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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hungry for change online premier

Hey everyone thought I would do a quick post about this amazing new documentary which they are doing a free online viewing premier March 21-31st. This documentary is coming from the creators of FOOD MATTER an amazing film. If you have not seen food matters I encourage you to watch it 1st then you can watch Hungry for change free online.

I will put the link to watch food matters, include a trailer for the new film and the link to where you can watch it online for free.


Official Hungry for Change trailer

 Although you can watch these films for free I would encourage people to purchase the DVDs if you can afford them as the creators have put everything on the line to help make changes in the world. I simply bought the DVD and then shared it with friends and family who in turn actually bought copies and did the same.

You can watch Hungry for change online March 21st-31st

You can purchase the Food Matters dvd here:


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