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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best Crohn's Disease Blog 2012


I want to first want to address a big thank you to the people at HealthLine for this award. I also want to thank Katherine Brind'Amour for her accurate and may I add AWESOME description of my blog: 

Irreverent and unafraid, Crohnsboy takes his message to the masses in his no-nonsense approach to disease, healing, and life in general. Fighting the good fight for Crohn’s sufferers everywhere, Crohnsboy is becoming a superhero IBD activist one enthusiastic post at a time.
Not one to sugarcoat or give up, Crohnsboy is working hard to bring awareness and a new approach to living with chronic illness to his readers. Controversial and brave, Crohnsboy keeps the wit and energy alive on his blog every day. 

Thanks so much as things like this make you realize your work is truly appreciated. But besides thanking healthline I want to thank the people that mean the most MY READERS! IBD fighters who are fierce troopers looking for options to overcome their health. It's because you guys/gals that I keep doing what I do.   

Thanks a million from the bottom of my heart :) 

You can see the full list of Blog winners here

1 comment:

romelk said...

Thank you for all you awesome posts. I have a family member that got diagnosed recently. We started a blog site to learn and share info on crohns disease symptoms. We will be reading yours too!!