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Friday, February 10, 2012

reviewing video Facebook Parenting for troubled teens

This was a GREAT video!! and I say it proudly.

This southern dude did a bang up job addressing this issue and showing he meant business!!! I hope more parents decide to use their boot. I also want to mention I know that all kids aren't like this and there are so many good people that do not do these things on FB, twitter etc so please take no offense to this post. Sometimes these negative acts outweigh the goods because they stay in our mind. 

I see so many young people (I have 2 younger siblings between ages of 11-13) go online to things like FB to disrespect their loved ones, friends etc and they do it so harshly in the process. I'm tired of looking on fb and seeing people bi*%ch about the people in their lives to the whole world...........honestly most of us don't care as we have become desensitized to this as we see it every day we open our Facebook accounts. I think some great advice for many of these people is to actually be direct and talk to someone about your problems or things that are bothering you etc. If your problem is real and genuine there are many people that care and if you talk to them they will listen and if not at least you stepped up to the plate and tried........rather than being a sissy and talking BS on FB accounts........this is like the people that always gossip about other people or complain but have no balls to do something........We all know people like that and we're thinking do something about it or shut up....lol I know that sounds a little mean but its the truth.

I went a little of track since this video is primarily about a young person publicly disrespecting her parents But they found out. I'm sensitive on this issue because my 12 yr old sister put a post with her name  RIP "Jane Smith" passed away 45 minutes ago and we will miss her greatly..............I seen this in my feed section and had an instant heart attack. I was on the phone so fast asking her why she would do such a thing as it made me scared and worried when I seen it. She told me she was just doing it because everyone else is doing it...... then we talked and she said she did not mean for it to have that effect. Times are changing and I think sometimes not for the best and we have to get back to our roots of being a decent moral-loving-ethical society. I remember my grandparents saying the old days were better when kids had respect etc, but their parents also said this.....but know I'm older and I see this rationally: over the past 60-70 years in North America our values have been diminishing whether we look at the amount of divorces, people cheating on their spouses, disrespecting their parents and loved ones, music changing: from being about happy things to being about very negative things bad mouthing women, talking about killing people, being drunk all the time etc, splitting up the family units, taking us further away from spirituality outlets,  people care more about themselves then others, video games letting young children be gangsters killing people, I remember when I was young if you seen even a breast on TV it was Rated R and my mother said it was not allowed period when she was a young girl........but now you can literally see everything and its pg-13......We can see that things are collapsing in our society but the question is who would want this?? Well the simple truth is BIG business..... because it's all about selling products and our whole entire lives are about buying "things"....... yet it seems like the masses are more unhappy with their lives than ever.......really think about this.....?

I know in my heart the human race has so much potential than simply being cyclical consumers...We can do great things, make a difference in the world, be creative, love one another, contribute to society, and ultimately live happy! We don't need all the things television and the corporate media tell us.... They think they know best and really how far have we come?

1 comment:

Terri said...

That's good, Jay. It is hard to see the terrible things that go on especially when it affects our own kids/family. It's because God has been taken out of our society. People don't use God's word anymore for the standard of right and wrong - nothing is black and white anymore. I don't agree with that at all, but that's the way it is. And you're so right about each person doing what they can to make a difference. We need to point people to the Lord Jesus Christ - He is the answer for this sin-sick world -and the United States. Hope you don't mind me saying this. I like it that you like Ron Paul. I don't think he's going to get the majority vote though, but we can know that we voted for a good person whatever the outcome. God is the answer to it all. Hope you know the Lord as your Saviour. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! If you don't want to make my comment public, that's fine with me. I just wanted to write to you. I appreciate you making a difference in people's lives. I'm an SCD mom. :) God bless!!