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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The EGO: Collective Evolution Documentary review

Hey Peeps :)

This is a great documentary called Collective Evolution my little review. I had the chance to watch in the last few days which definitely opened my mind to many things. Since overcoming my IBD using no BS mentality like YES food matters etc I have become an avid critical thinker who enjoys learning about almost anything that I can. One thing I know is that I know NOTHING :) I look back at my education in high school, college accounting-marketing, business finance courses.......etc and none of these establishments showed me how to use critical thought.The funny thing about critical thought is that its a simple way at looking at how things really are without using emotions etc. Go over all the info and use your brain not emotion to establish some kind of conclusion....... If they really taught us how to think like this when we were young we would act very differently in our lives: what we eat, making our health a primary focus, treat our spouses better, not holding high debt levels as they lead to stress, disease, and unhappiness. We would also look at social problems such as crime and realize that putting more cops on the street do nothing but temporarily mask the underlying problem. The Underlying problems must be addressed before we can solve any problem.... This list can go on forever.....

Critical thinking main components are having an open mind, looking at much of the facts as we can, 360 degrees perspective-defend or argue both sides..........you will be amazed at what you see.

Through my blog and IBD doc I have tried to spread critical thinking awareness as my eyes have been opened. I have been so lucky to meet so many people who keep me up-to date on the awesome info I get to check out every week. I want to throw a shout out to ASHLEY Anderson gutsy generation as she is the reason I watched this documentary...Thanks Ash I'm glad you prompted me to watch this.

Keep the info coming peeps thanks for ur massive contribution to this BLOG. I may be the voice but its ur experience, information etc that keep this resource up-to date :)

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