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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keeping Track of your daily progress-For Crohn's and Colitis

Hey Everyone! Just a post talking about how crucial it is for anyone with an IBD like Crohn's Diseases, Ulcerative Colitis to keep track of what they are doing. Keeping track of your progress give you a chance to see patterns good or bad so that you can adjust your healing approach accordingly. Keeping track of your progress is crucial with any disease or condition not just IBDS. Try keeping track for 30 days and you will be amazed at what you discover.

What I tracked with my Severe Crohn's-Colitis:

Bloating, Gas, Cramps, Energy, hrs of sleep, Stress level, Bowel Movements (# and quality so D or formed etc), what I ate, physical activities, sex drive, joint pain, supplements, protocols, etc Feel free to add others that may pertain to your situation.Then I would put an overall rating out of 10 how I feel in general.

-So for each tracking measure I would rate things from 1-10 but this changed for negative things like cramps 10 would be the worst and 1 the least.

example: BL: 2 SD: 9 CR: 1 BM 3-pf (poorly formed) JP: 6 SL: 7.5hrs , overall 8.5/10
FOOD: scd legal yogurt, banana, chicken veggies, almond muffin, zuchinni pasta etc
Supplements: vitamin D, multi vitamin, Renew life probiotics-ultimate flora, colloidal silver

As you begin to heal you will notice that many of these items will fall of your list as they will no longer be an issue. Also in the beginning I tracked all foods I ate daily but after the first year or so I knew what I ate without issue so I did not put every item I ate. I honestly think it would be best to keep track for 1.5-2 years as this is a full healing time for IBD's.

Hope this info helps and if anyone has any tips or comments make sure to leave your input.


Unknown said...

Good tip for those suffering from this disease!

Anonymous said...

Great advice, thx Jay!