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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Failure of The American Health System

This is an Amazing interview with Dr Mercola and Jim (James) Navarro the father of a young child who not allowed to try an alternative protocol to overcome a severe type of cancer. Jim and his wife fought for their sons right to choose their own protocol but bureaucratic bs kept getting in the way. They were even told by government people if they kept quiet about it they could do this special protocol by Dr Burzynski but they chose to keep on fighting. I can't even put into words how much courage something like this would take...........They overlooked just saving their own child to save many children the deserve to use non invasive alternative therapies that work!!!! This interview will show you how personal these diseases become and how they affect entire families. You can see how bad it is that you do not have any legal rights to choose your child's protocol! If we do not act this problem will only get worse as the system is nothing merely than a pharma sales pusher.

I urge anyone to check out this amazing interview 
(Watch videos 1 to 6)

You can also watch the in-depth documentary of Thomas Navarro below called CUT POISON BURN (check out the trailer 1st below) . I urge you to check it out and if purchase the dvd or leave a donation etc as these people are donating these funds to the families that are being affected by these circumstances NOT the Cancer Societies that spend more on Marketing and Salaries than helping people or Research and Development....

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