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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Empowered Patient Revolution!

I sent Reid an email today seeing how he was doing and he told me to check out his new video page. I watched this video clip and thought Reid did such an awesome job with it. I also want to give mad props to the girl in the video for going on camera to tell her point etc

So many people have become sick of the system and their non effective treatments................I hear from so many people who share this opinion "the system is killing us" and I must agree to an extent. But in all reality each on of us controls our outcomes in regards to overcoming many degenerative lifestyle diseases.

In the years to come we are going to experience a revolution of people FED UP with the pharma industries selfish profit only matters attitude.  The people and businesses that show real tangible approaches to help people suffering will see Great Success!!!

I will be so Bleepin PROUD when people everywhere realize we control our own health!!!

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