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Friday, September 16, 2011

Beyond The box using Health Modeling on SCD DIET-IBD CURE

Hope everyone is having an awesome Friday!

I just wanted to talk about how important it is to keep an open mind when trying protocols. Many people treat certain protocols as biblical text and this can be wrong. I am a firm believer in health modeling where you see what other people have done to get the results you are looking for-not rocket science. When I was searching for med free people most of them did a diet similar to SCD Diet but they also used probiotics with Bifidus which is illegal on SCD, tried things like Geroges Aloe Vera, Colloidal Silver etc..........so after some thought I decided I would try this.

I am a strong advocate of what Elaine G has done with Breaking the Vicious Cycle and the SCD DIET but the quote in her book says it best:

The progress of science implies not only the accumulation of knowledge, but its organization, its unification, and this involves periodic invention of new syntheses, coordinating existing knowledge, and of new hypotheses which give us methods of approaching the unknown. George Sarton –Introduction to the History of Science

As a Scientist she understood that things change as more data is brought forward etc. When she passed away the continuous improvement aspect of her work came to a hault as nobody else was there to take her place.......... so do not get stuck in a box thinking that other things can't be added to the SCD to increase its effectiveness and how fast it starts to work etc. I know many people treat BTVC as biblical text and become dogmatic as I and many have experienced on forums etc.........this is not the vision of a scientist as there is always room for change and improvement. Use your own critical judgement wherever possible.

Thanks for tuning in :)

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