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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"THE VITAMIN D CURE" GREAT BOOK: highly recommend it

A few months ago I posted a post about a Dude Mike that overcame his disease using High Doses of Vitamin D see previous post here  

**I sent Mike an email few days before this post to see if he was still doing okay as it was almost 1 year since I spoke with him last, and here was his response:

from: Mike (hewlettthomas@mac.com)

Doing good, still taking 10000 IU a day of vitamin D3.
Cur-cumin 5 pills 3 times a day.
Coffee is the only thing that messes me up, yet I cant quit
IT!!!!!!!!!Still no drugs I feel I will be 100% healed if I can just give
up the caffeine.
On and off scd.

After this post I started to dig a little deeper reviewing info on the net, videos etc as I knew there was more behind this vitamin D protocol and recently came across a book called The VITAMIN D CURE-by James Dowd MD. Yes MD lol Everyone reading this knows that I'm not the biggest advocate of doctors nor the medical system but I will be the first to give credit where credit is due. This dude is awesome, thinks outside the box and has helped many people dramtically improve conditions such as: Arthritis, Fibromyalga, depression, chronic pain, uncontrolled weight gain, high blood pressure, restless sleep, poor concentration, headaches, diabetes, heart diseases, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Osteoporosis, Autoimmune diseases MS, Lupus, Cancer and the list goes on by using Vitamin D and diet.

James does a great job of explaining how vitamin D is crucial to our survival and how in recent times due to technology (spending more time inside etc) we are barely getting enough vitamin d to facilitate the amount required to keep our bodies running correctly. He also brings up a huge flaw in the medical system which is to suggest standard amounts of vitamins to each person no matter of their size or weight and other variables. Different people have different requirements and should supplement accordingly which is why he describes the best way to calculate how much you will need to supplement.

I have read other books by doctors which seem to focus on medical jargon/terminology language which the average person would have no idea how to interpret this information. He does a great job of communicating his message and backing up the points he is making. Simply put the dude uses studies but also shares his patients experiences and results with the reader which I enjoyed. He is also quick to admit that he used the wrong approach before simply diagnosing and recommending drugs etc to now looking at the patient as a whole and THIS IS AWESOME!!!

So I strongly urge anyone with an IBD to read this book and think about adding it to their protocols. I have also included this information in my IBD IMPROV DOC            


Jennifer said...

Does he recommend vitamin D3? I've read it is better absorbed by the body than D2. Of course, it is a crucial part of good health, but I've read here that it also fights the flu better than the vaccine. I'm taking extra D3 and giving it to my kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, thanks for the blog postings. lots to think about.
One question for you: what are you eating these days?

Jay said...

@ Jennifer- Yes it is vitamin D3 he is speaking about and its great your being proactive with your children s health as you have no idea how thankful they will be when they are healthy and their friends aren't. It is sad to think that we are approaching a time when children will pass before their parents, CRAZYNESS but the people that make the lifestyle changes will not be stuck with this probability :) If you get a chance you should give the book a read (library is cheapest lol )

Jay said...

@ ANONYMOUS -I'm able to eat what I want but I do still stay away from dairy as I do not believe our dairy products to be healthy (not including RAW milk which is considered illegal...lol) I usually keep it simple during the week organic fruits, vegetables, meats etc and minimize complex carbs such as sugar grains etc. On the Weekend I do treat my self to some junk food but make a huge effort to not get carried away because every time I binge I feel like crap. I love feeling awesome and the sacrifices during the week definitely make up for it.