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Friday, February 3, 2012

Awesome Review Century of self Adam Curtis

This was an AMAZING documentary called Century of Self by Adam Curtis feature on BBC in 1991. This documentary has put so many things I have learned in the last 4 years together in a single documentary WOW. It starts of a little slow but all I can say is watch part 1 and if by the end your not interested stop watching. I'm telling you this documentary shows you directly how our society has been engineered by psychoanalysts so that we are merely buying machines where our job is to buy things to keep the economy going.............it will show you how they convinced women to smoke when it was considered unlady like, how to make men think smoking was sexy, how they convinced the women in the 40-50s to start by fast food, quick start crappy food when they usually made home cooked meals prior.......... But the crazy truth is that this entire thing has backfired because over the last 50-60 years people make us think the materialistic garbage like: cars, plasma tvs, big balling houses, social status, what you wear, etc is what makes you happy....We can see this is BS because why do the richest people seem to always buying something to make them happy, cheating on their spouses,  doing lots of mind changing drugs...........I thought wealth is what made us happy....

The truth is humans have simple needs: be loved, appreciated, touched, social interaction, feel like we matter, contribute to society, have freedom to do the things we want.......... Whenever you find out exactly why someone wants to be rich or be self employed you will narrow it down to FREEDOM.....

Hope you give this doc a chance and please leave ur comments :)





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