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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?

I read a good article today on the CBS website which talks about how independent are these vaccine defenders??? Every so often you will get a network that will post this kind of story that exposes someone BUT you will notice it is usually things which will not affect their marketing revenues. We may believe the news exists to show us and investigate the truth and that's the furthest from the truth. They decide which truth they decide to show us (selective) ultimately being selective in a manner that will not affect their advertising customers. If you want to see an excellent Video about a Large network doing this check out a previous post I did HERE

Give the CBS article a read here  (CLICK)


Reid Kimball said...

Awesome find dude! Always, always follow the money.

The link you provided didn't work for me, here's a direct link to the same article I found:


Jay said...

Thanks REID :) I changed it to the one you mentioned so should be working dude.