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Friday, November 26, 2010

We are going to loose our right to choose our medical treatment options

(WATCH video at the bottom of this post after you read the following)

 This is an awesome short video that shows us that we are loosing our freedoms to pick our own method of medical treatment, supplements, vitamins etc. You may be thinking this is never going to happen but really look where we are today....? we do not cure diseases, fast with the knife to operate, and usually the only way out is to prescribe pharmaceuticals!!! You need to see the conflict of interest in finding a "cure" to almost any disease by these pharma companies would only result in a drop of their stock as they would loose revenue. A corporation only responsibility is to its shareholders!!!

Look at the FACTS cut the BS and hear is what we have:

From the Book- DEATH BY MEDICINE- By Gary Null PhD with Martin Feldman MD, Deborah Rasio MD, and Carolyn Dean MD, ND

-Number of people having in hospital adverse reactions to prescribed drugs 2.2 MILLION!
-Number of people unnecessarily hospitalized 8.9 MILLION!

-TOTAL DEATHS caused by conventional medicine is nearly 800,000 per year!! this number is BLEEPING CRAZY!! 

-There were barely this many American casualties in ALL of the wars in the last 200+ years!!!!!!!!!! Do not take my word for it click here to view the stats from the History News Network.

**There were barely 50 000 deaths in Vietnam and the country went crazy in protest hippy movement etc.....BUT over 16 x THAT amount die every year and WE stand by and DO NOTHING in comparison!!

This is happening slow over the last 50-70 years and eventually if we do not stand up for our rights we will loose the control to choose our method of treatment etc.You may be thinking I'm ranting about a conspiracy or something so I urge you not to believe me and do your own homework.

research these:

Codex Alimentarius- clcik here for more info-then search around and do your thing lol

 BILL C51 In Canada-Health Canada is attempting to pass Bill C-51 to regulate and control our use of natural health products. Our freedom to choose natural foods and natural health products is at stake. We cannot even begin to imagine the far-reaching implications of this act, and the impact it will have on our health and well being. Time is now of the essence. This bill was introduced to the House of Commons on the 9th April. Click here for full article                 

Their strategy reminds me of cooking a lobster "If you were to put a lobster in boiling water it would struggle and try to jump out, BUT if you put it in cold water and heat it slowly to a boil it will remain in the pot............"

BUT from excessive amount of emails I receive every day of people being fed up with the medical system and its lack of results. .(I know some doctors do not fall into this category but unfortunately the mass majority do) ITS a CLEAR indication people are tired and they want results which they are not getting from the "system" and for this I'm sincerely grateful

Hope you all have a great weekend

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