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Thursday, March 15, 2012

education kills creativity

I watched this video YouTube sir ken robinson today with my girlfriend, and it was amazing! She is taking a child care development course and they watched this in one of their classes. She is in college upgrading her education for her job working in a day care. I'm an info geek and I love watching and learning stuff so thought I would share this. 

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For anyone who ever did not like school because it was only about math, sciences, language, and you might have thought you were not smart because you were not intrigued by the material you were learning.....or for people who have kids who the teachers say they have ADD, HDHA and other created labels for conditions that now exist today. I was always a guy that was considered to have ADD and the schools suggested that I was to be put on ridlin but thank god my mom had no part of that. I was a kid that got bored, challenged things that did not make sense, so I was labeled  a trouble maker........now it makes sense lmao

We really can see how our current form of education was created for an industrial revolution but is becoming severely outdated. This is why we have more people with degrees that can't get a job.....now you need an MBA to get a certain job that previously required less education. This is ultimately an inflation on education! We are seeing now more than ever that happy people who take chances are pursuing what they are good at, or what makes them happy....singing their heart song as I've heard it called before. 

We have to learn to be cool with making mistakes......not creating stigmas for being wrong...... We can see more than ever that our world is in need of change from old dogmatic ways that are more about business than results. Even though we may think we can't make a difference with all of this BUT WE CAN! If we become aware and change the ways we embrace change, creativity in our lives, and our children's you name it.. this can have a profound effect on the future of this planet. I'm by definition a realist but a HUGE part of me is PURE IDEALIST baby!!! we can change this planet! All changes, aspirations, endeavors, journeys, goals, START small!

A great quote I heard from this video: "If your not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original"

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