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Friday, April 8, 2011

CrohnsBoy Being a Smart Ass as usual

Just thought I would post this funny pic of me being a smart ass with a buddy of mine the other day lol I was looking for a toilet because we are doing renovations at our place so went looking for a dual flush toilet. He said I should test it out so I did lol Also ended up finding out they were sold out of these guys will have to wait until the get another shipment to bad I couldn't get a discount on this one LMAO.

*I know I'm being a smart ass lol I have my undies on not like I would get naked in a store :) I've grown up from my younger years........sort of. What I can is that I'm a positive dude that try to make the most out of situations and have a GREAT time along the way.  

I know I have not posted a lot over the last month or two as I have been trying to work on the med free e-book showing people we are overcoming these IBD's. You can find out about this project if you are not familiar with it to date MED FREE E-book 

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