity exercise which does a good job of explaining my experiences. For this reason I’m really trying to find a source of carbs that I can rely on during exercise – honey seems like the best option on SCD. I just don’t want to send myself into a flare on it. Any experiences people can share would be appreciated – are there people out there who can consume a fair bit of honey after having a lengthy stretch of success on SCD?


Jay said...

Hi there Ryan drop me a line via email using the contact info on my site and I can give you specifics on this. You prob want to check out my IBD IMPROV doc. Also there is a huge misconception that we require protein or carbs to get energy when working out or nothing....you will find both of these options provide empty energy the wrong kind of carbs spike our insulin levels, meat protein is a low rate protein and you will find the more you eat the more tired you get. You can try consuming olive oil and I mean like a shot glass at a time and you will get loads of energy...trust me.I can send you more info on this and it will explain the specifics. I also found that I have so much more energy when I dropped my meat consumption, increased good fats olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil, increased vegetables (especially the greens) my energy levels are awesome and getting better as I learn more about health and wellness.......I'm always learning and each day I find out I know nothing in the whole scheme of things LMAO. Hopefully this helps and look forward to speaking further.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for your response Jay. I have downloaded your document and appreciate all the work you've put into it. thanks!
Our of curiosity, do you eat much honey, and do you ever consume a big quantity of it all at once?

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