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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Beautiful Truth- A Cancer Cure over 50 yrs ago

I watched an amazing documentary done by a boy and his father speaking about the Gerson therapy and many other things. I've been familiar with the Gerson therapy and have listed it on my site but I have never seen info in this depth about the therapy and how many people it has helped. Please take a look at this documentary and spread the word to your loved ones.

Please watch this video and click the others to watch all 12 videos!!! You owe it to yourself and all your loved ones to watch these videos.

Also for another awesome cancer cure please check out this post


Sally said...

Wow great news that there is hope out there for cancer sufferers and that it does n't entail losing your hair and injecting your body with poisons. Thanks Crohnsboy for sending me the link and thank you Charlotte Gerson for carrying on the mwessage.

bodylift said...

Great information. This is quite unbelievable for me. Really I don't know about it. It is fact that old medicines are more effective than today.