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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey everyone seen a good video today about a gentlemen that used THC oil to cure his SKIN CANCER.  This guy also brings some proof that doctors used THC (indika products) to cure diseases etc he shows you old bottles of THC tonic from early 1900s. We use to treat many diseases with THC tonics until the large pharma companies realized they could make more profit by keeping you on drugs for long periods of time THE MAJORITY OF YOUR LIFE....ie diabetes, crohns, colitis, and the list goes on (pretty much all lifestyle diseases or incurable diseases) Perfect way to create residual income year round for decades to come.........what a great business plan

INCURABLE = sorry pal your stuck with this disease FOREVER but you can alleviate some symptoms by purchasing our drugs forever........................

**Obviously I don't believe this garbage just had to add some sarcasm to my post**

If after reviewing this video you are interested you can visit Rick Simpson's site here

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Weekend


1 comment:

Medical Billing Software said...

Good to know all about the oil and the treatment because cancer is a life taking disease which is killing one and many.There has to be a remedy for the disease eating so many up.