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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trailer RELASE!!- Wanted Crohn's End

I'm super stoked to get this new trailer out there because it's going to help so many people know their options. I'm so glad I took my health into my own hands by researching protocols on my own and making decisions based on my gut feeling etc. Since having my site I've been touched by countless numbers of people who are now med free and living awesome lives and they would all agree the juice was worth the squeeze lol Hope you enjoy the trailer and if you would like to help out with this documentary please drop me a line thought my contact info. 

A Little Info About the Documentary: 

WANTED: Crohn's End (WCE) is a documentary about people with Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis who use alternatives when nothing else is working. They have listened to their gut and are taking a proactive approach to ending their disease.

WCE tells patient stories of adversity and triumph while using alternative medicine, such as Helminthic Therapy, diet, supplements like Colloidal Silver and THC Oil. Some are controversial with family and doctors, while others are clearly illegal, but should they be?

When the pharmaceutical industry spends twice as much on marketing and advertising than it does on research and development for cures, how can we the patients trust that they have our health in their best interests?

We can't and that's why we have to take control of our own health and ensure we are made aware of and are able to choose from all available treatments.

The health-care debate has only just begun

Visit Director Reid Kimballs site here: 

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