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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I NEED YOUR HELP -Wanted Crohn's End Documentary

Please review the video below as it's me asking for your help to make REID documentary WANTED- Crohn's END a full blown reality so we can help so many people. This documentary will be something great and amazing that can give any person who suffers with an IBD or has been newly diagnosed information on alternative treatments so they can make a diligent decision in how they want to treat their disease. We know the doctors will educate their patients on the newest pharmaceutical products & surgery options etc So once they have watched the documentary and have spoken with their doctors they will be able to make a more accurate objective based decision. I'm sure many of you guys remember being newly diagnosed looking for answers and your doctor says here is a pamphlet to explain your incurable new disease....lmao Or when we did our first IBD search on google telling us how $hitty our life would be bla bla bla. Can you imagine if every newly diagnosed person was able to watch this documentary so they know there are indeed people overcoming these diseases, maintaining remission, controlling their symptoms whatever terminology you prefer BUT ultimately to show people their lives are not over. I'm asking everyone to see the bigger picture here and how many people this documentary could reach and change so many peoples lives. My website has been fortunate enough to help many people become MED FREE so I know first hand how far a small effort can go which is why I'm confident this documentary will go POSTAL and has the potential to help 1000s of people.

If you can contribute:

FINANCIALLY you can do it here 
TIME,EXPERTISE,suggestions, ideas etc- send me an email  using my site contact info

 Check this video out to see some of the footage read has already got so far. These are only a few of the many interviews he will be doing over the next few months etc. But the sooner we can raise some cash for him the easier it will be to get this thing rolling in 5th gear :) I have seen his teaser trailer for the documentary and ITS' BLEEPING AWESOME. Reid is waiting for permission for some music in the trailer, so as soon as he get this you will see how good of a job he is doing. I'm not going to lie when he first told me he was doing this documentary I was not sure what to expect because it was his first one..........but WOW was I blown away! I probably watch more new age documentaries than the mass majority and I can say with confidence that his trailer is TOP NOTCH. If the entire documentary has this same level of quality you can bet your a$$es that this documentary will make a difference in the IBD community and change the lives of more people than we can imagine............Infinite possibilities baby! 

WANTED: Crohn's End - Palm Connections Trailer

Also if you want to get to know who REID is, what he's about, and what inspired this documentary take the time to watch this video. Also check out the documentary's official website

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