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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Juicing Marijuana raw cannabis leaves

I seen this video and it really intrigued me. This video shares the stories of people who have changed their life from juicing raw cannabis leaves. I like many people use to think Maryjane was bad and had no healing benefits what so ever.. BUT in my personal experience with Rick Simpson's THC oil and knowing why Cannabis is really illegal allows me to proudly say I'm confident in this protocol.

Mary Jane is illegal because she threatens many industries including: Big Pharma, Pulp & Paper, Energy-gas and a few others NOT b/c she is bad for ya. I am not a smoker and I personally believe in using Cannabis for its healing properties not to change my mental state (get ripped lol ). If you ever want to see an awesome documentary that speak more about Hemp and how even the US government paid farmers to grow it FOR THEM (watch this) 

 ***As per my friend Sean-D I forgot to mention that in 2003 the US government filed for and holds a patent on marijuana because they recognized the medicinal uses of marijuana. Patent 6630507. And what gets me is if it is so bad why is it legal in Washington DC ??? Just some food for thought...... (Thanks Sean)***

If you enjoyed this video and would like to get more info on  Dr. WILLIAM COURTNEY / KRISTEN PESKUSKI  & Juicing Cannabis then check out their official website for:  Cannabis International foundation http://www.cannabisinternational.org/index.php

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alyx kerr said...

"Hemp is a very valuable product and it's essential, because it doesn't really matter if Hemp can cure Cancer, that Hemp can reduce heart attacks by 66%, that Hemp can reduce Insulin-dependent Diabetes by 58% - it doesn't matter - if the climate falls apart, and it's falling apart - we are at three hundred and ninety PPM last month: last previous high in the last five hundred million years was two hundred and eighty. Changes are coming and we need to figure out how we are going to respond. This is one plant that could step in and provide us with many benefits. We are going to need to work together in order to 1: provide Cannabis as a dietary essential and Hemp as a way to manage the climate crisis, because at this point we can start extracting and stop adding."Lets reduce Insulin-Dependent Diabetes by 68% and keep our libraries open. "It's a dietary essential: it's so much more than a medicine - and it definitely is safe." — Dr. William Courtney"

Proper Dietary and Medical Cannabis Dosing: from www.rawhemp.tk

Plants sprayed with anything shouldn't be juiced, but some pests are edible, such as Spider mites.
To prepare leaves for a juicer, avoid rinsing - soak them in water for 5 minutes.
Masticating juicers are efficient for leaves, buds and sprouts; a centrifugal juicer may need additional vegetables to chop fibers.
To preserve juice fill containers so that air is minimized; a dose of juice frozen in an ice cube tray retains medicinal value.

A sprout's prophylactic, analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-oxidant and activities peak within 1-2 weeks. They can be grown by the hundreds in soil for raw food.

For CBD without dysphoria from THC psycho-toxicity, heat bud to 166 degrees with a heat gun - the longer a bud is boiled, the less THC remains.
D9THC boils at 157C, D8THC boils at 175C, CBD boils at 188C.

Drinking heated juice for THC is more potent because there is less vaporization, adhesion and degradation to decrease potency.
When calculating a dose of heated juice from a new strain make sure begin with smaller doses: the amount of THC in a cup of juice can exceed 100 joints worth - which could leave one unconscious for a number of days - and even heated leaves can be psycho-active.