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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CrohnsBoy Awesome Times

I know I come off pretty positive in my videos, blogposts etc and you may be thinking what is this guy smoking lol So I thought I would do a video showing everyone all the great times I have had in the last year or so which is why I'm so positive and upbeat. Before I was lucky enough to get this disease and overcome it I took things for granted and it only took severe crohns colitis to wake my ass up!!! So I could start living instead of chasing....................

I know this is an amateur video but I still had a blast making it :) I look forward to your smart a$$ comment everyone so bring em on (you guys rock)

hope y'all are having a kick ass day

CrohnsBoy :)

1 comment:

G said...


Things are so busy on the farm, and I took a break from the internet for a few days too. I hope to connect with you sometime on skype! Keep being positive, it is incredible what a disease can do for the mind.