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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reviewing critical thinking

I thought I would share this video with everyone as they do a great example at bringing many things together in regards to thought and critical thinking. When I first heard lots of this stuff I didn't believe it........but eventually I threw out the emotional component and seen this really is whats happening today. I encourage everyone to participate in critical thinking...about the state of the affairs in the world today etc........I know most people even reading this blog have already started to think outside the box or else they would not be here........

You do not have to believe everything in this video nor anything that anyone tells you..BUT its good to review the information at hand and make a decision for yourself.

Aren't you tired of everybody thinking they know whats best for us?? Telling us how to live, act...I KNOW I AM!!! I know that we are going to get to experience some wicked changes in the upcoming years and this is a GREAT thing. People are going to become fed up or most people already are they just need to come together to voice their opinions and then make a stand for something specific.

Hope you enjoy the video

1 comment:

Brian MacEachern said...

Great video!! People need to wake up from the deception that is our "society"

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