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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Guy That Will Help US Make Changes for the Better

Yes The Future does look a little bleak at times BUT there are a lot of people that are waking up and starting to question things. We are getting tired of the BS and we want changes to occur. We need to get our minds back from TV reality shows, nightime dramas etc so we can have our minds back and we are actually capable of thinking about things outside the box. We have become lazy where we let people do the thinking and acting for us and we wonder why our nations are so screwed up...? The people have always possesed the power and when we start caring about our nations issues, policies etc instead of Jersey Shore, Dancing with the Stars, our fast pace lives then we will see how GREAT our countries will become again. In the next few years we are going to experience some trying times that will change how we live for years to come BUT this will also be an awesome time to live as we will get to live through an intelectual revolution where we will take our freedoms and liberties back from the people have taken them away from us the last 50 years and for that I'm stoked!!! HOO RA!!!

Watch this video and you see what you think.....This movement will lead the way in years to come. I know the majority are so well brainwashed that they will disregard this info as false and that all good because: The majority of people 85-90% are followers and do go along with the Leaders. So in reality we only need 10-15% of the people to have a change of counsiousness and the rest will follow, and this my friends is awesome news. The mass majority being followers is by no means a bad thing it's just human behaviour and always has been. This can be from trend starters such as Jackie Kennedy's hair dew, McHammer and his cool pants-which I did own a pair bustin a move to Bell Biv DeVoe or Vanilla Ice,, etc think about all the things that were made trendy b/c famous people acted as trendsetters............. 


Anonymous said...

are you kidding me? this guys is a right wing nut job! Republicans got the US into this mess with a policy designed to encourage home ownership by suppressing interest rates.

Jay said...

Not at all :) and he was completely against that. The SAD truth is that whether left wing or right wing both sides have got us nowhere.......They act more like a 2 sided sword. The SYSTEM needs to be changed, enough too BIG everything...government, military you name it..... If I had to choose I am behind the Virginia TEA PARTY :) this is my opinion and I say it proudly.

Jay said...

and to be 100% honest the issue is not the republicans or the democrats: it is the fact the government no longer acts on behalf of the people BUT rather big business and corporate interests. Either one side has any credibility whatsoever. Nations such as US & CANADA have become fascist nations which we are controlled from every angle. If we were a true capitalistic society there would have been no bail out and the Markets would have corrected themselves accordingly. The cash went to bail out big banks that made bad decisions the so called TO BIG TO FAIL, this is complete BS. When have you ever knew an alcoholic to cure his alcoholism by drinking more beer? by the same token how can you spend your way out of debt... We will see in November that the bailouts did jack except delay the inevitable. All the data over the last year has been skewed due to the stimulus package. When it runs out we will see the true data become very apparent. Most people have no idea how severe this is an how it will impact our children and grand children for years to come. We will indeed see a currency war which will bring the American dollar to its knees (this is already in play). I have watched this over the last year and its been like clock work from predictions of people such as Gerald Celente. (check him out)

I'd rather be a slave and know I'm a slave than a SLAVE who thinks he's a free man. We need a intellectual revolution where people think for themselves again. Not locked into the matrix/TV age of thinking etc. The people have the power to change it all BUT we need to pull our thumbs out of our a$$es and do something. I'm simply a realist and I know things are going to get BAD before they get worse. I am excited to be living through such a time b/c we will see this intellectual revolution sooner than later.

Jay said...
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Jay said...
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