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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cholostrum and IBDS I need your help

I would love to hear peoples feedback who have been trying or decide to try Colostrum as this has seemed to help quite a few people in recent months since my previous post. I got a chance to speak with Doug Wyatt from (Center for Nutritional Research - All about Colostrum) He is the dude that made colostrum available for human consumption. I will put a few links at the bottom of this post where you can read more and how you can purchase this colostrum. He was the first company to sell it for human consumption and since many big players have jumped in BUT they are all about profit and many people are not seeing results.

Here a past response I got from him: {Hi Jay, there is not one other company that meets all of our standards. Low heat, flash pasteurization, Liposomal Delivery and protection of delicate components, Kosher, Halal, cGMP and standardized with all major components tested for in final product testing. If you can find another I don’t know about, OK. But without all the components standardized and tested to confirm their content you are just buying Immunoglobulins and the problem with that is almost all colostrum producers do not list even the levels of this on their labels. I have enclosed a copy of our production standards. It is the highest in the world. My biggest problem with colostrum from other producers is that I will not produce the results people are seeking. The market has been destroy by companies like Swanson's that just buy the cheapest colostrum out there and says it's just as good. The customer doesn't see the results we show in our clinicals and says colostrum doesn't work for them. Sorry but this market is really saturated with cheap product]

He makes some good points and for the time being I will give him the benefit of the doubt in recommending his over the others I feel he as earned this much. If it turns out his product doesn't work based on a good feedback sample I will no longer recommend this product. This is why the collaboration of so many of us are contributing to new IBD treatments that will shape the future of how people overcome their IBD's.  Too bad the CCFA, CCFC doesn't give all of us cash to do this kick ass research!!! lol

*Please* email me with your feedback so we can back our claims up and really BEEF UP our toolbox of alternative protocols etc



Products made by Doug:

Product people have been using with good results so far: Colostrum-LD - Micro-Encapsulated Liposomal Delivery Colostrum

Thanks for being part of the solution YOU GALS-GUYS ROCK!!!!


1 comment:

lmschiele said...

hI took symbiotics colostrum plus for the first maybe 7 months after being diagnosed with UC. Then gave up, along with all the other stuff didn't seem like anything was really helping. Then just stuck with eggs and and very bland proteins, avacados, really starved myself. Now July will be 2 yrs, I am doing much better but still limited on what eat. Try something when symptoms return go back to safe food til feel better. I bragged week ago that I think I have gone whole week with little pain then wam Saturday, went to nutrition class they talked me into eating a roll, fresh milled whole grain with only 8 items natural. 3 hours later could hardly drive home, violent pain... IDK. I have had 3 colonoscopies in last year and half, last one looked good. But what I don't get is why do I still have symptoms with most foods... One thing I have gotten this far without meds, except when in hospital. Its been awhile since talking with u Jay, been hiding out in these mtns. I am getting some quality of life back and little weight. :-) Laura