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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Think 4 Yourself

To paraphrase the late William Cooper:
Read everything, listen to everything, but believe nothing
until you've researched it yourself.

I love seeing statements like this I’m a huge advocate for free, independent, critical thought, and strongly believe we need to reclaim our minds from the TELEVISION. Although, I have my own site and a lot of the views and opinions are my own but that’s me sharing my own critical thought.

I agree with Buddha’s statement to the utmost extent as it really comes down to what you feel and believe to be true. I tend to have this attitude “Keep the Best and Forget the Rest”. I think about how many books I have read over the past few years that were so dry, bland or blatantly boring…you guys know what I’m talking about. BUT many times I would read one concept, one page, one statement that made the entire book worth reading……..Also makes me wonder what would of happen if I would have simply stopped reading after that first few chapters when the GRAVY was in the 5th chapter…ultimately my loss.

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